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Winter's Tale

Hey look, the weathah forecast calls for snow. Imagine that?


I don't know what it is with the Red Sox winning the World Series and the resultant shit load of the snow the following wintah. You remembah how much it snowed last time?


Yeah, but that's pretty much where the comparison between the 04/05 offseason and the 07/08 offseason ends.


Seriously. This time 'round there's no Queer Eye for the Red Sox Guy. No Idiots' book tour. No distractions at all.


If you didn't know any bettah, you'd think these guys lost the World Series the way they're acting with guys reporting to camp early and in incredible shape.


Manny - ripped.
Buchholz - ripped.
Daisuke - relaxed.


Locked and loaded. Let the defense of the Pennant begin.



Hellz yes

"The silence often of pure innocence
Persuades when speaking fails."

Is it Opening Day yet?????

Did the Sox have any idea of Schilling's injury while the Santana sweepstakes were going on? I agree that a healthy Schilling is a .500 pitcher, but the team might have thought differently about Santana if they thought that Schilling would be a complete bust for the season.

I believe EEI discussed this timing topic, and found out that the injury was discovered AFTER Santana was traded.

But yazbread, the question remains: would you have traded Jacoby and Lester or Clay?

Also, over on Surviving Grady, they have a link to an article where Pedroia is also in the gym taunting football players with his muscled-out physique.

I would have hung on to the young talent. But ask me the question around July 4th.

Yeah, no distractions YET ... just wait until Tito gets caught videotaping Posada's crotch.

The real difference is that at the end of '04, there were a lot of contracts and older players (I'm lookin' at you, Captain Cockfight) that had to be dealt with. Now, Theo seems to have his ducks in queue.

Not saying John Rocker is an impeccable source, but looks like he dropped a dime on SlappyMcBL

Good link lc. I wonder how long A-fraud has had an "image consultant". And, how do you improve the image of Slappy, the cheating post-season no-show king? The guy is clearly not earning his pay.

The other difference - we're not Jools-like batshit crazy after this WS win. Granted I picked up my share of swag but didn't mortgage the house on WS stuff like in '04.

Don't think we'll see a fight b/t two chicks in the parking lot at the first Sox/Yanks ST game this time around.

Kaz, I saw that Pedroia in the gym link:

Good for him

JO, I thought Pedro's midget died.

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