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The Messenger is a Temp

Lisa the Temp:
[Whispering] Ssshhhh … Sotto voce, peeps, sotto voce.


Lisa the Temp:
Lisa is laying low this morning because these people are like a California forest in a Santa Ana breeze waiting for an arsonist.


Lisa the Temp:
Seriously. I tried to lighten the mood a little while ago with an "asterisk" joke, and it was like I'd offered a ham sandwich wrapped in porn to a Wahhabist.


Lisa the Temp:
Talk about a hostile work environment.


Lisa the Temp:
Someone should tell these people they are endangering their health.


Lisa the Temp:
But don't look to Lisa to say anything. No way. We can't have these fantatics going all 28 Days Later on Lisa's shapely yet taut ass.


Lisa the Temp:
Seriously, peeps, now do you know why Lisa never drinks the sports Kool-Aid?


Lisa the Temp:
Win, lose, or tie, Lisa endures.


Lisa the Temp:
Namaste, peeps, Namaste.



You cry yourself to sleep, then you wake up the next day ready to start anew.

For God's sake, we're Red Sox fans.

Did she say "nasty"?

A few comments on the SB42

1. That was like blowing a dead goat.

2. Eli Manning should tithe 25% of all future earnings to David Tyree. Wicked sick catch.

3.Monday is Truck Day.

4. Next....

surly, but surly,


I've had two Red Sox wins in my lifetime. I'm okay with having the Pats blow the Perfect Season literally at the last second.

Order has been restored to the sporting universe. New York brachs Boston's hart again.

And it will continue.
1. The Yankees will win the AL East this year, and one of the NY teams will win the World Series.

2. The Patriots and Belichick will be further humiliated by the continuation of Spygate as the emergence of the Rams walk-through tape leads to a long Belichick suspension and hangs an asterisk on the three Lombardis (49ers 5, Cowboys 5, Steelers 5, Giants 3, Raiders 3, Redskins 3, Packers 3, Patriots 3* ... yep, that looks right)

3. Boston fans will continue to reap the karmic reward of turning from admirably loyal losers into the most cloddish and unsportsmanlike winners ever. Meanwhile, your city will continue its descent into wholly-owned-subsidiary-of-New-York insignificance.

Oh, BigBri, thankfully, the radon in your mother's basement will kill you soon enough.

I'd actually pay to see your burial casket though. Piano box? Or horse trailer? In any case, I'm cure it'll be bedazzled with gold chains and satin. And your Staten Island friends will think your Gotti-gell hair looks so good.

The Chairman forgot this one:

NY Senator Hillary Clinton wins the White House and raises my taxes. Now that one really hurts.

I just threw up in my mouth.


My first thought after the Pat's loss was....

The Red Sox are World Series Champions and have a realistic chance of repeating!!!!!

Truck day is soon...oh yes......


wow, BigBri's parole officer gave him computer access again.

I guess this is what it's like to be a Yankee fan.

Bring on Truck Day

Ug. Hillary. You know, she probably will win, but I keep asking myself how? Everyone, including her husband, despises her. Obama will raise taxes/screw-up healthcare even worse than it's already screwed-up/etc., but at least he doesn't seem evil.

Mmm, there's that comfortable rip-yeah-hahht-out feeling that I've grown accustomed to. Don't ever leave me again, baby. It hurts more when you come back to me.

Just what I need this morning,trolls.Berocca do your stuff :(

Good morning!

Just wanted to congratulate all you pats fans on a great season. Although it didn't turn out the way you wanted it was a great game played by two great teams.


Ugh. The loss would be easier to take if the Pats played up to their potential. They were flat and seemed to have little, if any, emotion. Giants played great and stuck it to them. Let's blame the loss on Giselle.

Chairman's tossing about of the phrases "cloddish and unsportsmanlike" and "karmic reward" reeks of deep introspective self-analysis during a certain historic, unequaled choke in New York sports. Maybe it just reeks of webster.com. Regardless, no one is more qualified to add some salt to the wound than you my friend.

ps: anyone else reminded of Cletis the Slack-Jawed Yokel whenever Eli's face appears? Just an observation.

Consolation prize....heartbreak makes great lovers.

Seriously though, I just want to know how Archie convinced Peyton and Eli to go all Face/Off on each other. Either way, I'm impressed that anyone wearing the traditional "retarded midwesterner" face could have pulled off a win, let alone eke out of all those times I was sure we had him.

Oh well, pitchers and catchers in 12 days. Meanwhile, the C's are playing winning ball in the least dominating fashion possible.

I disown Chairman/BigBri's juvenile bile. Mean-spirited gloating is the last thing anybody needs this morning. Rest assured Tatiana the Siberian tiger will get him.

Life is good. Soxaholix are some of the best fans in the world. New York 1, Boston 1. And Lisa's shapely but taut booty. Who could ask for more?

Holy crap, my NY-fan-respect-o-meter just pegged Jason O. levels in this sector. Who just wandered in here?


I'm still not voting for Hillary though.

So how about those Super Bowl ads? I thought this year was a pretty good crop. But what was up with Tom Petty being the half time headliner? You know, NFL, there has been music since 1989, despite what your broadcasts would suggest...

Can pitchers and catchers just get here already?!?! I only have until April 20th to get my live baseball fix satiated before I wind up relegated to midnight MLB.com game starts and day-after Internet updates...

'Damn the Torpedos' was one of the best albums of the 1970s but I doubt much of the viewing audience cared.

I'm a Cowboys fan who also roots for the Red Sox, so I didn't really cahr that much.

Well, I did want to see the 72 Phins be forced to put all of their champagne on ice for eternity so I'm kinda pissed we have to go at least anothah year of listening to those a-holes tell us how great their overrated undefeated season was.

I was disappointed with the ads this year. Those sales genie ads were atrocious (borderline racist with the "Asian lisp" pandas). I just didn't get the same awe from this year as in the past. The ETrade "banking baby" ads were okay though. I liked Will Ferrell's "ad"-libbing too.

But in general it was a pretty weak set.

Bob, did the WGA strike affect the ad agencies too? LOL.

Sure, we could bitch about the missed offensive pass interference call on Toomer, and about a poor gameplan that didn't have us running a lot more slants earlier in the game, or going for the FG on fourth and long ...

But we are not Steelers fans.

No team EVER has a perfect game, and both teams played well, and the Giants won.

The only regret I have is that Eli Manning, who will be best known for blindly heaving a ball into triple coverage and having it SOMEHOW get caught for a first down with less than two minutes to play, got the MVP, when without the defense holding the Pats to a lower score then they've gotten since 2006, the offense never would have been able to win the game anyway.

Wow, Eli Manning, you scored THE EXACT SAME NUMBER OF POINTS against the Patriots as their season average of points allowed! You must be THE MOST VALUABLE PLAYER EVAR!!!!!

The deal with the devil that the Mannings made continues to pay off.

What I can't understand is Bill B. leaving the field before the game officially ended. It's not like the Giants have never blown a playoff game by fumbing on what should have been a kneel down play...

Worst loss as a Pats fan. This one hurt than the loss in 86 and 97 combined. I cannot even make it into the office today. Losing to the Mannings two years in a row has shaken my faith in God. I am predicting a Mets win in the WS. The tides have turned back in the favor of NY.

Well said.

And Belichick showed the class that has caused the entire country to turn against your fan base in less than 3 years.

/Worst loss as a Pats fan/

Come on. It was a good, well played, close game, without any real game changing bad calls by the refs. 86 was far worse, taking the worst ever (at the time) beating in championship game history from the Bears.

Why is it that trolls never use their real email? Oh, they're trolls. And trolls don't have balls (according to Grimm and Anderson).

Hey, "Chairman." Click on my name and email me.

Love to talk to you.

And don't use your mother's email. I already had her, and it was like rattling a butter knife in a mayonnaise jar.

Good Lord, sorry everyone. (Except the testes-challenged Troll).

So heaving the ball up into triple coverage was a "well played game"? Give me a break. Pats offense played the worst game of the season. Terrible playing calling and worst line play since that 86 Super Bowl. There were so many missed opportunities on both sides of the ball.

I guess this means the "San Francisco Baseball Giants" are going to win the WS this year.

Sorry, Bob, not really interested in talking to a follower of Ayn Rand. I tend more towards Kant, Niebuhr, Dewey, and social democracy.

This board exists for discussion on the subject of my posts. Why not respond here instead of threatening to spam me?

"These little town blues..."

Regarding "entire country to turn[ing] against your fan base," what exactly does that consist of?

Is that measured by the number of trolls on Boston-sports blogs and message boards or is there some other metric used to tabulate this so-called turning.

If anything, I'd argue that the bigger issue is all the fair weather types who've jumped on the Boston bandwagon the past few years.

I just don't see all this supposed hate, well, not counting the hate spewing from the mouth breathing trolls that show up from time to time on this website and others.

The irony is these trolls undoubtedly have a closet full of Red Sox and Pats gear and are just pissed that they aren't able to vicariously live another championship through a team they have zero connection to.

I'd be angry too if I bought that pink Brady shirt and now was afraid to wear it.

Poor troll.

Just as I expected. Garden peas.

BTW, I wouldn't spam you, "chairman." Not my style.

You're the troll, not me. Never been on a Skankee or Giant board, never will be.

h.b. -- Odd that you would infer that I am a disappointed bandwagoner. Not at all. I have never been a fan of any Boston team. I am a euphoric fan of the NY football Giants and some other NY teams.

However, the question you raise is a fair one. My claim is necessarily anecdotal. But I travel a lot and know people all over the country. And their distaste for the formerly cuddly Bostonians who now yap like Yankee fans has been palpable. I agree it would be better to have hard data. But you could always test my claim by asking your own friends who have non-Boston sports loyalties if they feel the Boston fans have been gracious in victory.

Bob -- The subject here is the Boston teams and their fans, is it not? How is giving out my email address a measure of courage? Is there something you're afraid to say on here?

A tough loss but not as bad as Dent in '78, Buckner in '86, or the B's with too many men on the ice against the Habs in '79. Those were angst-ridden losses. I don't think yesterday's loss has quite the same feel.


//You're the troll, not me. Never been on a Skankee or Giant board, never will be.//

And that about says it all. Even when the Red Sox win, I'd never go on a Yankees fan blog and tell them how they deserve the loss etc etc.

Funny how we are accused of not being gracious in victory.

Granted, the characters on the site crow and invoke all manner of hubris, but that is the point -- they are among their own. Neither they (nor we) extend that out beyond our own fan sites.

Maybe other Boston fans do. I don't know any.

But I do know how often we are subjected to trolls here.

It speaks for itself. And it's far from gracious.

wow, I am completely lost.

In what sense is this a "board"?

hb controls the primary content and could, should he chose to, rule with an iron hand. hb's site: not Bob's, Kaz' or even Nat's. Get that straight, you mouth-breathing kobold.

In my opinion, which by the way is worth what's left of your sister's 4th grade virginity, you earn the right to have your opinion listen to taken seriously, if you bring something to the table on a regular basis, not just on the days when your cock is super-engorged because some hillbilly played a good game. Now, go tongue-kiss Tom Coughlin's florid pie hole.



/So heaving the ball up into triple coverage was a "well played game"?/

At that point in the game what choice did he have - he eats the ball and it's 4 and 10 or worse on their own end fo the field, trailing with under 4 mintues to go. He has to hope his reciever will make a play - and he did.

/Pats offense played the worst game of the season. Terrible playing calling and worst line play since that 86 Super Bowl./

The play calling is your opinion. The national (as opposed to Boston) talking heads are only finding fault with one play - going for it on 4th and 13 instead of attempting a field goal. As for the line, their play had something to do with the Giant's defense, I think. Especially after they got to spend almost the entire 1Q sitting on the bench.

Self-important, much, Chairman? We saw you in the bar during Good Will Hunting, right? Do you have real people in your life (wife, kids, gf, friends), or do you pretty much just observe, critique and self-flagellate? And, speaking of Kant, never forget his all-important fourth precept -- "Never talk with your asshole full." Enjoy them apples, you supercilious faggot prick.

That's it in a nutshell, h.b.

I go to neutral websites like Fark to read up on sports news and reactions from fans. The entire media world was focused on the Pats this year as they tore up the league and suddenly the fact that the team is getting justifiable media attention (and some over the top hyperbole) somehow translates to "Boston needs to shut its yap" for a lot of people. Like we somehow control the sports media. Like every other city out there wouldn't be proud of their teams if they were winning at nearly every major sport at the same time. Good God, if I had to hear another "26 rings" comment 3-5 years ago, I was gonna Gilloly some NYC chump. Yet, even when the tide was turning and had turned, I *NEVER* went to an NYC fan site and bragged. But we're the classless ones, all cut from the same cloth as Belicheck (who gets a bum rap in the news, that rubs off on everyone looking for something to hate about the Pats, because he's a no-nonsense coach who detests the media).

Sure, everyone loves an underdog, but now that we're not in the lovable loser role, when we do lose it's like some sector of the winner has to come here and try to shove us back into that old hat.

We still went 16-0 (18-1) in football.
We still have the best team in baseball.
We still have the best team in basketball.
We still have an above average hockey team (2nd to only Philly in most improved since last year).

Losing the Super Bowl was a tough chew, but it hardly sends us into a downward spiral. It's awesome to live in Boston through this era in sports. Let the trolls come, because nothing they say will change any of the above. Everyone should get a chance to taste this kind of pride and joy...but they'll have to go through Boston to reach it for now.

Well put lc.

//But I travel a lot and know people all over the country.//

Wow, I bet you don't have to sit at the kid's table at Thanksgiving anymore either.

*internet high-five/respek knucks to PT*

//But I travel a lot and know people all over the country.//

Sorry, I completely misunderstood you.

TYPE">http://blogs.citypages.com/gop/2008/02/here_come_the_h.php">TYPE Erin of The Bored

With the Superbowl over, the traveling whores of the world will soon be departing Arizona and heading to Denver and the Twin Cities...the sex business spikes when political conventions come to town. The first wave of online sex ads have already hit Denver, with offerings ranging from "Claudia the 'she-male porn star' to Erin the 'adorable college cutie,' whose $300-an-hour services are guaranteed to 'leave you breathless.'"

Pleased to meet you Erin (rhymes with Chairman)

Free beer on me if anyone wants to meet at Pete's/Durty Nelly's after work tonight.

I cold use a few cold ones (and maybe even a Jamison or three).

BTW, the folks here may be surly, may be lovable, may be serial killers, but from the ones I've met and the ones I've read, I think you're all quite great.

With the obvious exception. Hell, "chairman," I'll even buy you a beer. The Giants won. Congratulations.

screwed up link:


Steve in MD, I don't disagree with your assessment of Eli's game. Honestly, they scored the same as the average # of points our defense had given up all season (17). So our defense and their offense were right on target. But our offense under-performed. The offensive line was simply offensive. Belichick or his O.C. needed to better identify the problems containing the blitzers. In a few cases, it wasn't even blitzing, it was just the defensive line alone collapsing our pocket. Brady had a third or a little more of his dropbacks hurried or sacked! Unacceptable. Why Belichick didn't put in more split-back scenarios for extra protection, I will never know. 16 total rushing attempts? That leaves NO misdirection available. There was no identifiable attempt to get Brady or the line help and it was obvious that they were floundering with the exception of the Moss TD drive. Also, we usually saw a different second-half strategy which would frequently shake up the opponents....didn't happen this week for who knows why. The offensive half of the game looked nothing like the other 18 weeks which is exactly why we scored less than we have every other week since some game in 2006 and ultimately lost the game.

I'll say this. You guys are a good read. Can I be blamed for wanting to savor the invective?

Except for "pinstripe thunder"'s homophobia, which is pretty unimpressive.

Thanks for the beer, and I'll say that Belichick aside, the Pats were very classy in defeat -- especially Brady, who gave full credit to the Giants, refused to make excuses of any kind, throw anyone under the bus, etc.

blow me.


No, LC, just a beer.

Bud Light. Suck one!


Not homophobic, Chairman. I enjoy the DVD's of you and your Dad as much as the next guy. I just happen to enjoy the vids of you and your sister even more. Both far preferable to today's unseemly exercise in you doing yourself, though I know you like that best.

And now, Namaste in earnest.

Kaz, Argee the O-line simply got outplayed by the Giant's D-line. I'm not sure more runs would have mattered. Almost every time they did run it was for little or no gain, setting up third and long, and the D-line was closing on Brady too quickly for him to complete long passes. I don't recall (and we do have to figure beer into my recollection!) that he completed a pass more than ten yards down the field in the air all game. I'm not sure what adjustments they could have made that would have mattered.

BTW, what I meant when I originnaly said "well played" was very few turnovers (Eli's interception hit his reciever in the hands) and I can't recall any personal fouls either.

Dodgers' game at Coliseum is a sellout

By Dylan Hernandez, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
February 3, 2008

The existing tickets for the Dodgers' March 29 exhibition game at the Coliseum were sold out within an hour of being put on sale to the general public Saturday morning.

By 11 a.m., the 90,505 tickets available for the game against the Boston Red Sox were gone.

For the Dodgers, who are celebrating their 50th season in Los Angeles, the game will mark a return to the venue they called home from 1958 to '61. The team moved into Dodger Stadium in 1962.

Charles Steinberg, the Dodgers' executive vice president of marketing and public relations, estimated that two-thirds of the tickets were purchased by season-tickets holders, to whom they were released Wednesday.

What remained of the inventory went on sale at 10 a.m. Saturday and was available at the Coliseum and Dodger Stadium tickets offices, Ticketmaster outlets, dodgers.com, and by phone.

Tickets were priced at $25, $15 and $2.

"It's great news for ThinkCure," Steinberg said, referring to the charity that will receive all of the net proceeds from the game.

ThinkCure, which aims to raise funds for cancer research, was launched in July by the Dodgers, the City of Hope and Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.

The charity was modeled after the Jimmy Fund, the official charity of the Red Sox.

Dodgers owner Frank McCourt and his wife, Jamie, have said they would match donations up to $1 million.

The Coliseum was known for its unique baseball dimensions, as the left-field foul pole was only 251 feet from home plate. Compensating for that was a screen in left field that stood 42 feet.

Left field will be even closer to home in the upcoming exhibition, somewhere in the vicinity of 200 feet.

The Dodgers set a single-game major league attendance record at the Coliseum on May, 7 1959, when they drew 93,103 fans to an exhibition against the New York Yankees to honor paralyzed catcher Roy Campanella.

Bob, Joe already has Scott Proctor warming for this game.

On balance, it does ring a bit hollow to talk shit about the Pats on this site...it's a Red Sox site after all.

An honest Yankees fan will tell you that the Giants sticking to NE is like taking 2 Vicodin and drinking Jim Beam...it's enjoyable for a while but you still have the same issues the next morning. Issues that can only be resolved from April-October.

That's: sticking it to NE

Jason O has a good point, as usual. That April-October romance is the straw that stirs the drink.

That prick Tyree owes me 100 bucks.

lc..I'm new to this site...what the hell's a "mouth breathing kobold?"

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