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Sign of good taste

Well, as we learned in Moneyball, major leagues scouts tend to be overly obsessed with high schoolahs, but somehow, I don't think this is what Lewis meant.


Yeah, you know, ovah heah you've got the Coca-Cola Cornah, and ovah heah you've got the Jerkin' the Gherkin Cornah.


Can't say as I'll miss the giant Coke bottles any.


Nah. I've got nothing against corporate sponsorships in general, but the giant Coke bottles always seemed visually awkward in Fenway.


But not the new 12 foot Coke sign?


No, because nothing harkens back to the Fenway's 1912 origins and the 19th Century pastoral roots of the game of baseball quite like 1,059 light-emitting diodes.



Easing back into it today, but can't guarantee anything beyond today.

NOTE: Today's title is the 1957 Coca Cola slogan.

welcome back, sir.

the Coke bottles were marginalized from the beginning. Trup could never switch out "light tower power" for "that's a bottle throttle", now could he?


I like the "The great national temperance beverage" slogan of 1906. Can I have a rum and GNTB?

I'm sure the new sign will be obnoxiously large in person, but since it's behind the seats and not in the field of vision above the wall, I guess it's semi acceptable.

WB, h.b. Love the first two panels.

Welcome back, H.B.

I heard that Levis "pleasured himself" for 40 minutes in front of the girls.

LC, I think that can go in the priapism section of your wiki. (Although it doesn't technically count since it was under the four hour limit set by the FDA and Paris Hilton.)

What if the gherkins name was Ditka?

Welcome back, hb!

Crap, now there is another section I have to find tickets for before I die so I can say I have sat in every major section in Fenway. Looks awesome.

I heard on the radio that some agent representing young Disney stars (Zach and Cody?) was found to be pedophilic, which got a resounding "No shit" from me....

Bob, feel free to edit. It's not "my wiki".

While we wait for Opening Day, he's a drinking game for ya.

1. A shot every time John McCain says "my friends" in a speech.

2. A beer every time O'Bama says "yn'oh"
to punctuate a speech.

3. A glass of port every time HClinton sayys something sincere in a speech (it could happen).


From the article in frame 2: "Luxury suites in both that area and in other parts of the park are being removed from Fenway as part of efforts to offer more seats that cost under $100 this season, Kennedy said."
I am glad they are thinking about the little people. One of the sad things whenevah I get to go to a game (not often) is that there are not a lot of families. Too bad it is still wicked expensive, now I am starting to remember why I left Boston.

clinton, I have been drunk basically since Vandy knocked the Vomit Orange out of the #1 men's hoops ranking.

Recall the potent sports high you relished for days after the 2004 ALCS? Exactly the same...Imagine if you hated the Yankees more...then you're in the Vandy fan/alum mindset re: TN

I shouldn't reveal this, but DeLuca's has been running a special on the 64oz. jug of ipswich IPA for...$8. Dangerous.

If you take the cops/DA at face value after the Duke 3, you need to read you some KC Johnson at the durham in wonderland blog.

Swift and complete recovery for your matrimonial partner, hb.

I just got my tix!

The Onion makes me laugh.

Glad to see you, h.b. Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery for Mrs. h.b.
I, for one, remember and miss the very cool Coca-Cola sign on Storrow drive. Down with the bottles, up with Levis. Oops.

How about the old "Buck Printing" sign.

Or, my favorite sign story: Joe Carter, playing for the Jays, came to Fenway for the first time and saw the CITGO sign. He didn't know what CITGO meant. He thought it was short for

"See It Go"

True Story, see the end of the article

"The Coca-Cola Corner is part of an extended and expanded sponsor relationship with Coca-Cola, an Atlanta-based beverage company."

Oh, _that_ Coca-Cola. Glad they clarified...

LC, part of that story is that Carter used to hit massive HRs on a regular basis at Fenway. Those Pike moonshots. Hated the man.

glad the little lady is better and feeling better- take all the time you need- just got my split of the angel's tickets, sox and yankees- cant wait

I SO hope the Jerkin' the Gherkin section is located where you have a good view of the Coca-Cola Family section.
Wait. Oh Shit, I wasn't talking out loud just then, was I.
Janet! What's your lawyer's number again?

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