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4 pepper hot

Christ, the Red Sox offense is so hot right now it's molten.


Seriously. I didn't catch up to the game last night until the Sox were already in a 5-1 hole to the Angels, but I thought, "4 runs? Pffft &8230; that's nothing for this club."


Pedroia now leads the league in batting average, hits and doubles. Manny leads in home runs, runs batted in, total bases, and slugging percentage.


And what about Ellsbury? 2 dingahs last night and leading the league in runs, if you overlook that he doesn't have enough playing time to technically count in the official stats.


Absolutely. And now opposing teams not only have to worry about the run combustible Manny-Papi combo, but also the gasoline that is Ellsbury and Pedroi back to back in the lineup.


Burn, baby, burn.



What's not to like, right Steve-O?

A merciless attack with K Cash and D Pauley as your starting battery?

Nancy? Check.
Lugo? Check.
Lowell? membah' him?
Lowrie? heck yeah

The Sawx are ripping the haht out of the AL. Ok, there will be dark days, but these guys are suh-weet.

True Timlin looks as old as me and Batshit is problematic, but lets just let it roll ovah us.


"Batting 4th for the Red Sox, Magnificent Montague."

Love Timlin, but hes toast. I seriously think they keep him around for the nostalgia or because tito lost a bet or something.

So can any else tell if the shmap widget on the left is a pre green monster seats picture or not?

My wife and daughter have officially let Damon go and replaced him with Ellsbury on the swoon-o-meter.

Wow, an incredible game to be at! Did a nice write up on it. The highlight was seeing Ellsbury score unchallenged from first on a hit to LEFT field!

I sat near the visitor's bullpen and the catch Vlad made to rob Manny of a Pesky Pole homer was awesome - we were sure he broke some ribs on that one. Does he swing like a caveman or what?

Papelbon brought nothing but fire - fastball after fastball! Way to end it!

VA, it couldn't be. The Right Field Pavillion thing is also set up, and those ugly-ass bleeder bleachers are set up too. Sorry!

RE: Timlin's continued presence, I think this post from last year on Call of the Green Monster may explain things:


And despite his miserable start, Papi is tied for 4th in the league in RBI's!

and all this time I thought it was because he was ripening Wally's womb.Just kidding Mike,put down the crossbow. Mike...MIKE!!!

Just a reminder (or a warning, depending on what you think of me):

Copperfield's downstairs around 5:30 tonight before the game (or upstairs if the basement is closed).

It's kind of like a Wednesday beer cart.

Lester pitches now.
Who is next, Mike Remlinger?
Flu terrorizes.

No wisdom to add here... but goddam, this team sure is fun to watch. That 2005 draft class could go down as the best Sox youth movement since Rice, Evans, Lynn came on the scene. A shame Colon isn't ready to go tonight in place of Daisuke. Pitching against his old team would be a test. Go Celtics!

Late to the game, I know, but http://www.theonion.com/content/news/yankees_bury_bernie_williams_under "> good fun at the expense of the yanks here

Haven't these guys heard of flu shots?


Anyway, disappointing result to a relatively entertaining game (partly because the bucktoothed woman who sits next to me and my buddy was in a flashing mode).

I have to give Lester credit; three days rest and all.

BTW, I think I'm still legally drunk.

Thanks for the link, SDU.

A weird combo of srirachi, beer, Jameson and coffee just shot out of my nose.

And there's a chunk of sausage on my desk for some reason.

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