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Early rising

I'm so happy to see opposing managah's still insist on walking Papi to get to Manny.


Intentional to Papi?
Manager swore great conquest
The sushi is spoiled.



Manny brings it Back
Papelbon shaky at best
Red Sox Win 6-5

Phew! Jeez, Paps, stop takling about the HOF and pitch.

Fun game though. From JD getting scratched, to Dice-K being wild, to JD's replacement playing great, to Dice-K pitching well, to JD's replacement tying the game in the 9th, to intentionally walking Papi to get to Manny, to Paps pitching like shit, to (finally) a win.

You saw a good one, SDU.

Spring morning clear sky
Sox fans greet the rising sun
Manny is on fire

It's a good day! :-)
Hope all's well with the Mrs. today, hb.

Brandon Moss comes through
Manny says "Thank you pitcher"
Paps gets a shit save.

Paps needs to send a thank you note to Brown for that base-running blunder, or we might still be watching the game right now.

Guess I should go into work now...

Wake up call for cinco-ocho?

It's surreal to see the Red Sox on ESPN2 at 7 in the morning and know that it's a live game and not a recap.

Still, Happy Opening Day! Best day of the year. Better than Christmas, Independence Day, and my birthday combined!

MFYs 1/2 game back for all the scoreboard watchers.

I almost enjoy waking up to see the Red Sox have already won. Clutch performances make my day.


Sweating, sweating, sweating, sweating, sweating...


Got up at 7:30 AM to find DirecTV having - problems - every station had a banner that said, "yes we know, don't call us." A few minutes later every channel except ESPN2 was back. ESPN2 never did come back. I left at 8:45 AM and it was still out. Oh well, they won, which is the important thing.

Yeah, COD, I experienced the same thing, but as Tomcat mentioned in yesterday's strip this morning, they had NO trouble feeding ESPN2 into a thumbnail sized miniscreen without sound on the SportsMix station. Talk about shitting the bed. Not cool at all.

Nice W.

Strange occurrences:

1. Listening to sox in shower at 6AM
2. Hearing sweet caroline in the 8th with a sox pitcher warming on the mound as the road team (i might be a bit ticked as an As fan - they were the 'home' team after all)
3. Walking papi to get to manny. Bullwinkle: "Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat..."
Rocky: "But that trick never works!"

Three things I love about the Tokyo Dome:

1. The cute girls n shorts and bobby socks with beer kegs strapped to their backs.

2. The truly obscene smoking booths.

3. Manny.

4. Oka...

Allright, amongst our weaponry are such diverse ....

http://picasaweb.google.com.au/soxdownunder/AwayVeryOpener "> pics are here

[pics are here

Beautiful Rocky and Bullwinkle reference!

And this:

"The cute girls n shorts and bobby socks with beer kegs strapped to their backs."

Too funny. Gotta love the Japanese.

+ Medical Update

Wife still in the hospital awaiting proper INR for release. Needs to be at 2.0 min, and as of last night was still refusing to budge past 1.4.

So we wait... Can you believe it'll be a full month of being in the hospital as of this Thursday?

So add that to the surreal of the Sox playing in Tokyo at 6am and I feel like I'm living in Dali painting. Nothing is the way it normally is.

BTW just saw SDU's pics and that beer keg idea is stunning in its simple ingenuity.

It is total Zen.

That idea needs to be imported immediately.

You're going to be okay, h.b., so long as the cats don't start flying by.

In the meantime, in case you missed it, I broke out the Princess Bride ref while watching the game in the last thread:

"Haha, they fell victim to one of the classic blunders! The most famous is never get involved in a land war in Asia, but only slightly less well-known is this: never walk Ortiz to get to Manny when the game is on the line!"

I confess (it's a catholic thing) that I don't believe in anything much but, with your wife in mind, I did a kind of eastern religious thing today hb - washed my hand (left first, then right) threw money, rang a bell, clapped three times. At this shrine:


SDU, those are some awesome pics, thanks! Kegs and women are an awesome team! John Henry! Are you listening??

So how WAS that Suntory SDU?

Great shots, SDU. That keg-on-the-girl's-back is indeed pure genius.

John Henry? Larry? Anybody? Get this in Fenway ASAP.

BTW, looks like you had great seats.

For a relaxing time, HR, make it Suntory time. And the beer keg girls and the (sort of) Jamieson girl - we thought of you Bob - 'you'd dig it the most'.

Awesome pics, sdu! So wish I had been there rather than here in NJ. DirecTV's ESPN2 JUST came back on in time for highlights of college basketball. Which, since I loathe basketball, only makes me angrier.

If JH and LL spruce up the beer vendors by adding cute girls with kegs strapped to their backs (I see the appeal!), then I hope they turn their attention to making the male talent a little comelier while they are at it. Depending on our seats, seeing Tek's glutes is often difficult and we need closer action :)

Wow, hb, a month? That is insane. Still thinking of you both and sending good thoughts your way.

nice but shaky win. nice to sleep in (to 5:30) and still catch the best part. glad to see youk in mid season form cursing the existence of everything when he strikes out.

no melting clocks, hb. good luck.

Here in the SF Bay Area, I woke up at 6 this morning and got in on the game at the top of the 10th. What a way to begin the day! And this is after last night's NCAA Women's tournament (Cal losing in the last second, Stanford winning big) and the Warriors getting robbed in overtime against the Lakers.

No coffee for me today!

Cute girl with beer keg
Cup and heart runneth over
Will you marry me?

sdu, many thanks for the pictures.


Rudi beat me to the punch. A girl with a beer keg on her back. She would be fending off marriage proposals all night long in Fenway.

Pin this pic to your cubicle walls, guys and gals.

Yankees in 3rd behind Baltimore...hehe

Given the pace that the Sox have set, the Yankees have to win out the season to force a playoff.

SDU, great pictures. I want one of those keg carriers for my next party. I'll leave the kegerator in the basement.

h.b. I can't believe it's been a month. Where the hell does the time go?

Let's go Lester!!!

SDU, forgot to ask, looks like a lot of people there wearing suits, and even ties. Could you easily tell the tourists because of what they were wearing?

sdu- great pics! Is that Sausalito playing at the bar?
Kaz- brilliant Princess Bride reference. I missed he whole game...sadly my drinking to stay awake plan failed miserably with the last glass of Aberlour 16 abandoned as I fell asleep in my chair.

Just got this email:

Beginning at 12:00 p.m. (noon) ET on Wednesday, March 26 tickets for most Monday-Friday games in Conigliaro's Corner will be on sale at redsox.com.



Does anyone else see Toronto taking second?

Great shots, SDU. On top (literally) of the incredible idea of the keg-bearing women, imagine what these lasses could do to you with legs hardened from climbing all of those steps with beer strapped to them. Oh the humanity!

Hey,this was fun-see everybody at 6 tomorrow?

Great photos, SDU. If I'm thinking of the right temple, there's a really good strip club about two blocks directly to the left (west?).

Sorry, Mrs. SDU. There are some who find my incorrigibility endearing. I mean no harm.

I'm sure you're both getting a little hospital stir crazy, Mr. Brachen. But if a few weeks ago somebody had told you that your wife's INR returning to normal so she could be discharged was the worst of your problems, I'm sure you would have cheerfully taken it. They probably gave her a ton of anticoagulants when the endocarditis was at its worst so the infection wouldn't throw off clots. Her clotting will return to normal in short order.

Keep the faith.

From that temple, there seemed to be good strip clubs in every direction as far as the eye could wander. It's the Kabukicho, red light, district, so your memory serves you well.

I guess this means we're going to finish the season 81-81.

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