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Flow that Ki

Now wait a second …


Josh Beckett is having problems with his back so they are considering not having him make the trip to Japan?


Ah, hello! Barefoot Shiatsu, anyone?


I mean, c'mon, do I have to do all thinking around heah?


Get dude to Japan stat and get some chicks walking on that back.



Medical Update:

Still playing waiting game. Hoping definitive news today. Saturday one of the cardiologists hinted possible return home today for the 8 wks of IV antibiotic treatment. My wife has now been in the hospital 11 nights. It's getting old.

But, again, thanks so much for all the support, prayers, and positive thinking.

On Saturday the cardiologist said this particular strain of staph rarely responds to antibiotics (hence the previous doom/gloom), but this time it seems to be.

Who knows, maybe all the positive thinking is having some effect? Can't hurt that's for sure.


Positive thought express leaving Chicago for the East Coast. Hope the news continues to get better.

Tell her to keep up the good work.

As for Beckett, could he be faking it so he doesn't have to make this distracting trip. I wouldn't blame him, I want him healthy for the long haul, not exhausted after the first week of the season...

Good news, H.B. I'll keep up the positive thinking.

Agree with Jeffrey about Beckett. From what other players on other teams have said about this trip, it takes a few weekes to get over.

HB, i haven't been a particularly great xtian lately, but your spouse has a rosary coming her way tonite.

all the best

A few weeks!! Just imagine how tired SDU is going to be :) hb-pass on to the wife what the lunatic Dreyfuss said "every day in every way I'm getting better and better"

I'm sending every bit of karma I've got (which admittedly really may not amount to a lot) to ms. h.b.

Hang in there, & stay strong

HB, My wife and I are keeping you and your wife in our thoughts and prayers. Hope all works out. (Yankee fan - me married to Red Sox fan.) I actually turned her on to Soxaholix.

great news hb - sounds like there's at least hope for a positive non-cutting outcome here.

re: the japan trip, i hope it doesn't hose our april and may. the yanks did the opening day of the rising sun routine last year, and their april and may were abysmal. the sox typically lean heavily on a good april and may in thier winning percentage - i'd hate to see a funk descend over our early season.

it's not too early to worry about things, is it?

Somehow I'll cope Harwich but thanks for worrying - maybe a barefoot shiatsu will get me through. My tickets arrived yesterday - very beautiful items with lots of lovely Japanese characters; 20 rows from Red Sox dugout for game 1; not such great seats for game 2. Hopefully, Mrs Mothra will spit out that baby, healthy and plump, soon so her man can get on the plane and hopefully, Joshie will be there too.

Great news about the missus hb - hopefully the drugs will keep doing their work.

//it's not too early to worry about things, is it?//

it's never too early to worry - we're sox fans...

+ thoughts continuing your way, hb

Agree that Beckett not going to Japan could be a blessing in disguise.

Harwich, what do you say when someone makes a Mr Holland's Opus reference?

Lester threw well today, so we have that going for us.

Got to go watch "Gymkata". Adios.

Been away for a while, hb; so sorry to hear of your wife's troubles. Prayers and PVs to you both.

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