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Not today, maybe tomorrow.

Your omniscient author in absentia:
I need to take today off. While my wife's recovery continutes, she is still in the hospital with no definite release date scheduled.

In the meantime, the family members who've been around that past couple weeks to help out, have had to return to their jobs, lives, etc., so I'm having to carry to full load.

On the plus side, I'll be able to watch both the games in Japan, as I'm on leave from work until my wife is able to fend for herself again.



We'll keep the fyahs burnin' hb. Look after her. The Games will be a pleasant distraction. The local station was advertising Budweiser with clam juice as a pickmeup for Opening Day.


Since I work from home, I normally don't get up before 7:30 AM. But I will get up tomorrow at 6 AM for the game.

Amen, hb. Take care of Mrs, and yourself. Don't know which is worse, lou- the thought of clam juice at 6AM, or Bud at any time of day. I'm thinking more along the lines of a bloody Mary with Cold River Vodka, myself.
Off topic, and I apologize in advance: I know many of you use Firefox, and I was too, until I had to do a 'system recovery' (how's that for an oxymoron?) last week. I had backed up my FF profile but can't get it to open properly now that it's reloaded. Keep getting "firefox already running" error message. Have followed Mozilla's troubleshooting tips with no luck. Deleted all files labeled Firefox from computer and tried again, with same result. If anyone has any tips or suggestions could you please send to my email? Thanks, and sorry hb for taking up the space

BWF, your description sounds like the lock file is still present. This makes firefox think it's still running. This page will tell you how to remove your lock file which should clear up your profile and you should be good to go. Let me know if it doesn't work.

Continued best wishes, H.B. It certainly doesn't sound like you're "taking the day off" to me.

Clam juice mixed with beer? At 6:00 am?

I think I'd rather watch Devine eat his/her own shite.

lc: I almost threw up when I heard that ad this morning! I'll accept beer and Clamato (although not Bud), but not beer with just clam juice. Ugh...can't think of anything I'd like LESS at 5:30 am. I'm with Buckner--I could totally knock back a Bloody Mary at 6am. Might have to stop for supplies after work today...

Take care, HB. Best wishes to you and your wife as she continues to recover.

Thanks Kaz (and COD), but I've tried these. I don't even have a parent.lock file, and it still won't run even with a fresh install. This is why I'm stumped. There must be a hidden file in the registry or something that I didn't find/delete that's messing me up. It doesn't appear to be running, at least according to Task Manager

My roommate from many years ago used to tailgate at Pats games with Bud with tomato juice in it (apparently a VT Hokie tradition?). I used to have to keep my distance from her at those times so as not to hurl.

hb- still keeping you in my thoughts and praying all goes well. I know all too well that the hardest times are when those who care for you in the immediate aftermath of something have to resume their lives. Hang in there...glad you are taking "me time" with the games. And just to cheer you up, here is an amusing story from my weekend:

In early March it was my brother's bday. On Sunday in CT my 81 year old grandmother was searching through her pre-bought birthday cards for one to send off to him in NJ via my mom. She pulls out and declares a leading candidate the following:

[Front]: Sometimes in life you are the hammer, sometimes you are the nail. So on your birthday....
[Inside] Which would you rather be, hammered or nailed?

Holy Christ, I laughed until I cried trying to explain why that card was inappropriate. I confiscated it from her so she would not accidentally forget and send to some other unsuspecting relative...

Bud with clam juice - might go nice early in the morning if you were out on a clam flat.

But Natalie, just imagine how much your brother would laugh, getting that card from your grandma. Or, of course, just imagine how appalled he would be and enjoy that, too :)

Good luck with the recovery, h.b. We're not going anywhere (I'm not positive if that's supportive, but it's supposed to be).


That's a great story. Thanks for making me laugh.

I've always preferred cheap beer and fresh wings 6AM. Either that or hot dogs and some weed...

HB continued best of luck for a speedy recovery for your wife. Glad to hear that things are progressing well.

I can't believe baseball season is here already.

6am EDT start time = thank God for TiVo

Still sending good thoughts your way, HB. Last year at this time I was doing the living-in-the-hospital-with-a-loved-one thing, so I empathize. It *does* end, and it *does* get better.

ok, this might be a dumb question, but are these games against the A's regular season games or exhibtion? i was sure they were worth something, but a co-worker (spankee fan) says they're not. any help?

and stay strong hb, i'm sure we'll be ok talking amongst ourselves for a few days. you just take care of the wife...

You pretty much answered your own question when you said your co-worker was a Yankees fan. Listen to what he says, then you will pretty much be guaranteed the opposite is the truth. Speaking of which, if anyone wants to be appalled, they should go to yesterday's Newsday.com, and read the absurd article by Wallace Matthews blasting the Sox for their solidarity on the Japan trip, and then comparing it to how the "Classy Yankees" had no problem taking a day off to go to VA Vtech for their charity game--what a buffoon! And if anyone wants to see the scathing e-mail I wrote this Pinstriped Pudslap in return, feel free to email me for a forwarded copy. As for tomorrow AM--I am thinking of putting a can of lousy beer in with some water in a pot, boiling up some hot dogs, and going the dirty water dog/Cold Beer 6 AM combo---BURP!

thats what i thought, but i wasn't for positive.

as for tomorrow morning, seeing as i come from the land of college football tailgating heaven - columbus, oh - i've got absolutely no problem having quite a few beers at or before sunrise. the issues might arise when i stumble into work for the daily 8am staff meeting. damn end-of-quater sick day blackout!

6am would be nice...that's a 3am staht out heah. creating a bit of a quandry.

as for the beer mixture, at UVa (the smarter older brother to VaTech) the hangover helper adopted from the locals was a bud, tomato juice and an egg (raw). Suck it back and no more hangover - but make sure there's not a line to the bathroom.

Stay strong HB & missus. The good thoughts are still coming from the left coast.

Buckner, still having your FF problem?

I get that occasionally, and I hit the old Ctrl-Alt-Delete. Then hit "Task Manager" and find the Firefox program running (usually the one with the highest Mem Usage.

Works every time for me.

sorry if I didn't complete the thought above. after you find the FF program running, click end process, confirm and exit.

I hope it works. If not, I haven't a clue.

I have to admit that I have, unfortunately, tried the Bud/Clamato mixture. A bartender friend of mine now drinks one everyday. They also apparently have a Bud and a Bud Light version of the same drink. Ick.

Keep on keepin' on, hb.

SDU, were you at a bar called "English Hub Pub" near the Tokyo Dome recently.

The Herald has a story today about how it's become a gathering place for Sox fans, "even a few followers who made the trip from Australia."

sonomasox..yeah, I've got the midnight start time...not quite sure what to do about tonight but at least Wednesday is a state holiday. (Prince Jonah Kuhio Day).

and hb- good luck and do let us know if you need anything. we work in mysterious ways, you know.

My sister scored opening day tickets from her chiropractor, who had made a sign for Daisuke stating "Congratulations you baby" which she promptly edited.

Not us Bob but I put up some pictures late yesterday (see 'International dateline' post) of a very silly night that mrs sdu & I had with some crazy locals we met. You would have loved it - much hilarity and drinking. Also, the same post tells us that 'NY Soxfan' is also in Tokyo for the games.

G'day SDU, I've been here a week already so well acclimated and pumped for baseball tonight. If all goes according to plan, I'll be the guy behind the first base dugout wearing the Ortiz jersey and Che Guevara sweatbands. What can I say, they sell the craziest stuff over here. Also expect to hit one (or more) of the pubs near the domu after the game. Gambate Sox!

I have tomorrow off and I can not wait.

4:05 start here in Colorado.

HB, best to you and your wife.

We will look out for you, NYSF. We are in the same section A20, row 25 - behind the 'Sox dugout. I'll be in a 2007 AL Champions cap and Kintees (R) OK okajima grey t-shirt (no doubt covered by jackets and the like).

Go team!

Damn Direct TV anyway. Here in NJ I am up at 6am for a conference call with Europe, and eagerly anticipated having the Sox on mute in the background... but I can't get ESPN2. Won't get any easier from London, Paris or Amsterdam for the next two weeks. Blergh. Can't wait to see Soxaholix pics from Tokyo!!! Thanks for taking us along for the ride, sdu and NYSoxFan.

PS: Was "JD Drew scratched late for back spasms" the world's most predictable plotline or what???

Direct TV fucked this up huge... BUT, if it's out in your area, that area being the planet Earth, go to their "sports mix page" channel 104... and you'll get a tiny picture of the game... how they can show that and not ESPN2 I'll never know.
-up since 3am in Seattle.

Thanks for the tip, Tomcat! I think it's hilarious, the ESPN2 channel now reads "No need to call us. We are aware this station is temporarily available." How many Sox fans have been harrassing them this am? A million? Those poor outsourced customer service reps out in India probably have no idea why these people are screaming at them!!

No shit. I can only imagine the poor lost Indian CSR trying to figure out that Maine Dialect.
How cow-um my sawx ain't cowmin' in there, bub? Didja gitcher dee-ah yet?

Who needs JD? Way to go, Brandon!

Brandon Moss is hotter than my Mom on my Dad's bowling night!

Manny! Manny! Manny!

Haha, they fell victim to one of the classic blunders! The most famous is never get involved in a land war in Asia, but only slightly less well-known is this: never walk Ortiz to get to Manny when the game is on the line!

This is fun.


jesus h christ on a bicycle, thank god baseball's back!

Prayers for you and your wife. I hope all is goes well.

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