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Opening Series Wrapped and Won

Congratulations to Kevin Youkilis — 194 consecutive errah free games at first and his name in the record book.


And Youks had homah last night to boot.


And we only had to wait until the 4th game of the '08 season to see the return of Papi as Mr. Clutch.


But what about Jon Lestah — 3 hits and 3 walks in 6 2/3 scoreless innings?


Only the second Sox lefthandah in the last 13 years to win at the Coliseum. Awesome.


Despite the jacked up schedule and game times, I'm liking 2008 so fah.


Yeah, but don't tell this guy.


Wondah if he's got all his fave shows from the late 70's recorded on Betamax too? Heh.


I dunno, I kinda admiah this guy for being to true to the Braves.


Yeah, he's cut from the same cloth as us.


But to concede in his own essay that the Braves were drawing fewah than 3k fans per game and yet cling to the notion that "the wrong team left Boston" is irrational.


Oh, right, because we've, you know, nevah been irrational or otherwise nonsensical when it comes to the Red Sox.


OK, OK. You've got me. And I confess to certain bleary-eyed romanticism of Boston a two team city.




And let's face it. Had the Braves stayed in Boston, we'd nevah have allowed that ridiculous "Tomahawk Chop" to take root.



Some people will write anything just to get their name in print...

(Hi mom)

But would be wringing our collective PC/Blue State hands about the team mascot (viz. Natick Redmen)? Or would we have made a change long ago (viz. Bullets to Wizards)? Boston Savants? Boston Commoners?

For us young folks, that guy seems mental, but he has the same sort of stupid devotion we had until 2004. Nothing wrong with that.

BTW, my NL team is undefeated, and I am projecting a 162-0 season based on the available data.

Wally has a few screws loose. He's also known for reminiscing about the start of the Patriots at his high school playground and a book on how good Christian values and good athletics go hand in hand.

I picture this guy waving his fist at kids on the weekends, telling them to stay off his lawn.

"Wally Carew"? Who the hell is Wally Carew? The bastard child of Rod and the RedSox mascot?

Very nice pitching performance by Lester. Following a brilliant performance by Dice-K. With Beckett still waiting in the wings to pounce.

BTW, H.B., "Youk had homah"?

Marge is going to be pissed. Although I suspect Homah would enjoy it.

Just found a picture of Wally Carew:


Nice one, Bob.

By the way, read his articles back in your best Andy Rooney impression and it suddenly all makes sense. As my friend wonders, "Why did they publish this? What was the relevance in either article?"

Glad to hear the wife is home and recovering. Sorry to hear about your inner ear health scare. Thanks for keeping us updated. We really do care.

Keith Foulke? Eric Gagne? Alan Embree? Pedro Martinez?...

My open offer of Rockies tickets to any Res Sox fan in Denver still stands for the 2008 season. I know theres a couple that post here. Just e-mail me the dates and I'll let you know if they are available.

Also, has anyone seen the UNC/Hansbrough SI cover this week?

Is he dropping a load before he takes it to the hoop? What an unflattering image.

"Wally Carew"? Who the hell is Wally Carew? The bastard child of Rod and the RedSox mascot?



My only question is who's the pitcher and who's the catcher in that pairing?

Well, with a name like Rod, I'd assume he'd be the one giving.

Beckett is getting the start on Sunday...didn't realize he had recovered already. I've avoided CHB since about '02 but I'm anticipating some kind of stirring of the pot...ie. the team is upset Beckett missed the time zone trip.

BTW - I won't cheer for the Revolution...I'm a Tea Men guy all the way. Where'd they go?

They're practicing on my high school playground

I remember seeing the Jacksonville Tea Men way back in the early 80s, so they went to Jax, which is what Wikipedia says. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacksonville_Tea_Men

Any idea how many "move to Atlanta if you love your Braves" emails the crotchety old man will get by the end of the day?

I'm setting the Over/Under at 114.5

Man - I loathe that tomahawk chop. Hope Lester can stay sharp like that - his command was much better. When his command is on he's very good, when it is off, he barely gets by.

I am worried about the games coming up - Toronto, Detroit, MFY, Cleveland, MFY again. Talk about putting it to the test.

Didn't we wonder why the Champs don't get some sort of benefit for being the Champs? Are all the schedule builders working for Steinbrenner?

holy s; some guy my age pining for the Braves. That's just sad.

Hi Mom.


"BTW - I won't cheer for the Revolution...I'm a Tea Men guy all the way. Where'd they go?"

Best line of the week...

SDU, have you seen the commercial (from Australia):


I think J.D. has one of those devices.

Is Wally Carew really Furman Bisher in disguise?

Is Wally Carew really Furman Bisher in disguise?

I also have a photo of Furman Bisher:


I actually kind of like the front-loaded schedule...hopefully the last few months will be a little less trying, we'll get to see a little more winning. Though I do think it's a little strange coming on top of the sleep-schedule change (I don't see that as such a big deal, though).

Also, what was so bad about 2005 that people keep trash-talking it as a Sox season? Tied the Yankees and ran into better pitching in the playoffs (especially as we couldn't line the rotation up right as they had to play every game to the wire seriously--remember Clement's gruesome start in Game 1 in Chicago?). Man, if only they'd taken Foulke out of the closer role a month sooner... Winning 95 games totally does not suck.

h.b., so sorry to hear about the continued trials. I hope you and the wife are feeling tons better now.

//we'd nevah have allowed that ridiculous "Tomahawk Chop" to take root.//
Naw, we just keep the 'wave' for 20 years or so (Hi Jeffrey's mom)
Off to Toronto for the series... hope they make out better than last time I was there in Sept

Everybody knows about the "I'm f-ing Matt Damon/I'm f-ing Ben Affleck" Jimmy Kimmel vids right?

This is a pretty funny (and topical) take-off:


I'll bet Wally is just a real pleasure to be around carrying every regret in his life on his sleeve.

I've never seen it Bob but it's a cracker.

Mrs SDU once supported the Yanks in the world series because of the stupid tomahawk thing. But weren't the Royal Rooters originally Braves fans?

Finally, did anyone see this good story (reported by the curly haired boyfriend):
"-- Highlight of the trip, hands down, was EMC CEO Joe Tucci having a catch with Hideki Okajima at a fancy reception at the Sox' New Otani Hotel headquarters Monday. While 2007 World Series clips were shown on a Green Monster-sized LED screen, assorted clients and dignitaries - most of them Japanese - feasted on sushi and fine wines. After a few speeches and interviews with Mike Lowell, Dustin Pedroia, Kevin Youkilis, and Terry Francona, a couple of fielding mitts were produced and Tucci lined up to play catch with the Sox' second-most-famous Japanese hurler. Standing in front of the giant screen, Okajima softly tossed to Tucci, who was about 20 feet away. Tucci made the catch, and before you could say, "Nuke LaLoosh," gunned a wild heater that sailed far high and wide of a sprawling Okajima and punctured the precious LED screen. I will never look at the EMC logo (which was on the Sox uniforms for the Japan games) without thinking of this."

Sorry for the lame plug but the kids over at WERS are doing their fund drive. When I need to hear Boston from 3500 miles away and Remy isn't on I go to WERS. Also good place to help direct my Pandora stations.

Jax Tea Men??? I'm crushed - that total BS. The Cosmos suck!

Oh god, Betamax, I had forgotten about that. My grandparents had a Betamax. They also had HBO in the early days, and I remember being about 11 and seeing "Hardbodies" (elicitly) and getting very turned on for the first time... it was life-changing. ;)

I was driving back to Boston from NJ tonight after 24 hours of work/travel from Amsterdam/Frankfurt, and I didn't know if the Sox were playing, so I went to a.m. radio to find a Sox station right around New Haven. I heard Suzyn Waldman's voice and barely avoided a seizure. God, I loathe her.

whats wrong with betamax? i still have mine, its right under my turntable and beside my Kenwood tube amp...

I STILL have a Betamax, stuffed somewhere in my closet. And I have every Hitchcock film ever made recorded on --- you guessed it --- beta.

Hey, at the time it seemed like Sony knew what they were doing.

I might add, most professional editing suites still use Beta.

Your story was too f***in funny!!

Hey Chris, here's a pic of my turntable. It's a Electrohome. Works great, one you kind of spin the plate to get it started.


betamax rocks

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