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On the right side of a pitching duel



What an opportune time to break out of a slump, eh?


Yeah, and what mofo propitious time to snap a 5 game losing streak.


I mean beating Hallady on any occassion is a cause célèbre, but besting him when he's pitching a complete game shutout in the bottom of the 9th is friggin' sublime.


I tell ya, one month into the 2008 season and I'm pretty pleased with what we're seeing.


Same here … Meanwhile, want to play some Jeopardy?


Heh. Cue the effin music — DOO doo DOO doo DOO doo DOOooooooooo.


OK. In the category "This Mortal Coil" for $200, here is the answer:

"The injuries, the sluggish play by the veterans make this look like a team that just doesn't have it."


Ah … Who are the New York Yankees?




So any guess on when Hank will throw Cashman under the bus in an attempt to emulate dear ol' dad?


Oh, I'm thinking right around the trading deadline when Cashman balks at one of Hanky's imbecilic "moves."


Rest in Fourth, bitches.



Nice win, boys.

Lestah picked up the the and the pace.

Nice Chillicothe smack on yesterday's thread btw.

Tee hee, Big Bri, wanna come out and play?

He hasn't finished that 5k yet ;D

but he did beat anorexia

In case you missed it.

I am sure there is no truth to the fact that this guy is Big Bri

He's from "Chillicompton". Get it? He's a tough guy.

Final Jeopardy question last night was on Baseball Words: "Willie Stargell said that this is like "a butterfly with hiccups"? Two of the three people got it wrong. I was sad for them.

As to last night, I just have one thing to say: "I loooove winning. It's like...better than losing." :)

you sure about that, lou? according to the guy's profile, it took him extra time to finish high school, he works at Wal-Mart's warehouse, can't spell for shit, and his best feature is his kneecaps, which BB certainly spends a lot of time on...

Was at the game last night. Great pitching duel! Couldn't believe how fast it was over - two subways and a 15 mile drive and I'm home working on a game summary at 11:00!

Love the Jeopardy reference hb! Good one. And with A-Rod out for 2 weeks, their offense won't be able to support poor pitching. I'm sure we'll hear from Hank soon.

that's pretty sad: he's not smart enough for the wal-mart store, so they stuck him in the warehouse with the other mouth breathers.

Just wanted to repost this link since I put it up so late last night that I doubt most of you will see it:

One Day at Fenway

It's a time lapse of 7 hours starting before a game (I think it's our 12-6 win over Detroit on 4/10). Very cool.

I know this may be sacrilege, but after watching two brilliant pitching performances of our own go down the toidy in Tampa last weekend, I felt a touch sorry for Halladay last night. Now don't get me wrong, I cheered out loud for the walkk-off win, and it was great to be on the right side of one of those games. But Halladay's been on the wrong side of 4 straight complete game gems. Gotta f-ing hurt.

Now, speaking out of the other side of my mouth, YUUUGGGGE props to Lester for a polished gem of his own. Wish I could have seen the game, only got to listen to web radio.

In other news, Phil Hughes sucked again last night at Comerica. Cano struck out with bases loaded. Ian Kennedy has pitched more like Ted Kennedy. So much for the Yanks vaunted youth movement.

Oh, and BB, you suck. :)

Found this on YouTube - the Clemens - McCready affair explained in 1 minute

I loved Doc Halladay's reaction after Youk's hit.

Didn't have to be an expert lip reader to get the gist of it, that's for sure.

Uh, my bad. Hughes was pitching at the Toilet last night v. Detroit, not Comerica.

Need coffee... Need coffee...

Bob - a repeat of a late post from yesterday. You're welcome. :)
It looks like science has finally unlocked the mystery of Bob's wonder drug.


"...a collection of symptoms including hallucinations, facial tics, numbness and dementia", indeed!

Could this explain the symptoms exhibited by Big Bri?

Well, I have the numbness and dementia, but no hallucinations or facial tics.

Oh. Wait. Facial tic.

Anything new on "the family guy" saga?

Meanwhile, anyone else going to miss Lobell? Many think he was too corny, but I loved the way he was a Total Sports Guy yet "got it" that its all literally fun and games. The panic button, the antlers, the "why can't WE get..." Rock on, Bob.


Dale021 - I've been away from Boston and Lobel for 14 years now, and everytime I go back to visit and see him on TV I miss him. So, yeah, I'm a Lobel guy.

Sad news.

I bet when this guy walked into the light, there were a lot more colors than white.


Per Bob's post above, it's interesting that Hofmann outlived both of his younger colleagues and fellow psychedelic travelers, Timothy Leary and Terence McKenna.

How does a guy taking acid for "decades" live to 102? I'm changing my diet.

The Yanks' young pitchers aren't coming through, the veterans are hurting and playing poorly, but right now the team is 14-14, and what, 2 games back?

Last year on April 30 the Yanks were 9-14, last place, 6.5 back, so this year isn't too worrisome. Enjoy our fourth place while you can..

BM [heh], will do.

And everything is *so* the same on this year's Yankee team compared to last years.

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