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He's Got the Whole World in His Hands

Did I really just watch a 4 plus hour game that ended on the wrong side of 15-9?


No shit. I've seen t-ball games with bettah pitching than that.


So Tito says, " ̷o; we go to Tavarez and if he struggles, that's what happens because we don't have anywhere else to go. The other night, he didn't and we ended up pulling out a win."


And there you have it — the entiah success of the '08 Red Sox is currently and completely in the hands of one Batshit Tavarez.


I don't feel so well.


Hey, at least we didn't trade away the kids in ordah to get Santana.



Igor,unleash the trolls!!

Clay's pitch in the 4th was a frigging strike.

Anyway, these unending games are killing me. I do have to leave comments on this creepy site in the morning you know.

Oh. And work.

That was a weird friggin game.

Is it ovah yet?
Was that really necessary?

Seriously, that was a very weird game, and it wasn't just our pen that shit the bed. Wang was rocked and so was Ohlendorf.

Methinks both teams have some serious adjustments to make.

Let's hope the Moose gets yanked around just as much as the Wang (heyooo) while Becks incinerates batters.

There's no doubt we lost that game, we didn't deserve to win it.

That having been said, those umps sucked last night. They've gone from an experience officiating crew to senile jackasses.

A bump in the road. It's going to happen - too bad it was in the Toilet. Tek was a little pissed at the delayed strike call but the Yankee announcers noted that Tim McClelland has done that his entire career. I look for a game where he let's the batter get halfway to first before punching him out.

Yazbread- he did that with Manny. Well maybe not halfway but he was a good 15 feet down the line. Yeah it was like - wait for it... wait for it... - ahhh strike!!


C'mon Beckett!

Well at least it was their supposed ace who was knocked out early, while ours goes tonight. A strong 7 innings from Beckett would go a long ways toward restoring order in our little part of this chaotic universe.

If only the Pope could get the same sort of treatment at Yankee Stadium....

That's true Chucks, the good news is that we beat their Wang to a pulp last night (hmm that doesn't sound right).

Now do we regret cutting Kyle Snyder loose? If Tavarez doesn't have it on a given night, it would be nice to have a second option!

Don't rent from Avis:


Thought today might include something about Schill's mouth...It's been kind of pleasant w/ him under the radar - now doc has to go and rile things up again.

If the umps play the same game tonight look for Beckett to pull the crossbow out.

"Thought today might include something about Schill's mouth.."

That was covered yesterday.

need more memory

All that California wine is killing your brain cells, Sonomasox.

Can you send me some?

brain cells were probably gone or severely damaged before the move west.

you got a case of Harlan in the mail - next month: silver oak.

The Tim McClelland Show -- a travesty of a sham... this game was an aberration. It should be forgotten immediately except by the league which should review it to discipline the umps for all the blown calls that changed the outcome. Beckett the kind of pitcher who makes his own, no matter who the ump is. Mussina is gonna be the whinger tonight, throwing his junkball...

Ridge Lytton Springs for me please, Sonoma!

SDU - Lytton Springs it is...Lancaster to follow: that's some wicked good stuff

meh, must be nice to live in a State that allows shipment from out-of-state/country wineries.


Good game so far tonight, Beckett is starting to look shakey in the 5th though.

how does he not get it


Good win last night.

I think Paps is less intense when he has a big lead. Maybe this will create a little dance in his head.

I think there's always a dance going on in Cinco Ocho's head.

Not too much to say about this game. The Yankees put a hurtin' on Red Sox pitching tonight scoring on every Red Sox pitcher, other than David Aardsma. Buccholz gave up 7 runs in less than four innings, and looked dejected in the dugout as he saw the Yankees take a four run lead at 7-3 after the Red Sox had tied the game up at 3-3 in the previous inning. Earlier in the season I alluded to the fact that I thought Buccholz could be a good pitcher, but I felt as if he was not quite ready and should go back to the Minors. I still feel that way after this outing. It may not be a bad thing for him to go back down to the Minors and get his marbles once Colon is ready to come up. Other than that, not too much to say today.


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