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On this green bank, by this soft stream

Hart Brachen, strip author:
So how does a knuckleballer go innings without issuing a walk?

Welcome back, Timmah!


Hart Brachen:
Have a wonderful Patriot's Day, everyone!



Morning baseball is bettah when it is in Boston, not Tokyo.

Nice comeback yestiddy. Go 4 da sweep.


... unless one is also in Tokyo (in which case it's not morning baseball, I guess).

There may be an '8' missing between the 'go' and the 'innings' but wtf would I know - Timmy was great!

This has been one of the better weekends in New England sports in a while. 2 come from behind wins for the Sox the C's in the playoffs and the B's forcing a game 7 against Les Habs.

Yeah, think about what's on tap today (besides beer, of course). And what happened over the weekend, and what's in store (besides bee, of course)...

I love Boston.

Except that I'm at work today.

I guess bee beer would be mead.

Do you think the Brewers are ready to jettison Gagme yet?

Crazy crazy sports world.

Baltimore taking 2 from the Yankees. Sox steal 2 late against Texas. B's go 3-1 to 3-3 against the Montreal Bastards. I play golf with Ray Allen. Manny about to hit 500 HRs. And finally, in the inimitable words of the Boys that are Beastie:

"Listen all y'all, it's a MARATHON!"

BTW, h.b., something isn't quite right with the site lately. It doesn't seem to keep my personal info any more. Click the checkbox, name in place, click "post", come back later...fully wiped clean again.

Anyone else?

Yep. Me too.

I think we blew up something when we were doing all of our [email protected] stuff.

Ditto Bob and Dr. Kaz.

Anyone have a gameday audio account they want to ummm loan me? I wanted to listen to the day game today, but I have MLB extra innings so I dont really want to buy the radio as well, and I am a cheap bastard.

Mostly a cheap bastard.

Do the Sox jettison Lugo?

Today's plan of attack. Follow marathon on BAA site (men currently burning up course) followed by Sox on gameday (graphics, not audio).

Someone put a mirror in front of Macha's mouth. Dead, or coma?

Macha actually pushed me out the door to finally go to work. No future there Kenny boy.

No baby yet - so ditto on the pains of working today. But I have a new goal: instituting a Patriot's Day in California.

Anybody see this? ESPN article on Hanky

It's pretty hilariously awesome. I'm just pumped that it's only April and he's already going nutso. Imagine the good times ahead this season!

Is is Beer:30 yet Bob

Patriots day is ok, but I get confederate memorial day off. Thats next monday for employees of the state of Georgia. Take that yankee libs!

Err seriously though, confederate memorial day. So fucked.

Looks like I should try for a Bear Revolution Memorial Day or maybe a Donner Group Memorial Day...the Cesar Chavez day off doesn't float over to the private sector & Harvey Milk has to wait for the movie before the day off comes.

thanks MikeE, let the Cashman/Mr. Hanky rift widen! I guess this outburst proves the $teinbrenners are not only using YES but all media outlets at their disposal to make suggestions to MFY players and staff. 'Mussina should learn to pitch like Jamie Moyer.' Thanks, Mr. Hanky, couldn't have put it better myself... as for the hapless Texass Rangers of Dubya & Tom Hicks, woe is they.

Heya, jamesfrmmaine. Sorry I took too long today to see your message and respond, but you should check your e-mail for a way into Gameday Audio.


//Do the Sox jettison Lugo?//

4-for-4 day. Heh.

//Err seriously though, confederate memorial day. So fucked.//

A terrible cause to fight for, but that doesn't mean their sacrifice was any less, (as U.S. Grant noted) or that they (or history) should be forgotten.

james, call us carpetbaggers, lincoln-loving totalitarians, perpetrators of the war of northern aggression, seriously, ANYTHING but yankees!

Speaking of, in researching the term I found this nice little ditty by eb white:

To foreigners, a Yankee is an American.
To Americans, a Yankee is a Northerner.
To Northerners, a Yankee is an Easterner.
To Easterners, a Yankee is a New Englander.
To New Englanders, a Yankee is a Vermonter.
And in Vermont, a Yankee is somebody who eats pie for

I'll add: to rsn, a yankee is what you see when you look down in the al east.


You are the man. Thanks!


Its a tough subject to tackle. I mean seriously these guys were fighting for the right of their richer neighbors to own slaves. Forget all of the states rights bullshit, it comes down to slavery.

So really it doesn't seem quite right to have a holiday for it.

GREAT game to be at today, and sweet seats to boot! Also had a marathoner pass out on me on the T (I still got it, apparently) Nice to hear a "Let's go Bruins!" chant go through the park a few times also- and the usher at Gate B reminding everyone that faceoff is 7PM. I am and always will be a Sox fan first and foremost, but, damn, that game 6 win was one of the most exciting games I've ever seen. well, Oct '04 excluded

Sweep sweep sweep sweep!

RIP Marzano

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