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Just Rewards

Ah, the sweet smell of schedenfraude in the morning — the bittah sportswritah Murray "I hate bloggahs"" Chass is about to lose his job at the New York Times.


10k a year? Christ, my year end incentive bonus from this craptastic day job was more than that.


Fuck, yeah, I'll offer Chass 5 grand to nevah write again.


Maybe Chass can put his wife to work blogging aftar all. If she's a decent writah and patiently builds an audience, she can probably generate anothah 10k a year herself.


See you in the cheap seats Murray.



Okay, you've all seen this, but it's still funny.

A girl was attacked by a hawk during a Fenway tour yesterday.

Her name?

Alexa Rodriguez.

Age 13.

Finally! It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

What a bloviating bufoon Chass is/was.



A good sports writer is one who knows that the only difference between him and a good sports blogger is only that he works for a paper.

Boston Red Hox

I hadn't seen it, thanks Bob.

The hawk thing was just too funny. I fun with it today - hawk clearing out Yankee fans in preparation for opening day. How can you resists?

How good of a sports writer can you be to be so threatened by bloggers?

What's next...someone named Bonnie Damon losing an arm?!

Try the veal...

Oh joy. I just heard that Sunday's game is on TBS - the same folks who brought you the ALDS.

Thanks for the link! And by the way, I'm serious about Chass. 10K is all I can afford right now, but the man is a good writer as long as he stays away from statistics. I'm sure he'd bring in plenty of traffic to the site.

Whoa, kids.

Blogs = excellent alternative source for information.

However, remember that the blogs we go to first for information are those written by MSM beat writers with close team access, for you misguided RS people I think it's Rob Bradford...I know I check Peter Abraham 3x per day.

Maybe one day hb can quit his day job and get access to the clubhouse, press box, etc.

But circa 2008 and for the forseeable future, it's still advantageous to have the existing infrastructure of an old media value network to properly capitalize on the internet's potential as a delivery channel (see WSJ.com).

I can see the headline about two months after that partnership:

"Chass rear-ends Red Sox, Pinto explodes."

Damn Bob,you're on top of your game today :)

So, at first I believed Bob, and then thought, no, I'm just being gullible.

13 year old Alexa Rodriguez. Very funny.

But HOLY SHIT!! He wasn't joking...

I NEVER EVER want access to the clubhouse etc. Nor do I ever want to write about baseball "professionally." Fuck that. No interest whatsoever.

And I'd never quit my day job because unlike many people I'm not disgruntled or bitter or hoping blogging or this creepy strip is my "big chance to make it."

I love my day job and my career. And if it's day job vs Soxaholix, I'd dump this site faster than you can blink. (Hence, the pseudonym.)

As for Chass and dipshits like CHB it's their stupidity about stats, sabremetrics, etc and their unwillingness to learn anything that new that brands them as assholes, not the fact that they have access and bloggers don't.

That isn't the argument at all.

How long before little ARod's parents file suit against a hawk to be named later, the Red Sox, the City of Boston, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the school that sponsored the trip, the City of Bristol, the teacher, the bus company, the companies that built the highways between Bristol and Boston, the gas station that sold the fuel to the buses, etc.???????

While I'm usually opposed to frivilous lawsuits, if the girl's parents were to sue PETA, I'd be okay with that.

Seth Mnookin must be having his own personal carnival today. Haven't been to his site recently but over the past couple years about 1 in 4 posts have been detailing Chass' massive douchebaggery and complete assinine blindness to the reality of baseball today.

DP - You may want Chass writing for you but I hope you save your site and invest that 10K in one of those oil/gas companies...I hear they're making big profits.

It's been about 20 years since a hawk took a bite out of a local...Tree Rollins v. Danny Ainge??

I saw a comment today about the Fenway hawk...

"Andre Dawson attacked a school girl at Fenway yesterday?"

That was classic - ala Rosanne Rosanadana

"(Hence, the pseudonym.) "

Aw, ufck me, you aren't real?



If you want another weird twist, a photo of the hawk attack with the two girls ran in today's NY Times, above the following inexplicable caption: "Magglio Ordonez, left, and Carlos Guillen watching the Tigers, who are 0-3 for the first time since 2003." Not a good day for the Paper of Record.

Beer cart!

See y'all next week.

Go Red Sox.

Go H.B. and Mrs. H.B.

Go hawk-who-attacks-Slappy McBlueLips-like schoolgirls.

Good to see Bob's supply of 'uppers' is in tact. Go 'Sox!

Did Francona draw this lineup out of a hat? WTF? This is why we don't win 100 games. If Ellsbury isn't gonna lead off (which he should), at least bat him 9th, so he can set up the big guns. This is the poorest line-up decision-making I've ever seen from Francona. Chalk up an "L" for no reason to go 3-2. We'll get 'em next time I guess.

Things are out of hand with the lawyers

The lawyers? Geez, if you're going to spam your crappy ticket website here, the least you can do is pay for ad space or make relevant comments.

Ken Harrelson attacked a 13-year-old schoolgirl? What did she say to provoke him -- "heave the hawk?"

Ha! Sometimes I crack myself up.

Hey Kaz, I accually have been trying to rent some space on this blog but having trouble with paypal. The blog gives freedom to use a link, this does not mean I am spamming. I have not mentioned the site once. I am sorry you did not like my comment, but it is relevant if you read other posters talking about the Hawk at fenway. Its all good man

There definitely is a God. Send Angry Old Man to Delray Beach where he can ruminate with another group of cranky old fucks.

Tito is managing up a storm in the early going this season - especially his brilliant use of the pitching staff.

Where's the loyalty? Cash isn't better than Mirabelli. Aardsma hasn't earned more consideration than Snyder. Here's an interesting concept: Take the fastest, most exciting player in baseball and bat him lead-off. Then, when Dusty, Papi or Manny hit a gapper, tell him to stop running after he touches homeplate. But no, Tito thinks getting pitched around by batting in front of Cash and Lugo will do wonders for Jacoby's confidence. If you have the fastest player in baseball, let him run like the wind in front of superstars, not rot in front of scrubs.

two lefties and a switch hitter on the bench, and Tito lets Lugo bat with two on and two outs in the bottom of the 9th in a 7-4 game??????????????

Some shaky game management going on...

Christ my balls itch. I gotta take a shower one of these days.

Alright, GBT, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Work with h.b., I'm sure he'd accept your money for adspace any way he can do so. You might wanna pick a name other than your company name though. The link will still go to your company. Or do something like "Steve @ Greater Boston Tix" or "John from GBTix".

Hmm. Seems Big Bri is using my name.

And the "[email protected]" is so, so arch.

Wow, you really got me.

The add is up and running Kaz. Thanks for the benefit of the doubt. I hope you will find im just a Sox fan like yourself

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