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Opening Sequence

Well, well, well … aftah seeing the first two scenes of Mothra — The Sequel, I think we may be looking at a summah blockbustah.


Seriously, since that one shaky inning in Tokyo in the Openah, the guy's been showing signs of turning into a total monstah this season.


Yeah, like retiring the final 13 hittahs he faced last night.


And with Paps returning to "vintage Papelbon," as he puts it himself, and with Beckett back, it's "See ya, wouldn't want to be ya!"


Or more appropriately, "Sayonara, your mothah's a whore-a!"



Dice-K had covered-in-feces, crawling-with-flies, dipped-in-rat-vomit filthy stuff last night.

But good Lord, those 10:00 start times absolutely kill me.

Even the pitch Cust hit for a homer was a good pitch - outside edge of the plate - dead center on Tek's target. Cust just did some good hitting.

Stayed up for the whole game - edge of my seat, but now I'll sleep through the afternoon game.

This early in the season, I bet Tito wants to avoid Okajima and Paps today. So, Lester can hopefully give us some innings. My guess would be Delcarmen gets the nod to close out the game - if it comes to that.

Im hurting too Bob...

Not sure what to think about Papelburn referring to himself in third person. Of course lights out closers need the attitude but... "vintage Papelbon" Wtf?

Pedro had a nice outing yesterday. Two gopher balls and a pulled hamstring. Talk about 'Sayonara'.

I'm willing to cut Papelbon some slack as he mostly used first person, e.g.,

"I don't think that my outing in Japan really signified the vintage Papelbon. I feel like tonight I signified that."

So lot's of "I" in the above.

Now if he'd said,

"Papelbon doesn't think the Japan outing signified the Vintage Papelbon..."

I'd be more worried.

Unfortunately something happened to Paps over the off season. Its all gotten to his head.

He hired a handler, and some of the commitments to charities and organizations he is now reneging on. Well actually, his handler is the one saying he can no longer do it.

I hope he snaps out of it.

Actually, anyone else thing that Paps was a bit wild last night? Don't get me wrong, you can't argue with striking out the side in the 9th, but he wasn't really hitting his spots. Says more about the Oakland lineup than Vintage Papelbon.

"Sayonara, your mothah's a whore-a!"


Fun game...typical douchebaggery from the local Oakland-ites. To be expected when your crap hole of a stadium is over run w/ resplendence is my bitch type of fans. At least I always know someone has my back when the jawing starts.

Still not sure how 45,000 can see Tek's homer but 4 guys in blue miss it - pretty freakin obvious from my seats.

You gotta give a shout-out to Theo today if you're a Sox fan. Petey hit the DL after 4 innings of garbage, he's got Papelbon locked up a bit longer for a song, and Dice-K is the Beast from the Far East.

The "coupe-duh-gracie": Our payroll is now FOURTH in the majors behind NYY, DET, and NYM.

Scratch another "you're just like the Yankees" excuse off of the haters' lists.

Paps a bit wild? 14 pitches, 11 strikes, every pitch between 93 and 96 mph. Sitting out in left field I felt the temperature go up at least 5 degrees from his glare. One of the most electrifying performances I've ever seen.

Couple of administrative things:

1) Answering emails

I typically try to respond to every email someone sends me, even if just with a couple words, but under the circumstances right now, I'm just not able.

So if you've written to me (or will email me) but don't get a response, sorry.

2) Terse response to email.

If you send me a "Why didn't you cover topic X?" email, don't be surprised if you get a "Why don't you kiss my hairy ass?" toned reply.


I realized that Pap lost all perspective when he gave his speech about how he "owed it the game of baseball" to get a raise.

But then again, these guys are not compensated for their ability to think, or speak, or to determine the order in which they do both.

MLB scheduler wherever you are, you can kiss my pale white ass. Hopefully the Sox are feeling better than I do today. Drew had better step it up too --- Kielty too good to be down on the farm. As for Oakland fans, well they're passionate, I'll give them that, but they are some rudeass mofos. One of the few away ballparks I'd rank as bad as Yankee Stadium for Sox fans. The green & gold (and LaRussa) are also in SERIOUS denial about the bash brothers era...

h.b.-does that go for dirty jokes too? Just kidding big guy :)

Another clue to the identity of hb...hairy ass.

joefreak, I'm with you on this. Papelbon had a couple of fastballs sail a bit on him, but overall he seemed pretty sharp. It was actually 16 pitches, 11 of them strikes. You might argue that a few strikes that were swung at were out of the zone, but that is one thing a pitcher tries to do. The more they swing at bad pitches the better. A good sign you've got them off balance.

I was at the Oakland game last night and Red Sox nation was in strong force..keeping the rudeness of Oakland to a minimum. My only concern with Dice-K seems to be that he throws 2 to 3 balls, then a strike..sometimes that pitch count gets a little too shaky for me..but by the 6th he was on fire..and speaking of fire: Watching Palpabon live is like fireworks! And that face..priceless!! GO SOX!!!!

Kaz is spot-on about the myth of "Red Sox are becoming the Skankees."

Indeed, they are now FOURTH in payroll, a full $76,000,000 behind the Skanks.

Vemonter, are you implying that hb could be Ron Jeremy?

Kurt Suzuki, Jack Hannahan, Daric Barton...wow, what a lineup!!

Could be Jason, except for the 114 point IQ differential.

Ron Jeremy has a 264 IQ?

The proper line-up that would net at least 103 wins:
1 - Ellsbury - CF
2 - Pedroia - 2B
3 - Ortiz - DH
4 - Ramirez - LF
5 - Lowell - 3B
6 - Youkilis - 1B
7 - Drew - RF
8 - Varitek - C
9 - Lugo - SS

Get Crisp at least 350 at bats (injuries will happen and rest all three outfielders regularly) and use him for late inning defense as much as possible. Get Lowrie into the line-up by late August so he's ready to take over full-time for the play-offs (a la Ellsbury last year). I'd have no problem flip-flopping Lowell and Youkilis in the line-up.

Did anyone see what Gagne did yesterday? He came in to close in the ninth with a 3 run lead. Three pitchers combine for a 2 hit shutout to this point. Gagne gave up three runs. Left with a 27.0 ERA. In the tenth the Brewers scored the Cubs did not, so Gagne ends up with the win. All four other Brewer pitchers had an ERA of 0.0, Gagne is the only one to give up any runs, has a 27.0 ERA AND STILL GETS THE WIN.

Now, I am rather enjoying the series with the A's


Customer from San Francisco area just called. He went to A's game today. He said one third of the crowd was Red Sox fans. About 15,000 Red Sox fans by his estimate.

Haha yeah I saw Gagne pitch the other night. Thank god we did not sign that bum

Papi. That's all I have to say. Papi.

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