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That visor looks good on you

Well, Bill, it's a real shame the BoSux couldn't sweep the A's in Japan


Because I was really looking forward to seeing Red Sux Nation all puffed up like a bunch of roosters crowing and talking shit on the flimsy pretense of a 2 game lead.


That would have made your inevitable downfall and your being 6 games back of the greatest sports franchise of all time come the end of April all the sweeter.


Geez, Mahty, it's good to see that you've been so whipped by Red Sox dominance this Century, that you've now succumbed to these preemptive attacks.


Scared much, Mahts?


Oh, right, Callaghan, I forgot how prescient you are. Like how just a month ago you were writing Hillary Clinton's epitaph. Now not so much on Obama being the presumptive nominee, eh, Bill?


Hey, Mahts, come undah snipah fiah in Bosnia lately. Hahahaha.


She misspoke. No biggie.


Ah, yes, of course we provincial New Englandahs refer to the that as "lying," but you know, pool or the pond, right, Mahty?


So when you tell that story about how you were accosted by an angry mob of Red Sox fans because you had the so-called temerity to wear a Yankees cap in the streets of Boston, was that kinda sorta like Hillary's snipah fiah?


Did you "misspeak," Mahts? Now's the chance to come clean.


Bullshit, Callaghan. What happened to me that day is fact. I can send you a copy of the police report.


OK, Mahts, if that's the way you want to play it. But remembah, we live in the age of the interwebs …


It's only a mattah of time before someone posts some video on YouTube. And rathah than it being you in a Yankees cap being chased by a blood thirsty mob, I suspect it's more likely to be video of you getting sea sick in the Swan boats while wearing a Tommy Bahama visah.



I love the way Marty is getting beat-down lately.

Oh, and I found Marty's "I was accosted" video on YouTube.

Wow. Looks like that really hurt.


So it turns out a politician - a Clinton even - is a, well, fabricator. Or just sleep deprived (pul-ease!).

Not to mention the game tonight, I did have the happy experience before the first pitch of finding myself amongst a kind of beer-keg-girl muster but Mrs sdu had the camera so I just have to cling to that happy memory myself.

As requested ('demanded') Bob, here's
http://picasaweb.google.com.au/soxdownunder/BigEggGame2 "> more bloody pictures

More great shots, SDU.

Wow, those Japanese sure like their Thunder Stix, huh?

Surprised they aren't Angels' fans.

They sure as shit aren't Athletics fans either (deathly quiet at times tonight) but I think the sticks work in the 'Big Egg' the way they just don't in Anaheim.

Hillary "misspoke" four times -- that have been found so far. With several of these instances, she was speaking from notes.

Not an accidental error on her part.

What's the price for a draft brew from one of the keg girls? Is stadium pricing in Japan as ridiculous as it is in the US?

I think H.B. should put a keg on Lisa's back.

Then she'd be perfect.

I think hb should put me on Lisa's back.

just sayin'


800 yen which is about $8 so expensive but it comes with an intoxicating smile and NO TIP is expected (or would be accepted if offered).

Great idea, LC. Lisa would be pulling on your beer tap all day long.

make sure you wear that visor LC :D

He'd be Surly, But Pourable.

I think beers were $7 at the NCAAs last week - so I guess that isn't bad in a country where a cantaloupe costs $100.

Take a look at the smallish pic on page 74 of the Herald today, under Brandon's home run trot.

The future's so bright...

Speaking of Hillary, I heard her NCAA Final Four bracket is Pitt, St. Joes, Villanova and "Is Belmont in Pennsylvania?"

Is this the same kind of "mis-speaking" that Obama employed when he said that the MLK-led 1965 march in Selma, AL was the catalyst for his birth? When he was born in August 1961?

No matter: Ten years after the mainstream media got on their knees to save Bill's presidency, the profoundly weird spectacle of the same mainstream media turning on the Clintons (?!?!?) for Obama's benefit is too good.

Keep going Hillary...take it all the way to a brokered convention...I want hard left WTO-style protests in Denver, broken windows, tear gas...I want 1968 all over again!

Mcain- Romney 2008

Hey keep your riots in 3rd world countries like NYC. We are armed to the teeth here in Denver and will not tolerate any nonsense. Like it or not the DPD shoot first and ask questions later. The "Wild West" lives on.

If the convention were held in Boulder though, anything would go.

Mis-speaking is like forgetting exactly what time you arrived, or what you have for lunch.

Can you believe the audacity of claiming she simply mis-spoke? Not much difference between running for your life through a barrage of bullets and standing peacefully listinging to a little girl read a poem. Wow.

Slappy = Drug Cheat?
Yes, according to these most reliable of sources:


Ah Jason, way to support the snakes in the grass. There's a difference between saying a Civil Rights movement was a catalyst of one's birth, which apparently the news doesn't give a fuck about, and lying about sniper fire (and take in mind, I'm a MA Army National Guard officer whose unit went to Kosovo which is right near Bosnia). She said this multiple times touting her "experience." She's a snake in the grass.

Fuck that shit. I'll take the newbie any day because at least he has something new to bring to the table. If not him then McCain who does have some real experience.

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