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And with hair like Samson

Can you believe there was a time when the Red Sox actually put Manny on waivers for any takahs?


In hindsight, of all the clevah moves Theo has made since becoming GM, that one may go down as the shrewdest.


I mean since then, Manny has slowly but surely gone from great hittah but consummate bellyachah to great hittah and team playah and as much a paht of the Red Sox mythos as any playah evah.


3 homahs in 6 days off Mussina, more moon shots off the Yankees than any othah club, and now just 5 away from 500 … Manny Being Manny? Fuck yeah.



There's not much that can bring tears to my eyes (although I did cry like a baby or A-Fraud after the Pats loss).

But that BronxBanter piece certainly did it to me today.

Thanks for the link, H.B.


I couldn't agree more. That is one of the best pieces of Red Sox related writing I've ever read.

Glad you found the link. I couldn't find a way to smoothly have the characters mention it explicitly, so had to link it to the "Red Sox Mythos."

If anyone else missed it, you can go directly to the Nicholas Dawidoff excerpt here:

"The Crowd Sounds Happy"

To be precise, MR24 hit home runs on three consecutive at bats against Mussina.

Nice link, hb. reminds me of the time Jim Woods was struck dumb when his partner, Ned Martin began quoting Shakespeare during an extra-inning game at Oakland Coliseum.


Did you ever get the feeling that Manny could hit every ball but he has to feel it's worth his time?

Bless him.

Ok, great win last night but I turned it off early.

I have a new addiction: Rock Band.

My friend got a PS3 for the Blu-Ray player inside it (cheapest way to get a Blu-Ray right now...and comes with the benefit of playing games). We played 1 demo song at Best Buy and bought the game.

I'm the drummer, he plays the guitar, his fiance sings, and a friend of mine now plays bass in our little pseudo-band.

The game rocks. Some great songs in it too.

I had Yankee announcers on Comcast last night. Michael Kay told a story in passing that I had not heard before, although it appears to be well known. Primarly as a result of Kay fanning the flames over time. It appears that when the Yankees went to Japan to open the 2004 season, Moose was 'uncomfortable' with the trip. So he holed up in his hotel room for the entire trip and subsisted on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Kay claims that he brought his own peanut butter and bread to Japan but various sources indicate he ordered the sandwiches via room service.
Reminds me of Ringo bringing cans of beans to India on the Beatles first trip there. I guess that Stanford degree doesn't guarantee a certain level of sophistication.

re: crowd sounds happy, i'm a dedicated radio listener, and i'm curious as to who else here tunes in without the benefit of visuals, and what their thoughts are on the experience. personally, i love it, but there are certain things you miss out on, one of which being manny's swing and his approach to his at-bats, which i got to see due to a well-placed tv at the sushi place my wife and i went to last nite. it reminded me of why manny is so awesome.

while i go to maybe 5 games a season and watch maybe another 10 at friends' houses, for the most part i never get to actually see manny hit. i love how calm he is. i love how he almost never checks his swing - he either goes or he doesn't. i love how he makes a pitcher give him something to hit. i love how he never panics, even 0-2. i love how he seems to hit everything he hits clean and hard. i love his follow-thru, and i even love his ridiculous posturing and the way he drops the bat. bottom line, manny has been my favorite sox player since he joined the team (which is around when i became a baseball fan), and watching him expose moose's shortcomings on the mound was a gift from heaven. farnesworth can throw behind him all he wants, but at the end of the day manny will be remembered as one of the towering figures not just in sox lore, but in baseball in general. is my judgement skewed by my unabashed manny-love? probably. i don't care. i love manny ramirez and i'm not ashamed of it. manny the joker. manny the slacker. manny the buddha-like font of zen wisdom. manny will forever be in the four-slot of my heart.

there. i said it.

/I experienced the disembodied Red Sox only through the disembodied voice of Martin, which made it easy to believe they were the valorous figures we both wanted them to be./ If only we were still so niave... I try my best not to pay attentiong to the personal lives of athletes and celebrities - because the so often the reality is so very disappointing. The media pushes this stuff in our faces 24/7. Who can enjoy a Naked Gun movie now? Or listen to "the Hey song"? I'm not blaming the media - it's our culture that's changed.

Thanks for sharing the link, h.b. Like Bob, I choked up. What also got to me this morning was seeing my son's picture of what to do on "turn off your TV week" hanging outside his classroom. He wrote "Play ball with my dad" and drew a ball field.

"Each game might, in theory, continue forever—until it didn't." Rockies Padres 22 inning game.

Thanks again, HB for the link. With a 18month old son I've been explaining to my wife how great playing catch was w/ my own dad while listening to games on a little transistor, bbq going & covered in DEET to keep the mosquitos off, pretending to be Lynn.
Nola - Hoping for a pix like that soon.

Hey, Randy, when you log in tonight around 9 to write your one sentence, do us all a favor:

Just sign your post "Randy" and use the URL field to put your website link. Before, I thought, "hey, the guy's just trying to be different and he did buy ad space" so I suggested you at LEAST use your name with an "@website" afterwards to be more personable in the comments.

But I think it's pretty clear how everyone else here feels. Leave the website in the URL. If people hover over your name, they'll see your website. If they click your name, it'll go to your website. If they want tickets from you, they'll find your ad on the page where you bought space. Leave the comments for what you want to say and your name.

If nothing else, it'll save us all from this continuous ragging that everyone else is giving you for posting your website as part of your username here.

Kaz - could you be more explicit...I'm not sure what you mean.

I have a FM transmitter that I plug into the audio out jacks on my laptop. I broadcast the Red Sox radio feed from MLB.com over it, then hang out on the front porch with a portable radio and listen to the game. Yes, I could just bring the laptop with me, but it is just not the same.

Good idea, Kaz.
That never occurred to me.


lc: I thought the same thing about Manny's 3 HR's in a row against the Moose, but when I checked on it, it is not true. He hit a HR against MM on April 12 in teh 4th inning, but faced him again in the 6th - and Manny doubled (with first base empty - they should have walked him). Manny's last 4 AB's against MM went:

HR, Double, HR, HR (6 RBI)

Kaz: We got Guitar Hero III for X-mas and i am a toal addict - best damn video game ever made. So, for my daughter's b-day we got Rock Band - just enhanced the addiction!

As Kaz noted, simplicity is the hallmark of elegance.

Hey, look at my user name.

Just plain old "Bob."

Yet when you click it, it take you to my email.

Or, site.


BTW, to all you Guitar Hero fans out there: I kinda hate it.

As an actual guitar player, I think it dumbs-down the process. It's really not much like playing guitar at all, really. Although I suppose it encourages finger dexterity, somewhat.

Then again, it's fun, so screw and ignore everything I said.

I'm making Kobe sliders for what's being billed as "Extended Beer Cart/Potluck" today, so I'll see all you creepy folks next week.

My life is officially over. I just got a company Blackberry.

Thanks for the article link, hb. It was perfect timing... I am spending my bday tonight at Fenway, and I couldn't be more in the mood after that wonderfully written paeon to the world's greatest game.


I don't blame guitar players for feeling that way. I tried to start learnign the guitar in college and it is very challenging - and only remotely similar to the game. Guitar Hero is just a blast for people who never will play the guitar. It's like air-guitar on steroids! just a brilliant game - but I do mean that word "game", not musical instrument.

BTW, the drums in Rock Band are an exception - that really is very similar to playing real drums (according to real drum players).

Hey - I'll be at the game tonight - my first of the year!

Lastly, I lashed out at the Yankees on my site today for throwing at Manny's head - mostly Girardi for destroying Torre's legacy of class. I've been hearing a lot of similar sentiment around the office. Agree?

Added thanks for the link, HB ... the piece was made more poignant for me as it became clear I am currently sitting within blocks of where the author grew up and listened to his Sox games (Worthington Hooker school is right around the corner from my house).

My love for the Red Sox began with the televised Friday night games on WCSH out of Portland, but it was cemented by listening to Ned Martin call the games on the radio. (For reasons that I will never understand, the first season I really paid attention my favorite player was Carney Lansford. Ah, the silliness of extreme youth.)

Yazbread, Mussina might have been able to find his own PB&J in Japan -- I did! I found a small jar of JIF and some very nice preserves on the shelf of the 24-hour market up the street from my hotel in Osaka, and a bag of six slices of white bread (no such thing as whole grains in Japan, and bread is sold by the slice, at most the half-loaf). That was my breakfast for the week, as Japan isn't big on the whole breakfast thing and I can't live without it. Loved the local fare for the rest of the day's meals, though!!

happy birthday, nat!

i really wish i could spend my birthday at fenway, but alas, being born in december means the closest i'll ever get is a tour.

I apologize for getting the streak data wrong. Oh well, let's get healthy on the Rangerz.

Looks like K Gabbard is starting Monday am


Is it wrong to encourage your wife to go into labor so that you can miss work on Monday & be able to watch the game? Due date is tomorrow...I'm thinking we go w/ Manny - regardless of gender.

It scares me to wonder what a 'Kobe slider' might be - I'm guessing it is not Okajima San's most recently devised off speed pitch.


It's jusy a mini-burger, SDU.

Made out of ground Kobe beef.

No Sriracha though.

Enjoy beer cart then!

Happy b-day to Nat and
Good luck to Mrs Sonomasox & her bloke.


oh yeah, Yazbread, that was a telling anecdote -- Mussina went to Stanford but he comes off as such a headcase/anal retentive. What, he can't handle sushi? Try the yakitori fer crissakes! What was even more priceless were the idiotic questions YES's Kim Jones put to an exasperated Mussina after the game (please bear with me, these were priceless): "With (Manny), when you make a mistake, I mean obviously you know what can happen, but were BOTH of the homerun pitches to him just mistakes that got too much of the plate?" "Is there a part of facing him, Mike, that eventually becomes mental in addition to physical?" "As the second home run obviously clears left field, does part of you say 'Are you kidding me?'" people used to say Kim Jones would ask Torre postgame questions that were scripted by $teinbrenner himself... and if a Boston scribe asked these to Mussina, they would be excoriated

Wow you guys are rougher on me then my X wife! I did what was reccomended to me and it still was not enough. My name will be just Randy for now on, and dont click the link if you dont want, its not a big deal. Advertisments help keep this site alive. Just remember that.

we tease because we love, randy.

and next time i come to boston and need tickets i'll call you before i go to scalper on the street. probably.

Thanks Chris its all good. Maybe I do only give one liners sometimes but overall I am just a Red Sox fan like the rest of you. I have to fly out to Washington D.C. tommrow night for my full tiem job. I am a warehouse manager for a company and they need help at the D.C. location. Wont be around the blog all week so I will catch oyu guys friday. Go Sox! Hopefully I can catch a game or two.

Sox win!

B's win!

I played golf with Ray Allen!


Ok, that last one...I was at the driving range and Ray Allen set up a few stiles down from me with a friend (?)/student (?) of his who was just learning how to swing a club, it seemed.

So, I didn't really play a round of golf and Ray Allen couldn't tell you which other guy at the range I was...but every time I recall today, it's going to be the day I played golf with Ray Allen!

Yeah, and the Bruins (according to the WRKO call) 'energised' the Sox by winning in the middlle of 8th, causing a standing ovation at Fenway. Joe doubted that Manny would have been aware of the Bruins game but accepted that he is, right now, in a happy place.

BTW, did Ray sell you some police dogs?;

When Manny hit that homer, I swear the pitcher was ready to cry.

sdu, wrong Ray Allen.

Damn Aussie...


well, yeah! ;-)

[Mind you, I had to google the name - don't much like basketball even though I toured the West Coast US as a teenager as capt. of the local team. In my view, the NBA players are too skillful for the game - could never happen in baseball or FUCKEN golf.]

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