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Scar tissue

So because of my blog I get the occasional email from publishers announcing new Red Sox books and asking it I'll mention the book and if I want a signed copy and, sometimes even, asking if I'd like to do an interview with the book's author.




Yeah, it's usually all well and good and a nice perk, but just the othah day I got one that really disturbed me.


What? Canseco's latest, Vindicated. Hah.


That would be funny, at least, but, no there's nothing funny about this book's theme — The Greatest Game: The Yankees, the Red Sox, and the Playoff of '78.


Holy fuck.




Greatest game? Greatest game? Well, not in these pahts.


That's like asking Natalie Holloway's mom to review a book called Aruba '05: The Greatest Spring Break Evah.



The Great Summer of '69, by Sharon Tate (with a forward by Abigail Folger).

I was in a faraway country, also known as France, on that particular day. The exchange rate was 4.7 francs to the dollar. It was that long ago.

I didn't see the game, but learned about it only by reading the box score in the IHT the next day.

I have never seen the game, a clip from the game or audio of the call of BFD's popup.

In the same way, I have never viewed the gumdrop dribbling through Buckner's legs since that night when I watched it, hurling imprecations at the TV screen, and punching a hole in my "Rooster, Fred, Steamer" painter's cap. I almost saw it again on a monitor at the airport one day, but averted my eyes.

Best game, my ass.


Holy crap . . .

I am frantically searching for a moist towelette to clean up the coffee i just sprayed (via my nose) all over my keyboard.

That Holloway line owns me, h.b.

Update on the misses? Praying for you.

'Stay in front of the ball: a fielder's guide to first base" by Bill Buckner. Number 1,256,763,902.2 on the amazon best seller list

F*ing Zimmer. Bill Lee owned the mofo Yankees

Ok Bob, you want to play that game?

"Walking In Memphis", by Coretta Scott King

"Once Bitten, Twice Shy: My life in Entertainment" by Jeffrey Derderian.

"All Along The Watchtower", by Charles Whitman.

"Reach For The Stars", by Christa McAuliffe

"Springtime in Blacksburg", by Seung-Hui Cho [too soon?]

yup, I'm a little disturbed by this, too. See what you started, hb.

That Holloway line is wicked cold.

This is getting ugly (but fun).

"My Favorite Sorority Memories," by Margaret Bowman.

"Pool For Dummies", by Big Dan.

I'm tappin' out with that one.

Shouldn't that book be called "5 in the side pocket" LC?

(I'm actually ashamed of myself right now.)

"Ocean Drives on the Vineyard" by Edward Moore "Ted" Kennedy.


Medical Update:

I'm about to head over to pick up my wife from the hospital. The release date has finally come. 1 month and 1 day.

Hoo and Ray!

Excellent news, H.B.

Welcome home Mrs.hb :)

Shouldn't Buckner's book be titled Stay Down on the Ball...?

Excellent news hb - at LONG last!

As to Conseco he said this at least (according to http://www.joelavin.com/canseco.html)

"So A-Rod, if you're reading this book, and if I'm not getting through to you, let's get clear on one thing: I hate your f***ing guts."

Hooray, hb!!! Welcome home, Mrs. hb!!!

"Stop and Smell The Flowers: Lessons in Meditation"

by Ditka

SDU, I also find it funny that Mike Wallace might be juicing now.

"The Ins and Outs of Lacrosse" by Crystal Gail Mangum

"Private vacation getaways" by Gary Hart

"A How to Guide: Municpal Projects in 100 Days" City of Boston

The author of the "greatest game" is obviously the biggest dillweed on the planet. Must've slept through the '04 playoffs.

Great news HB!

Welcome home Ms. HB!

Congrats hb! Glad she's going home - I imagine it will be emotional for her.

I hope I never see that book around Boston! Greatest game ever? Wouldn't that be Game 5 of the 2004 ALCS?

Also, has anyone seen the dimensions of the field they are playing on tomorrow night? I'd love to be a right handed hitter in that game. If you want to see it, I've got a pic posted on my blog.

Great Bars of Alaska by Captain Joseph Hazelwood.

Great, great news, hb!

"Bathroom Etiquette" by Senator Craig

Best Occupation Ever, by Paul Bremmer, with appendix on planning by Donald Rumsfeld.

"Survive any Disaster" - A FEMA guidebook

How to fight a war, by George W. Bush

re: Saturday's game. There's suppose to be some kind of "wall" or net out there. A green monster-lite.

"Closing the Deal" 2004 NY Yankees

"The Art of Public Speaking" by C. Ray Nagin.

I'm so happy for you and your wife, h.b.! Does she have to be on meds for awhile?

"How to Handle a Stingray" by Steve Irwin.

The Holloway line was cold cold cold.
Glad to see you haven't lost your capacity for dark humor.

Now for my entry. I'm late and surprised no one else has ventured to broach this one yet ...

It's like asking Bill Belichick to host "America's Most Incriminating Videos"

or "Belichick: My life in film"

//re: Saturday's game. There's suppose to be some kind of "wall" or net out there. A green monster-lite.//

Actually, SonomaSox, it's taller than The Monster. Over 60-feet. It's kind of a huge mesh thingy.

There's a pic in The Herald today:


You may have to click the sidebar on the right side of the page to see it. Left field. Looks like it's about 30-feet from home plate.

"Teaching Tolerance" by Mel Gibson

Oh, hey -- some ammunition for Bill next time Mahty calls:


Third paragraph. Hitting, they say, is all in the wrists.

"Hard Decisions" by Eliot Spitzer

(No, I'm not getting any more work done today...)

How about "The art of the deal" by Danny Ainge?

Congratulations on the long-awaited and richly-deserved homecoming, Mr. and Mrs. Brachen.

Now back to reading "Miracle on Ice" by Captain Edward John Smith, RMS Titanic. Just starting, but it's a great read so far. Wonder if the ship sets any transatlantic speed records. No spoilers, please.

by green monster-lite I meant infinitely less cool, historic, etc.

Weird mesh net thing vs. Icon.

"Fecal Matters" by R. Kelley

Seems that the book mentioned today has a teensy-tiny error... (from an amazon.com review)
...The one big flaw is that the author gets the date of the game wrong. It was played on October 2, not on October 4 as the dust jacket claims. How could an editor or a fact checker get something so basic so wrong? You have to wonder what else they missed!

I imagine 2004 and 2007...


Bucky F-ing Dent

"Campside Cooking" - George Donner

Congrats on bringing Mrs h.b. Home HB

Hmmm, women with beer carts strapped to their backs are starting to wander the halls. Oichi, beeru kudasai.

Have a great weekend all. I'm going to start writing my book. The working title is, "Boulder, Colorado, 1996: the Greatest Christmas Ever."

H.B., Mrs. H.B., take it easy and get back to normalcy.

"The Jeffrey Dahmer Cookbook"
"Public Speaking and Gun Safety" by R. Budd Dwyer
"The Art of a Successful Football League" by Vince McMahon
"Preaching Christ's Love Through Tolerance of Others" by Fred Phelps
"Firmer Abs" by Ron Jeremy
"Keeping One's Opinions In Check" by Ozzie Guillen

"Don't Talk with your Mouth Full" by Monica Lewinsky

"Skiing: My way to escape" by Sonny Bono

I laughed out loud at the Sonny Bono one, Jeffrey.

The Greatest Pronunciation, by Tom Brokaw

Fecal Matters? I heard that was the shittiest book ever. (ZING!)

Ah, h.b., you hold us in the palm of your hand.

You did your duty to the publisher - you made the audience aware of the book and linked to it - but your characters kept their dignity as well.

Excellent tactics. Sun Tzu would be proud, as am I.

Keep up the good work, and congrats to Mrs. h.b.!

"I'd Rather have a Ham Sandwich" by Mama Cass

"Views out my Airplane Window" by Lynyrd Skynyrd

"Don't Lose your Head" by Kurt Cobain

"If I did It" by OJ Simpson (Nah, he'd never write something like that)

Drumroll, please...

And the gold medal goes to --

"The Ins And Outs of Lacrosse," by Crystal Gail Mangum.

Silver medal to --

"All Along The Watchtower," by Charles Whitman.

Bronze medal (tie) to --

"Reach For The Stars," by Christa McAuliffe

"Survive Any Disaster," by FEMA

Thanks for playing. Have a good weekend.

Ahhh man... I never win at these things!!!

fuck Sun Tzu in his fucking fuckhole.

no disrespect.


This Colliseum game is freaking me out. Shortstops playing left field, the camera behind the pitcher and the umpire and a woman from Compton...

Still, kind of fun I guess.

What an untenable place to play baseball. I've seen sandlots with better dimensions. Playing with a floater like it's softball, tailoring offense and defense around the short left field instead of preparing for the real season days away, and camera angles that make me ill trying to follow balls and strikes??

What is this? "MLB Preseason" brought to you by MTV and E! Networks?

Just awful, awful baseball to watch.

When does Flava Flav bat next for the Awayboys?

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