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In the shadow of greatness

$10 gasoline? Are you friggin' kidding me?


Remembah the good ol' days when it was the Red Sox and not the global economy that ruined our summahs?


Yeah, well, if it's a quid pro quo I'll take the pennants ovah the cheap gas any day.


This coming from a guy who doesn't own a car, of course.


Hey, who needs a cah when you live in the city?


I'm sure our buddy Hugo Chavez is getting some serious morning wood ovah the prospect of $200 a barrel.


Is it me or does Chavez sound more and more like Hank Steinbrennah? You know all blustah but no balls.


Well, what do you expect, they both love the Bronx.


Maybe while Hugo is in town, he and Hank can get together and commiserate about how it feels to be puny playahs living in the shadow of a vanquishing supahpowah?



Man it is depressing. I just paid $55 to fill up my subaru. It made me think... ya know 3/4 of a million is not a bad price for a 1000 square feet in a downtown Boston condo.

Maybe we should petition to have the CITGO sign taken down. If not, stop yer bitchin'

I was in California in March and on a stretch of Rte one south of Big Sur, gas was 5.45 a gallon. I thought that was preposterous. That feeling lasted about a month.

The Euros pay the equivalent of $8 a gallon.

Once the price of alternative fuel becomes competitive, the problem will be solved in a year or two. So, $20 a gallon I say.

Maybe that will keep some of the tooth sucking hillbillies off the road.


yeah, i just shelled out $65 to fill my accord. granted, that will last me better than 2 weeks, but it still hurt.

drill ANWR, anyone?

Since Chavez sits on only the second largest reserves of natural gas in the western hemisphere, I suspect he views Steinbrenner more as a rival than as a commiserator.

Still takes me about $50-55 to fill up my Sonata, but the sudden rise is ridiculous.

Then I tell myself, "At least I'm not in Europe." Honestly, drill in Alaska...I don't give a shit anymore. And honestly I may sound crazy, but if that gas tax holiday goes into effect, I don't think Americans will learn anything. Seriously, SUVs are overrated. I had one and they are severely overrated. Living in Boston you learn they are useless.

The Euros are also getting a lot more government service for the taxes that make up their $8 a gallon gas. Whether that is a good thing or bad thing is open to debate. If $4 gas was paying for health care for everybody in the country it would be a lot more palatable.

Plenty of oil reserves in Canada. This country needs to build more refineries. No freakin energy policy for the last 30-years has really put us in this position. Ethanol is NOT the answer unless you are part of the corn lobby.

I sold my car about 6 months after moving to the North End (parking wasn't nearly as bad on Beacon Hill).

Haven't regretted one day since.

My first real day with the ability to post in the past 8 months and we're talking ethanol and gas prices? Bleh... I filled up my tank Sat. morning early, then popped in later in the day to take care of the Missus' car. 8 cents higher than when I filled up the first time. The guy at the counter told me he was asked to change the price twice already that morning. Pretty bad when the value of my car goes up anad down with the fuel gauge needle

Although, I really liked the Hank/Hugo linkage. Nice, HB.

Walking everywhere must keep you thin and trim, Bob!

63 bucks to fill an accord?! That's what it costs me to fill my Coronet! Of course the accord's 63 probably lasts a wee bit longer.

yeah, the 18 gallons probably lasts a little more than it would in a coronet, but its not nearly as fun. chicks don't really dig accords...

Used to have to drive to Wellesley to get to my job but now I can take the Orange Line to go downtown. Saves me SO much on gas money since even the gas savior state of MA is feeling the burn.

Seriously, drill in Alaska or somewhere. And screw Hugo Chavez. He's an all-talk punk just like Hanky.

If chicks don't dig Accords, they better start to otherwise they'll be in rough shape with that moron who drives a 10MPG SUV and has to drop $100 to fill it up instead of dropping that $100 on something delicious or cool.

Speaking of which, have the Celtics run out of gas? What happened to that projected four game sweep?

Scott, are you really going to Blame Canada? Do you also have a short, fat friend who always wears a winter hat, swears a lot, and hates hippies?

Drilling in ANWR is the equivalent of giving a blood transfusion to someone with an open wound that's losing blood.

Who said anything about walking, Vermonter?

Other than walking to work (and then pete's after work), I use the T and cabs to stay plump and happy.

Speaking of no-car living, I do just fine. I donated my car (if you could call it that in the end) to Habitat for Humanity's Cars4Homes program. They recycled it and pocketed the cash for their home-building. Win-win.

Instead, I now use Zipcar, the car sharing community. It's a great way to get a car of any size or shape when I need it and the rest of the time I don't have to pay for insurance or maintenance or parking... Works out great and I'm spending far less per month than I did with a car. Gas is even included no matter what the pump says the price is. And all I'm paying is about $8-10 per hour.

I really don't want to sound like a salesperson or anything, but if you are interested in learning anything else about it off the comments, my e-mail is listed below for this one post.

If you want to join Zipcar, I'll split the referral deal with you. It's $25 in driving credit for you for free and $25 for me if you join by using this link to Zipcar's promo page. Ok, ick, I feel dirty for having done that, but hey, $25 is like 3 hours of driving and at tomorrow's gas prices I'll take it when I can get it. :)

Puny Play-ahs? Vanquishing Sup-Ah Pow-Ah? Don't get ahead of yourselves now.
It takes a looooong time to become a 'sup-ah pow-ah'. I don't you think you little bean-towners have it in you. just be happy with your 'small revolution'. And let the big boys worry about being a super power. I can't imagine a NY fan being concerned with Southie or any other backwards ass neighborhoods you yokals have up there in the wake of a World Series win. How sad...

P.S. I ran the Draft Day 5K at Giants stadium this weekend. The Super Bowl champs asked me to say "hello"...

Puny Play-ahs? Vanquishing Sup-Ah Pow-Ah? Don't get ahead of yourselves now.
It takes a looooong time to become a 'sup-ah pow-ah'. I don't you think you little bean-towners have it in you. just be happy with your 'small revolution'. And let the big boys worry about being a super power. I can't imagine a NY fan being concerned with Southie or any other backwards ass neighborhoods you yokals have up there in the wake of a World Series win. How sad...

P.S. I ran the Draft Day 5K at Giants stadium this weekend. The Super Bowl champs asked me to say "hello"...


Too bad you couldn't run something decent last weekend, like THE BOSTON MARATHON.

Dear BB. You are a steaming pile of shit.

In re: tooth sucking hillbillies, the following just occurred:

[scene] Me waiting at the elevator door and a tooth sucking hillbilly strolls up to me. The elevator door opens.

Me: "Where you headed?"

TSH: "Third Floor"

Me: "You're on the third floor"

TSH: "blffft"

Me: "Congratulations, you made it"

TSH: "bliffft" [walks away]]

Wow Bri-how much was the gas from Chilicothe to Jersey?

...or did you run that too?

Ryan - it IS tooo bad. Especially since the BM (any coincidence? Probably not) was run on 4/21. Maybe someday. I'd LOVE to run through BAH-STAHN - it would be like going to the zoo.

Lou - as ever,eloquent.

Rich - that (joke?) never gets old.

HB - your welcome for the increased site traffic. Please send my click-through check to my PO Box in Chilcothe..

wow, you guys crack on chilicothe too?

i figured those of us from ohio were the only ones who knew about that shit-hole, let alone cracked on the "tooth suckers" from there.

Sorry, Bob. I'll never imply that you excercise again. Plump and happy it is.

ps-the end of the muffler was hanging off the Coronet this morning. Just rusted through.

"blifffftt" (walks away)

"...or did you run that too?"

Nice. I laughed.

Bob - it looks like science has finally unlocked the mystery of your wonder drug.


"...a collection of symptoms including hallucinations, facial tics, numbness and dementia", indeed!

Could this explain the symptoms constantly exhibited by Big Bri?

Identified Sex Offenders In Your Area

Search Location 45601
State: OH

102 registered sex offenders are located in your immediate area.

My last car was an '88 Chrysler Laser. It's best feature was a sunroof but otherwise a jalopy extraordinaire. It was scrapped back in '95 after I moved to Noo Yawk. Shameless plug for Zipcar here (www.zipcar.com) I've truly enjoyed sharing cars as opposed to renting from those bozos at Avis. Anyhoo, hope the Sox have something in their tank tonight. I'm worn out from all this losing of late... ugh

People in group quarters in Chillicothe

* 306 people in nursing homes
* 108 people in local jails and other confinement facilities (including police lockups)
* 70 people in other noninstitutional group quarters
* 43 people in homes for the mentally ill
* 24 people in other group homes
* 14 people in homes for the mentally retarded

Chillicothe compared to Ohio state average:

Chillicothe, Ohio environmental map by EPA

Map Legend

* Median house value below state average.
* Black race population percentage above state average.
* Hispanic race population percentage significantly below state average.
* Foreign-born population percentage significantly below state average.
* Number of college students below state average.
* Percentage of population with a bachelor's degree or higher below state average

Tourist attraction: Chillicothe Telephone (Museums; 68 East Main Street).

Birthplace of: Ben Hartsock - 2005 NFL player (Indianapolis Colts, born: Jul 5, 1980).

Big Bri Unmasked
Here's What's Happening

How many live in their mother's basements?

Time lapse of a day at Fenway

I'll post this again tomorrow since I know most people won't see it here tonight.

That's great Kaz: 'cept I wanna be in Boston. :(
[As Jonathan Richmond might say:
"Gonna drive past the Shop n Stop
With radio o-on.
I'm in love with Massachusetts.
And the Highway when it's late at night.
...... Got the turnpike, (got the AM radio ON), got the power of Massachusetts when its late at night,
(Got the RADIO ON)."

And that was a heck of a ballgame today, BTW.

On the topic of Chavez....this guy has always been a scumbag and I have not bought any type of Citgo product in 20 years. I would rather run out of gas and tow my truck then have to stop at a Citgo gas station. I am probably going to get shelled for this because its been there for so long, but I believe the Citgo sign should be taken out of Fenway. Replace it with a Sam Adams sign or something......something true to the area and not a company run by a American Hater. After all what is more American then Baseball and Fenway park?

at this point i would throw in my chillicothe joke, but i think you guys have it covered. i love you all more and more each day.

Sweet, sweet win last night. Sent me home in a better mood than I left work.

Thanks for the bobble in center, Vern, because otherwise...

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