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Phlegmatically yours, Day 3 (or 5 counting the weekend)

Hart Brachen, your omniscient author in absentia:
Figured I'd give you another fresh comment area, despite my inability to continue the regular strips.  Hopefully, this will end soon.

Meanwhile, Bartolo Colon



Tough one, hb. Maybe a good way to lose weight, but otherwise, no thanks.

In any case, in the interregnum, here's something that may or may not interest people. It has been suggested from time to time that there be a wiki devoted to this creepy site. So, in the last week or so, I put together a bare bones site, with some "beta" help from Bob and sdu. It's very basic now, but might form the basis for something. Or not.

I have checked this out with hb and he says it's ok to do. I have promised him that, if he experiences any diversion of traffic from the creepy strip, that I will disable the wiki. I chose a service that doesn't have Google ads, because I don't think it's fair to have someone else leverage off of hb's creativity.

Here's a link to the wiki.

If you would like to add content just email me [ [email protected] ] and I will get you included as a contributor.
If this bothers people, well, I'll just take it down. I thought it might be fun, but I'm seldom right.


It's a low risk deal. I'm just concerned that members of my 2004 league winning fantasy baseball team keep showing up as Red Sox.

In other news the Rays are interested in Bonds*???



Tons of upside to the Colon deal... and I am SO glad our FO knows that "it takes more than five starting pitchers to get through a season," which it apparently didn't when we had "too much pitching" and dispatched Bronson Arroyo...

Hang in there, hb.

I like this - low risk high potential. The sox picked up El Tiante, another chubby hurler, off the minor league scrap pile in '73 or something like that - maybe history repeats itself. What would be really cool is if he grows a bad-ass moustache and starts calling himself 'El Bartolo'. Now that I can get behind...

Harwichport actually Lou,but thanks :)

nice job on the wiki, lc. I can't imagine anyone being bothered by it, esp if hb him/herself has signed off on it. Also interesting that (so far) the only characters of the site profiled are the "a-hole Marty" and "mmmm, tasty Lisa"... no bias there, lou :-)

My wife is down and out with the flu, and she had the flu shot. I didn't, so now I'm trying to stay outside a 4 foot radius of her for the next week or so. Easier said than done though.

I too like the Colon signing. I was reading that Kyle Lohse is still looking for a job this year too. He seems like he would be useful at the right price.

Bartolo Colon on a jet ski preparing to jump the shark? That's one badass nightmare, h.b. Hope you wake up and feel better soon.

Yup...had the flu two weeks ago...lasted 9 days or so. Sucked, but as Lou said, the 5 lb loss was a benny.

Like the Colon move.

15 inches of snow here in Vt today and tomorrow. Hard to imagine baseball being played anywhere. But it is always darkest right before the light. Spring is around the corner. I can tell because of the few idiot Robins that are flying around here.

Long time fan, first time post. I much say I do enjoy my daily dose of soxaholix. Sorry you're down for the count, hb.

As for the Colon signing, I'm jazzed. He hasn't really pitched well in two years and seems due for a ray of sunshine. Maybe he should contract what you have, hb, he needs to lose a few.

What? No colon joke yet...

Figured w/ Bob's gout and senor colon joining the team...seems ripe for a cleansing comment.

LC - great site. Cheers to Bob & SDU.

In re: Roidmonster. I'd love to see him in a Ray uni...seems to mirror Boggs' last days in baseball pergatory.

LC - nice job on the wiki. I'll send my contribution along at some point. Might I suggest a section for PT and Jason? Something along the lines of 'keep your friends close, but your enemies closer'. (Well, they really aren't bad eggs).

Would he ride in on a donkey?

Oh & btw - it's sunny & 65 here in NorCal.

Anyone going to the mem wkend games in Oak? I'll be there Sat/Sun

Thanks to everyone for taking the time. The point is for everyone to get an oar in (in case I didn't make that clear)


In case you missed it on the morning news, Congress might subject Clemens to their own version of the auto de fe.

lc: thanks for the wiki. i'll add that to the list of things that keep me from being productive at work. i'm sure my boss will be sending his thanks along soon enough.

and re: weather - here in sunny columbus, ohio its a balmy 33 and trying to decide if rain, sleet, or snow is the best form of torture for the day. february hates us.

Nice job on the wiki lc.

I'd expect a lot of people to chime in today, with hopes of getting added to the "loser" list.

sonomasox - got your ColonBlow yet??

Makes me reminiscent of the days of El Guapo...

ColonBlow - oldie but goodies. Nice Jeffrey.

da kine - sounds like a good tee in the making

cool wiki, lc. Nicely combines the creepiness with a little surly while not neglecting the rest of the losers who hang out on this corner.

The Colon (oh, unfortunate last name!) deal...yeah, seems like a win-win. At least now, when he hasn't cost us a game or anything.

Last Night's The Daily Show was a repeat of the Val. Day one with Rogah testifying in front of the House. I'd missed it the first time around- oh jeez. Worst.Liar.Ever.

1.Get well soon, hb.

2. Nice wiki lc - I can't seme to link photo of Bob, buckner, 'Lisa' and I.

3. I like the Colon deal - pitching, pitching and pitching.

Indeed, a colonic might do Colon some good. That Brit lady who reforms the English chubbies always starts them out with one. That said, I hope the Beantown scribes take it easy on the gordito. Everyone knows he needs to lose a few. Who doesn't? But if he can still throw, he could be the steal of the offseason, a bargain at thrice the price. Remember when the Twins cut Ortiz? Bingo...

SonomaSox - I'll be there for the May series (all 3) & the home opener & 2nd night. I may have 1 extra ticket for that Wednesday, I think it's April 2nd, if you'd be interested?

I'm in Santa Rosa BTW :-)

Baseball will be so out of the closet when Wang goes up against Colon.

Very late to get here today, um yesterday, um..whatever. Had to post to tell IkeG that I'm laughing my ass off at 1 AM in Montana. Thanks for "Wang goes up against Colon. Good night now.

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