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Big in Japan-be-tight

Hey, Callaghan, I'm so glad your man Lucre Lucchino is so intent to spread the Red Sox brand in Japan that he's willing to sacrifice the month of April for it.


Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.


What in Christ are you rambling on about, Silvahman?


Ah, Opening Series in Japan?! Duh. C'mon, even the vaunted Yankees had a miserable April the year they did the Japanese stunt.


Wait, wait, wait, Mahts, wasn't that 2004?


Now I'm getting a little long in the tooth, so forgive me if my memory is faulty, but, as I recall it, the Yankees had a very successful regulah season in 2004.


Again, I'm not too sure of the details, but didn't the Yankees become, er, derailed, in the playoffs that year, Mahty.


I'm just saying Callaghan.


Saying what? That the Yankees were so tired from a couple games in March that they fucking folded like a Bedoin tent in Octobah?


Sayonara, Mahty. And give my regahds to Slappy McBluelips-san.



So nice to see Callaghan giving Marty the shit.

A little Alphaville in today's title for you 80s mavens.

Meanwhile, I hate to disrupt the what is supposed to be a humorous and fun site with my morose medical updates, but since I've dragged you all along this far...

My wife is to have surgery on Friday morning to remove the bacteria and damaged heart parts manually.

It's terrible news, especially in light of the optimism we were getting previously, but it is what it is.

We are Red Sox fans. We don't crumble. We don't collapse. We suit up and play two.

Good God, h.b. I really hope things turn out well. I'll be thinking of you and your wife all week.

wow, the yo-yo cycle the doctors are putting through can't be easy. I'm sure it's not their fault but that doesn't mean it's easy.

Good luck. I'll be thinking good thoughts.

Oh, crap, H.B. Still, surgeons do amazing things these days. I bet they can even do the procedure through a small trocar (minimally invasively).

I can't say don't worry, because that's impossible. I can say you've got the super delegates of Red Sox Nation behind you. And all our prayers and best wishes.

It kind of puts Beckett's back spasm in perspective. Hang in there H.B., we are all thinking of you and Mrs. H.B.

All thoughts and prayers with you and your wife this week, hb. The optimism you displayed above with Bill's smackdown of Marty will serve you well, I am sure. Hang in there as best as possible.


We will pray, and so forth, for you both.


A few days ago I posted that doing the surgery will likely yield a better outcome in the end than not if they think it's likely to be needed. So say the studies, anyways. I know you both had hoped that it wouldn't be necessary but it really will give them a much better chance at clearing the infection and repairing any damage than just antibiotics alone.

Fight on, stay strong, and I wish you both well.

hb - All the goods wishes and prayers and thoughts and even the crazed tree sitters of northern California are thinking of you and the misses.
Stay strong. All the best.

Continue to keep the faith, hb. The surgery will be successful. As Petey used to say, in a Dominican accent, "Believe it!"

Yes, Kaz, absolutely right. Otherwise it'd be like living under a ticking time bomb waiting for the infection to return or waiting for some of the "vegetation" to flake off and potentially cause a stroke.

With luck, in 6-8 wks we'll look back at this as just a bump in the road and all will be 100% healthy and normal.

H.B., my thoughts and prayers are with you and Mrs. H.B. while you work through this tough time. Keep the faith.

Positive thoughts and prayers coming your wife's way from MD.

Prayers to you and Mrs H.B. from Dorchester.

Absolutely right though, deal with it now, clear it out and move on, don't want to worry about any left over bacteria that may come back to haunt.

Sending you positive thoughts and healthy energy from Vermont, h.b., and everybody knows how powerful and pure the energy is here in Vt.

All will be well soon enough.

//...in 6-8 wks we'll look back at this as just a bump in the road...//

Yep...couldn't have said it better myself.

"walk good" both of you

The staph aureus version of bacterial endocarditis is nastier and potentially longer-lasting than the strep variety (acute v. subacute), so it's good that your wife is having surgery to get everything cleaned out and properly repaired. With surgery and 8 weeks of follow-up antibiotics, her prognosis should be very good.

Just remember -- sunning in the stands at Fenway by summertime.

Pleased to see the appearance of the Marty strip today -- shows that the Brachens are wearing their fighting colors. I will be thinking all good thoughts for you guys.

Stay strong, h.b., and God watch over you and your wife.

Stay strong, H.B. Stick your chest out, keep your head up, and handle it. Sending my prayers your way.

Peace and health. I agree with several others ... clear that crap out and worry no more.

A transplanted Sox fan - and fervent reader - wishes you the best. I'll keep Mrs. h.b. in my thoughts.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife, h.b. I'm just a lurker, transplanted to the south, who enjoys your site. Take good care of yourself and the misses. We will pray for both of you and the medical team involved with the procedure.

The New York contingent of rsn/soxaholix nation is pulling for you too. Both you and Mrs. HB are in our thoughts and prayers.

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