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Slow return

Not at full strength yet, but …

See, if for no othah reason, you've got to love having Japanese pitchahs on your rostah just for the sheeah entertainment value in learning that Oki-san has a new pitch called, wait for it …

The Doki Doki.


I love it.


Haiku anyone?


OK, I'm in …


A hitter's count
Batter waits confidently
Wha? -- Doki Doki !


And Daisuke's got a new as yet unnamed pitch as well -- a two-seamah.


Second full season,
stronger, a two-seamer blossoms
WHIP floats down softly.



New two-seamer pitch
An ad for a new strip joint?
No, Oki's hard one.

BTW, H.B. gets the flu, I end up ruining my back somehow. I spent yesterday lying on my hardwood floor praying to God for some Oxycodone and a massage therapist.

Not a whole lot better today. Had to put on my socks with tailgating tongs. Really.

Japanese pitchers
Fat tub of lard Bartolo
God damn I love Spring


Email me if you want to contribute

Snow is on the ground
A new season's on the rise
New pitches bring warmth

Bob - I've got some lidocaine patches that we don't use anymore, want those?

Doki sans Oki
Double-seamed Dice-K OK
Rising sun or sons?

Jeffrey- YES!

Hey lc, how about a Resplendence reference??

"Wha? --Doki Doki!"


I can't wait to get out there and take some pics with my new Canon S5 IS.

I went to the indoor track championships at the Reggie Center in Roxbury and tried it out...Enjoy!

Behold Rising Sox!
The sky is the limit now.
Pin-stripes will fear us.

Decent enough?

Josh, Dice-K, Jon, Wake,
Hideki, Pap, Bart… Yankee

Colonoscopy - brilliant!!

I didn't think I'd ever call colonoscopy "brilliant," but in this one case I guess I'll agree.

Just a few inches away from where Roger got his injections.

Pedroia is being Farked as we speak...


Dice-K arsenal
still holds a secret weapon
behold gyroball

More on Bartolo as El Tiante Novo...


""Sorry ... Manny Ramirez isn't here, I guess his grandmother died again," Bush joked."


I have a fark photo to add jdog, but I have to wait 24 hours after opening an account. Come back tomorrow...

OK... I like the idea, but neither of the "Haikus" is done correctly.

In the first, "A Hitter's Count" has only 4 syllables (should have 5). In the second, "stronger, a two-seamer blossoms" has 8 syllables (should have 7).

How 'bout this?

Dice K through seven
Oki nails the coffin shut
Sayonara, bitch!

We've been through this before, counting syllables of haiku is something they teach in grade school, but it's not valid.

If you delve into haiku, you'll see that the masters of the form deviate from 5-7-5 all the time.

Indeed, most people tend to suck at haiku because they become so obsessed with the 5-7-5 that they lose the spirit of what makes a haiku a haiku.

Sorry for the rant, but this is a pet peeve of mine.

With that said, I like your 5-7-5 one above quite a bit!

Then name of Okajima's pitch triggered this in my brain... fun trivia of the day:

The American release of Super Mario Bros. 2 was a rebranding of a game called Doki Doki Panic.

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