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Not getting the good bounces

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Travel day for me so no strip. (And it's a by car trip rather than a by air trip so even the graphic is out of whack.)

I'd planned on doing a strip despite the travel plans, but woke up to find my day job paycheck was significantly shorted. And even though I took a lot of time off from work to cover my wife's illness, between sick and vacation days, I had plenty to cover. So I've spent my morning sending emails and making phone calls to my HR dept.

I tell you, 2008 has been a real ball bustah for me so far. 



Nice to see they were looking out for you in your time of need huh. I hope you get everything sorted out with minimal hassle.

Since the locals will be here momentarily... how bout that Masterson kid. Pitched a nice game yesterday if anybody was home watching.

Keep your head up bro. The tide always turns at its lowest point. (Something my Grandfather used to say)

Bad things always happen in threes right? is that 3?

I don't know how they make it so cheap.(something SDU's dad used to say) :)

Well, h.b., if you can determine that they acted in malice or even complete ignorance of what your actual pay should have been, then in MA you're allowed triple damages for unpaid wages.

You might want to check out the new law that your company might just have run afoul of.

H.B., in advertising, we have a saying about our jobs and job security:

Fuck them before they fuck you.

I suppose that applies to most jobs though.


I watched the first 5 inning of the game while working out(!#?)yesterday. Masterson was all that. He's a big dude, too. Shaved head. Looks like he could be a bouncah at the Cask when he is not on the bump. All I could think of is the rotation in 2009... Beckett, Matsusaka, Bucholz, Masterson. Maybe Lestah, although he displays the killah instinct of Barack O'Bama.

Infield of Lowell, Lowrie, Pedroia, Youk.
Outfield of MR24, Jacoby, Nancy. Papi at DH.

The golden fields flow on forevah.

anyhow, hb. Stick with it. We got your back, somehow.


keep your head up, h.b.

just think about how much good karma you've got coming your way. the gods owe you big time for all of the shit they've thrown at you recently.

Working out, LC?

Surly but muscular?

Damn user name thingy!


I was impressed too. It is fun watching the prospects thrive. Masterson seemed so poised especially after he gave up that dingah, he shrugged it off and continued to throw that nasty sinker. Good stuff.

If Tavarez is "Batshit" will Masterson be "Bat"?


ParkerStPete will be here all week.

Try the veal.

Is there a band somewhere called "Try The Veal?" If not, there should be. Just sayin'.

One minute until lift-off.

See you creeps next week.

Almost sounds like a station sign-off. Oh wait-They don't have those anymore :D

http://www.realfooty.com.au/news/news/pies-hand-bombers-an-anzac-day-lesson/2008/04/25/1208743237835.html "> MAGGIES! thrash bombers in Anzac Day blockbuster!

And two classics from the Onion:

i) http://www.theonion.com/content/news/son_of_a_bitch_mouse_solves_maze "> Son of a Bitch Mouse

ii) http://www.theonion.com/content/news/yankees_bury_bernie_williams_under "> Yanks bury Bernie Williams

Oh, and nice SDU's Dad reference, Harwich but the comment (I don't how they brew it so cheap) only ever applied to beer.

Go Timmy!

I should've known that being a homebrewer SDU :)

Fuck me ragged - TAMPA !!!!!!!!!!!

Those tens of thousands of Sox fans in Tampa for the weekend must have had a whale of a time as they dodged brooms as they fled the Trop on Sunday after the sweep. Ugh.

So much for feasting on the Rays-bring on Toronto ;D

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