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Now back to the games that don't count

Lisa the Temp:
OK, I heard about the Tokyo Stadium kegs, peeps.


Lisa the Temp:
And Lisa the Temp is always grateful when you include her in your most imaginative thoughts.


Lisa the Temp:
But would Lisa "strap on" so to speak?


Lisa the Temp:
Well, you know, a temp's duty is to fulfill unmet needs …


Lisa the Temp:



Thanks, H.B.

Now I have to change my pants.


Yes, Lisa, please.
And throw in a couple of those anime-like ballgirls they have over there.

Ok, I'm fine now.


Is it my imagination, or has Lisa's astigmatism gotten worse? Possibly from trying to focus too hard on large objects right in her face?

I've got to hand it to the Japanese - that is a great design. So much more efficient than carrying a tray of full beer cups up and down the stairs (I am old enough to have seen those days at Fenway, but not old enough to have ever bought a beer in the stands there). In Baltimore, they lug heavy coolers of beer bottles through the stands requiring strength. The keg backpack solves so many problems.

Now, as for Lisa filling unmet needs...

I'm shocked nobody has gone with the "I'd fulfill her unmets" yet.

In the meantime, at least Lisa is "on the ball". Here's a video of Laura, the girl in the office who doesn't get a single Sexual Euphemism, a comedy short from "Man in the Box".

Oh, by the way, going back to exhibition games now is the baseball equivalent of getting blue-balled.

Thanks a pantsload, Selig. GFY.

I may expound upon Kaz's blue balls metaphor a bit more in tomorrow's strip. That's a good one, Kaz.

BTW My wife is still in the hospital dealing with a fluctuating INR. "Maybe tomorrow..." deja vu all over again.

Kaz-would those be Dodger Blue balls? :)

Years ago (they still had the fake grass, iirc), the roving beer guys in KC were selling a local microbrew using similar backpacks. I've got to give credit the Japanese for improving on the delivery.

Hang in there, HB. All the best to your wife.

Hey Bob - How 'bout replacing the beer cart w/ a Lisa-like lady patroling the halls w/ a keg on the back. Try bringing that up in your next meeting.

Continued strength to the hb family!

Greetings from sunny, cocktail hour Paris!

Blue balls, good one, Kaz. To add to that, it's kinda like finally having hot sex with someone you've been casually dating, thinking this is the start of the next level... then the next day having them say, you know, maybe that was premature, let's get to know each other better before we do that again...

And in recent history "them" has been "me," I am quite ashamed to say :)

Damn, hb, what a rollercoaster. Hang in there...

I think the keg girl thing fulfills #11 of "stuffwhitepeoplelike" for me.

Hang in there, Mrs. and Mr. hb.


That is exactly where I was going to have the character Doug go with that... two days of "OMG I can't believe I'm hooking up with this chick my life is so perfect..." only to get the "you know, I don't think it was a good idea to take this to the sexual intimacy level, let's just be friends" speech from said chick.


I want one of those backpacks for personal use

They had back-pack beer sales, same basic design, in the early 70s at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans, even at Tulane football games. Another good reason to attend the school at that time.


I think hot sex is something to always be proud of, not ashamed, regardless of the longer-term outcome. Hope he got the snappy, "Well, it's not like you're Tek's thighs" response. Just my two cents' worth...

Is Paris in the springtime all it's cracked up to be?

pt- Oh, sorry, didn't mean to imply I was ashamed of the hot sex (never), just the kiss off afterwards, given his expectations. I'm now saving that Tek's thighs reply for next time. Because there will be a next time, I am sure. A girl has needs, you know... :)

Paris in the spring is definitely all its cracked up to be. Last time I was here (last April) it was 75 degrees and sunny everyday- utterly glorious. Now it is about 45 and the sun is in and out... but the wine is flowing, the work is winding down, and we are about to go find a nice brasserie for dinner. Wish y'all were here!

And so the only player who got a significant hit against Oakland in Tokyo not named Ramirez gets sent to the PawSox...

I keep saying to myself "in Theo we Trust", but sometimes it's hard - speaking of Lisa...

//Now it is about 45 and the sun is in and out... but the wine is flowing, the work is winding down, and we are about to go find a nice brasserie for dinner. Wish y'all were here!//

Sounds familiar, Natalie.

Dang. You and me both. Sunny and warm today in SoCal but, as for the flowing wine, the brasseries and the good company... not so much.

Oh, and lest I forget... viva les needs!

Humbled in Japan
As http://picasaweb.google.com/soxdownunder/Tokyo5/photo#5182323132599692258 "> blossoms announce the spring
One more sleep fly home.

[Yes please Lisa, strap it on]

Along the lines of the keg on the back and in case Bob's beer cart needs an upgrade, here's the cooler scooter, which a friend of mine has for Mardi Gras. http://www.coolerscooter.com/cooler.htm It's fun to ride around until the cooler is empty and driving it becomes challenging.

Oh, and there's this handy travelling tip:

That shit (a day or two of utter, euphoric, physical joy, followed by the "let's slow down" discussion) happened to me with my fiancee. Oh my God, I wanted to break something after I got that discussion.

Let's just say the phase didn't last long.

I'm no expert on Japan mind you, but I will say I noticed that rival beer companies seem to compete by dressing up the keg girls in the skimpiest outfits. How far have we fallen as a civilization that you cannot be served a fresh, cold draft beer at your seat at Fenway Park by a lovely young lass? Sad state of affairs... there was much speculation as to what would become of these young ladies when thrown into a Sox-MFYs game. "The Suntory whiskey will no longer be served after the 7th inning..."

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