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Fashion sense

I love this notion of Bill James and his stats posse hanging out on Yawkey Way and just "ideating."


I wish I had that sort of brain.


Seriously, while James is contemplating his metaphorical "bucket of water" I'm over heah contemplating the phenomenon of cahgo shorts.


I mean when things first went all cahgo, all the time, I figured it was just a passing trend.


But no. Summah aftah summah it's the same sartorial nightmare.


Hey, Al, tell us how you really feel why doncha?


I mean at my age, the only cahgo I'm carrying is all internal — beer gut, clogged ahteries …


Enlahged prostate …


I dunno. I like the cahgos. They're perfect for Fenway — Media Guide in one pocket, scoring pencil in anothah pocket, bag of peanuts in anothah …


Yeah, well, you're young, you can get away with wearing them.


If I showed up at Fenway that way, I can hear it now …

"Hey, Murph, check out this fuckin' guy. He's going on a safahi or something."


"Holy shit, guy, are you Stanley and Livingstone or what?"

"He must be a Tigahs fan because he's going to the jungle."

And much hillarity would ensue.


Good times, good times.


Gotta love Fenway.


Greatest place on Earth.



"Hey, Murph, check out this fuckin' guy. He's going on a safahi or something."

Im dying laughing here. That is hilarious. I was just back in boston on a business trip and I think the sense of humor is what I miss the most. Comments like that are everywhere in the city, the T, on the streets, every bar, its great.

I don't wear any kind of shorts anymore. Not fair or kind to the general public.

Check out the new Red Sox commercial:


That sense of humor is so New England and quaint...until a guy in a Yankees hat is jumped by 4 heroes and ends up in the hospital.

Tip: If you see a guy in a Yankees hat in Boston, and you're thinking of jumping him, remember that there's a chance that it's me, and know that I won't be going to the hospital alone.

Jeez, JO, somebody got up on the wrong side of the gurney this morning.

...and we all know nothing like that would ever happen in NYC LOL

Would nevah wear shorts to Fenway. Those seats have caressed a lot of buttocks without being washed. (referring to both seats and buttocks)


I would add that the cargo skirt is an equally if not more hideous, utilitarian garment. Storing nuts, cell phone, keys, etc. on one's thighs does not help any woman's silhouette.

How about MaryAnn getting busted for pot - she could help Roger with his excuses.

NolaSox: Storing nuts on one's thighs does not help any woman's silhouette.

Oh, man, I have so many great replies for this, where to start? Maybe I'll just let this one pass this time.

Cargo shorts on old men are meh. It's the cargo shorts and black socks with sandals look that is the complete goofy old man package.

Kaz, by passing on that line, you get an A on the testes.

My wife just stores my nuts in her purse...

JasonO, this mean you're carrying a shiv in your cargo shorts?

I was just going along with "the bag of peanuts in the cargo shorts" panel from the strip.

Apparently you can't use that sideways v thingy to separate ideas cause I added "forehead slap - blushing" to the beginning of that last comment.

Never worn them, I'm a regular bermuda shorts guy.

Back in 7th grade in 1985? As Clay Davis would say: Shhhheeeeeeeeit, I wore the fuck out of some black parachute pants, which included cargo pockets.

I also had some sweet Sonny Crockett outfits for 7th grade dances as well.

I had me some parachute pants too in 85, although it was my senior year and I was old enough to know better. My pick-up outfit of choice for parties the first couple of years of college was a pastel T-shirt paired with a black jacket.

I'm very very glad that cell phone cameras didn't exist back then.

St. Patrick's Day meets cargo shorts:


BTW, I'll be AWOL Friday, as I'm visiting my buddy in Brooklyn (he's a Sox fan). Park Slope.

Any NY Soxaholix want to meet up at Peppe's for pizza, or The Gate for a few beers?

I just realized that ya'll could have found "sideways v thingy" dirty, as well. I now know they're called chevrons.

Jason and COD, you're scaring me.

In the 7th and 8th panels I thought the characters were talking about Bob. And they are right about the cargo shorts - should not, but always are, worn by blokes over 30.

Hurumph. My prostate isn't enlarged. Much.


I guess when you're not first in the AL East, you have to fend off the lesser teams more.

I remember when it used to be us having to fight with the Rays. If there's any cosmic parallel here, the Yankees are not in for a great season. The Sox didn't look so hot in 2006.

I don't know if anyone else has seen this yet, but it is my favorite thing all day.


Yes, Manny Ramirez is hooked on "The Secret."

- - - -

Ramirez said he has recently learned the power of meditation and positive thinking -- and that he likes to read. The headphones that had previously been virtually standard issue with his Red Sox uniform have been replaced this spring by a book, most recently "The Secret." The popular book promotes the concept of positive thinking, that "one's positive thoughts are powerful magnets that attract wealth, health, happiness."

Ramirez has become a disciple.

"I like it. I don't need to read a whole book to know what it's about. It's about this," he said, pointing to his head. "It's about what you want. If I come to you and tell you I want to take you to my house and cook you a steak, then you'll know. Because what it is is if you think positive stuff, all the positive stuff is going to come to you. Making things happen for yourself. Hey, that's what it's all about. If you said to yourself, 'Oh, I'm tired today, brother.' Then you're going to be tired all day. That's it. That's what it's all about."

"That's all I do is read, read, read, read, read," Ramirez said. "I love it. I haven't finished [the book yet], but I don't need to. I love it. I already know what it's all about."

- - - -

That made my day. I <3 Manny.

Geez, I feel bad now. And OLD!
I'm like 108 or something, and I wear the cargo shorts sometimes, especially to practices. (I coach Little League)
Ok, I'm not quite 108, but I'm knock, knock, knocking on 50's door.
Apparently I need to carry me some bermudas to change into when I leave practice and go straight to somewhere the general public might see me, eh? Just for the common good?
Man, it's getting dark, too dark to see now

I put a note at the end of your "Brief Respite" post that you probably didn't see, since I did so several days after the fact. Last week was very hairy for me and I didn't get a chance to check in for a few days there.
Check it out when you got a sec.
Hope she's doing well

gotta speak up for cargoes here: while some may think they look silly, for people who carry around a lot of crap and don't set well with the manpurse (it's a carryall! it's european!), cargoes enable one to be cool (temp wise) while still toting.

the best is playing wiffleball on the common (cambridge common, thank you very much) - it you're pitching, you can fit like 8 wiffleballs on your person at a time. handy when there's not enough players to warrant a backstop.

as an aside, we play wiffle with sticks, home run derby style, with a lawn chair for a strike zone. it's way gratifying putting wood on the wiffle, so to speak. we're on the cambridge common many afternoons in the summer - if you see us and would like to take a few cuts, please approach!

I wear cargo shorts - nylon ones, yet - when I'm canoeing up in Quetico Park in Canada. But then I am on a fuck'in safari, so I figure I'm excused.

Ah, gotta love Clay Davis. And The Wire, may it rest in peace.

And screw cargo pants: I am all about the frontside fanny pack.

You give so many laughs to those of us with a sense of humor and a love for the Bosox, that I hope all goes well for you and your wife.
Best wishes.

You give so many laughs to those of us with a sense of humor and a love for the Bosox, that I hope all goes well for you and your wife.
Best wishes.

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