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Another year, another Yankees v Red Sox series

Hey, Callaghan, ready to be embarrassed?


Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, it's the eternal cunctator, Mahty Silvahstein.


Funny, Bill, have I ever told you how being insulted by you is like being insulted by a mouse?


Jeez, Mahts, you're having to look to Hank Steinbrennah for your material these days? That's pretty weak, and by weak I mean like a Johnny Damon throw from the outfield.


That's it, Bill. Beat on that straw man. Meanwhile, Monday morning you and your other frigtard Red Sux blow buddies can stand around your water cooler dismissing your Yankee sweepage and ass branding as "it being early yet."


Hey, Mahts, I seem to be missing my favorite World Champions t-shirt, you haven't seen it anywhere have you?


Author's Notes
I discovered this wonderful word "cunctator" from the Word Fugitives column in the May issue of The Atlantic. According to the column, most dictionaries define it to mean "delayer or procrastinator" but per the OED it was once more commonly used to mean one who overstays one's welcome. It's this latter meaning that Bill is intending in the 2nd panel today.


I was hoping martyball would be in the strip today! One wish comes true, now lets see if david can break his slump this weekend against the skanks.

It's my word of the day :)

That shirt makes my stomach turn!

If that construction worker is reading this creepy site: 5:30 this evening. Pete's Pub. Drinks on me.

The whole "working man does good for his home team" smells like a future Dropkick Murphys song. I want 10%, Murphs!

"Cunctator" is the new mastioate. And Bob, that was me. Yeah, that's it... I'm a cuncstruction worker....

and "Yankee sweepage" just sounds nasty on sooo many levels, too

Feel free to drop by, Buck. The beer and Jamison always taste better on Fridays.

Thats what you get when you cross Marty with a Maine Russet ;D (sorry,it's Friday)

Love the word cunctator.

About ten years ago, I changed my fantasy league team name to the "Cunk Taters". Everyone told me I had to change it because their wives thought it was dirty, so I did.


You make our stomachs turn Mahts.

So, anyone reading my story back a couple days from Opening Day would see where I described the flyover as one of the greatest things I'd ever seen. Barrel Roll into formation at 1000 feet. Awesome.

Well, it turns out that nifty maneuver just got Maverick grounded until completion of remedial training again.

Since we're handing out beers for awesome performances, if that pilot's name is ever known, he's got a free one on me. Even if the Guard didn't like it, I thought it was amazing and I probably would have been the first one to get hit with the plane's fuselage if anything had gone wrong. Where they got these bozos in the bleachers to question the safety of it all, I have no idea.

Everyone near me was throwing high-fives.

Also, don't let this get back to his superior officer, but I *think* there was more to his activities than just a "speed maneuver" given what I saw out over Cambridge before the approach... hehe. ;)

Friday, talk of liquor and beer & procrastination...and only 9am...

Maybe Vermonter knows the pilot - being from the same state and all - you knw the same way LC, james and I go way back.

Greetings folks. Longime reader - first comment. I appreciate the great strips, and the higher level discourse here than on other sites (NYY and BOS). I am a Yankee fan, so I know that means an uphill battle.

What inspired me to finally post? This shirt intrigue. Why the concern from Yankee fans? Despite recent blips, the yanks have been burying boston for years. I find the symbolism highly appropriate.

"Blip" 1


"Blip" 2

The last time the Yankees had a blip? Almost 10 years ago.

and couldn't hank be considered blip 3?

I take a long-term approach. Granted, that's by necessity lately. I could sure use a blip one of these days!

In some ways, it's better to have a competition of equals (as it is now) than the big brother-little brother saga that was pre-2004. There's a paranoia to feeling like you always have to beat a team, funnily enough.

As much as 2004 hurt (still does) it evolved the rivalry and turned it into good straight-up baseball competition from fans to front office to the field, instead of an excuse for ESPN,CHB, et al. to recycle melodramatic storylines.

Did you guys know that with his next HR, Alex will tie the immortal Ted Williams in career home runs?

Wouldn't it be great if this occurred in Fenway this weekend?

Alex who?

did someone just cut a gassah?

[sorry, boys, that's my stock response to any first time Yankee honk]


A-Rod probably can't even locate Korea on the map, so let's hold off on the comparisons.

Hey IrishNY (if that is in fact your real name). If you truly had been lurking for as long as you say you had, you would realize that the fatal failing of any MFY fan in these comments is to expect to be taken seriously for at least nine months. JasonO has been seriously road-tested and most people (me excluded) seem to think he has something to offer. Even that dumb fuck Pinstripe Thunder has developed some cred among the more gullible of the posters. BigBri, of course, never had the stones to get into the barrel. If you do, welcome aboard, but bring something more than the shit that Steve Somers spouts on a slow sports day.


In Christ,


Thanks for the welcome lou.

re: gassah, i did, as it happens. It was sort of a Pedroia. Comes out little, then you think it's got lots of potential, but ultimately it just stinks and annoys people around you.

IrishNY - if you have been reading the board for years, you know that is as warm a welcome as LC has ever delivered. Count yourself blessed.

Beer cart!

Oh. 2:09.

Not beer cart. Work.

Hey Natalie, do you know about the website called Kickette? It's a gossip blog (is that called a glog?)from the UK that is all about soccer players, and they have a whole section called "the thigh off" devoted to, you got, it, player's thighs! A weekly contest. Check it! V-tek, eat your heart out.
...Girls love sports...

Wow, Ruby, that site is awesome! I have kinda hidden my head under the sand about the fact I need to learn to obsess over a new sport come August (since baseball will be hard to come by and a girl needs her sports fix)... but the Thigh Off makes investing the time in watching, understanding and becoming fanatical about football totally worth it. I am now swooning over Carlos Bocanegra and Frank Lampard. Very biteable thighs indeed (sorry 'Tek). :)

Right you are, Nat, and then there is all the great gossip and wardrobe-trashing about the WAGS (wives and girlfriends). We need something like that here, don't we?

My office should block kickette. Thanks, Ruby. Nevertheless, if Tek wore shorts, he could probably take some of those footballers. (now I'm off in search of that image).

Stop it you three!

We're playng the Skanks tonight, not some sissy soccer player's thighs.

Get your game face on.


Maybe we could have a soxaholix Thigh- Off....skanks fans vs. soxaholix.

Really, guys, I do love baseball....and I take it VERY seriously!

double chin, Bob...stay away from the sausages


True dat, Bob, but I am having trouble getting worked up about an early April Sox-Yanks game. Don't get me wrong, I'll be a-watching, but I feel like we should only be scheduled to play the Yanks in the heart of the summer and, of course, Sept. Just me?

LC just made my blow the first sip of my first beer cart beverage right out my nose.

And BTW, my chin may be worbley, but my thighs are fabulous.

Man, that barrel roll maneuver was definitely dubious. I was standing with some of the USAF dudes who unfurled the flag before game time and they seemed a tad shocked by it. Reminded me of the bald eagle that nearly scalped Jeter during one of $teinbrenner's neofascist patriotic displays before the 2003 ALCS... time to separate the baseball from the flag-waving bullshit, like that extended God Bless America in the Bronx so the MFYs can sell more fuqqin beers. Play ball dammit!!

Nomar is smiling somewhere... (AP)—Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Al Reyes was shocked with a stun gun and arrested early Friday after police say he fell against a ceramic pot in a bar, got up and picked a fight with a man he thought pushed him.

You're making me blush, lc, ya big gullible lug. Wang dang doodle to you, too, sir.

wack for a daddy-ol there's whiskey in the jar...I saw captain farrell and his money he was countin, Natalie I love you I 'm just the most misguided perso0n in the world...I hope you fall madly in love with a rich hedge fund manager in england

I'm the worst person I know, not a Nazi war criminal but the absolute worst, what have I done?

Please God help or kill me now.

I'm the worst person I know, not a Nazi war criminal but the absolute worst, what have I done?

Please God help or kill me now.

Last night was already bad after the loss. But then when I was walking home from Pete's, one of the Haymarket stalls essentially collapsed on my head. Heavy pipes. Bleeding. Huge bump.

I blame the Skankees.

Jason, I suspect your hangover is as bad as mine today.

There's got to be a great story in there somewhere Jason :)

Thank you, Tito! Finally, a great line-up (game two with Ellsbury leading off). Expect great things from here on out.

My head feels better now.

Sweet, sweet Manny (Ramirez, though Delcarmen gets a hand for relieving Beckett effectively...THIS time).

Sweet, sweet Papelbon.

That was good stuff, though the rain delay was pretty long.

I hate to say it out loud but Drew looks amazing so far ths year. If he keeps this up all year then I might forget about last.

Dunno, guyz. Burying Papi in cement may have been more of a prophesy than a curse. Just sayin'...

who cares

you know, PT, i met this girl in a pink yankee hat at the bar on friday and she kept saying the same thing. except she just kept saying that "ortiz is too old."

she would have been retahded hot if not for the MFY hat - and the righteous indignation that came with it.

Their anonymous commentary: cowardly, pathetic tee-shirt burial. Our anonymous commentary: manly, kick-ass barrel roll at Mach 1. 'Nuff said.

Not a big fan of righteous indignation myself, but I'll bet she was wicked hot. Bet you got her number, too, righteous and all. And it certainly wasn't Mach 1, Mav, though that's the kinda stuff urban legends are made of.

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