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More illness woes

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Update 03/04 a.m.:

The docs have found the problem with my wife: Endocarditis, infection of the heart valves.

At least the rest of the week in the hospital, then 6 weeks of home I.V. antibiotics after that.

They are hopeful they caught this early enough for the antibiotics to be successful.

I want to get back into a regular routine, including doing Soxaholix, as a way to occupy my mind, but that may not be for a few days or so. 


Your omniscient author in absentia:
Update 03/03 a.m.:

My wife is still in the hospital with no improvement and not definitive answer on what is causing the symptoms.

As you can imagine, the goings on in Spring Training have been off my radar.

Thanks so much for all the "get well" sentiments for Mrs. H.B. Hopefully, everything will return to normal soon.


Your omniscient author in absentia:
[Previous, 02/29] So while I'm feeling much better, my wife isn't doing so well.

Took her to the E.R. late last night with what we thought was just complications from a bad flu, turns out it isn't. Long story short, she's been admitted to the hospital and I'll be out of the Soxaholix mind-frame in the meantime.

Meanwhile, remember that recent strip about doctors and their egos? Turns out these creepy, fictional characters can be downright prescient at times!



Hope she gets better soon. Stay strong.

hang in there, sir.


Get well soon, Mrs. H.B.

Hoping for a speedy recovery.

While we send good thoughts to Mrs. H.B., can anybody help with the headache that I have from trying to keep track of the decade on Lost last night? I think that was one of the better episodes of the last couple of years, but it did force you to pay attention.

All the best and wishes for a speedy get well to Mrs. H.B.

Here's good thoughts and a speedy recovery to you both

Be strong and get well soon.

Best wishes to both of you for a quick and full recovery.

h.b., be her constant!

All the best to the good woman behind h.b., to a quick recovery, and strength to you h.b.

Feels like I'm in an episode of House. Looks now like meningitis. Will know for sure after a spinal tap.

Spinal Tap-This knob goes to 11...aaargh

If this is House, then whatever it is, it's NOT lupus (http://www.itsnotlup.us)!

In the meantime, like father, like son:

“Red Sox Nation?” Hank says. “What a bunch of bullshit that is. That was a creation of the Red Sox and ESPN, which is filled with Red Sox fans. Go anywhere in America and you won’t see Red Sox hats and jackets, you’ll see Yankee hats and jackets. This is a Yankee country. We’re going to put the Yankees back on top and restore the universe to order.”

My best Hawaiian Healing thoughts are with her. Hope she gets well soon! Aloha!

Sent an email earlier, but really hope you both feel better (especially her).

hank needs to get out more

hank needs to get out more

Just getting to the game late. Sorry to hear about Mrs h.b. I hope she feels better.

In re Hank: Guess he's never been to California, or Virginia or outside of his mother's basement.

What a douchenozzle.

In re: Lost.

Time travel is all well and good, but it's a lot to absorb. Just sayin'

Just here to echo the thoughts of the rest of the crowd. To Mr. & Mrs. h.b.- please get well soon. We will all be thinking of you.


I hope that your wife gets better soon!


p.s. Hank is carrying on the family tradition of inserting foot in mouth.

wow hank, wow.

I can't wait for the first time Hank storms down to the clubhouse after a loss and starts screaming at the Yanks and goes all Billy Martin on Girardi.

oh, and Mrs. h.b. - get well soon, we're thinking of you.

speedy recovery to you both, hb. Re: time travel and such- is anyone else watching the new Terminator series on Fox? kinda digging it, but keeps bugging me that they can go on with killing people in this time plane and NOT screw with the future that may/may not have happened had said corpse not occurred... wasn't that always one of the prime directives of scifi like Star Trek Tomorrow is Yesterday and such, that you had to respect the present or risking f*ing up the future? That's MY version of lc's time travel headache

oops, wrong link, if you care

This frequent reader will keep you in his thoughts and wish you the best

buckner, that's the grandfather paradox, isn't it? Just like in "Back to the Future," if Marty's mom falls in love with Marty instead of Mr McFly, then Marty wouldn't exist, but if Marty didn't exist, then she did fall in love with Mr McFly, but then Marty would exist. But then if Marty did exist she would fall in love with Marty and not Mr McFly.... Thus the world would explode.

Wow, HB, hope everything is quickly cleared up.

Positive, healing thoughts from downunder. Hope your missus gets well soon, hb.

As to Yankee hats - they are often more of a fashion statement than an indicator of support (like those stupid NYPD and FBI shirts). When I sneer and mautter at NYY- hat-wearing-wankers down here, they usually haven't a clue what I'm on about. If I smile at a 'B' hat wearer, or say 'Go Sox', they know, they know.

Hey, Futurama made Fry his own grandfather.

From the NYT article:


WTF? Who demands to drive a Hyundai?

get well wishes to your wife and you, hb.

Here's hoping for speedy recovery. Get well soon.

exactly... I think.
I Am My Own Grandpa

Hope your wife is feeling better soon. Think strong, hb!

Just got an email from the Red Sox saying my tix should arrive mid next week.


Well, after a couple of beer cart brewskis, I'm heading out. Have a good weekend all.

Again, H.B., you and your wife are in my thoughts.

h.b.- you and your wife are in my prayers. all my best wishes for her speedy recovery and the ease of your worry.

I'll be praying for your wife too. Wishing her a speedy recovery, and glad you are feeling better yourself. Remember, you need more sleep when you're under a lot of stress, so try and get some shuteye.
Take care.

HB: Thank you for Soxaholix and all the time and effort you put into our morning fix. Don't give it or us a second's thought -- take care of the things that are vital, your wife's care and your own. We'll be glad to see you when you're back, and we'll all send prayers and thoughts in your family's direction for as long as you need them.

I appreciate the daily effort here and thanks very much. Looking forward to your return and will be hoping for the best for you and your wife. Be strong and good luck!

Douchenozzle for sure, allthough I do see more Yankees gear here in KC than Royals gear. I see just as much Boston gear, maybe more. What burns me are the bandwagon fans that wouldn't know Tek from 'belli.

Best wishes HB hope the misses feels better soon.

HB und Frau, you're both in my thoughts. All the very best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

Quick recovery to Mrs. h.b.

This oughta cheer everyone up!


Dem's fightin' words! Let the games begin!


I had a "touch of meningitis" several years ago, although that sounds a little ridiculous it was the actual final diagnosis ...it's possible and I was able to recover pretty quickly. Best wishes.

Best wishes to you and your wife! And hey - I'm a doctor! (I'm a pediatrician, which goes along with the fact I'm a total goofball because while antibiotics are good, laughter is the best medicine.)

Hope your wife get well soon. Good luck and God Bless

I hope your wife has a speedy recovery, Brachen. And I hope you took her to Mass General (or, if not, have her sent there ASAP). They really do have some of the best doctors in New England. A schoolboy classmate of mine had meningitis and spent a week at Mass General -- they fixed him up right quick. We were all hoping that the illness would improve his rancid personality, but no such luck.

And get some sleep. You need to get healthy -- you're no help to your wife sick. I'm sure that you've already been told that 10 times today. They don't call me Captain Obvious for nothing.

Great, Pinstripe Thun




Are YOU my schoolboy classmate, lc?

Heal quick, Mrs. B.


Here's hoping you and yours are on the mend ASAP.


Thanks for letting us know how it goes, h.b. I'm sure they'll figure it out in no time.

If we were to send flowers, would the hospital staff know which room Mrs. h.b. is in???

HB -

Here's hoping this passes quickly and everyone feels better soon.


what Jeffrey said


We are all hoping your wife recovers soon and fully. You're virtually always here to brighten our days . . . wish there was something we could do to brighten yours. If you have a chance to read this, let your wife know there are 1000s of us around the country (and presumably the world) hoping and/or praying for her speedy recovery.

Kind of puts things in perspective doesn't it? Our thoughts are with your family

Please keep us updated if anything changes. We're hoping and praying for you.

Best wishes, HB

Man, I really hope for you and your wife. Agh.

My prayers are with you and your wife.

What AZsoxfan said. And most everybody else. You and Mrs. HB are in our prayers, constantly and profoundly. The Nation, in both senses, needs you and Mrs. HB, and not just, not even mostly, for baseball commentary.

HB & Spouse,

We wish you all the best and pray for a speedy recovery.

HB and wife: get well soon. We all love yah both!

Best wishes to Mrs. HB for a speedy recovery and return to full health.

Steve in MD

Hang tough, hb. Best to you and the Mrs.

i'll be sure to keep you and your wife in my thoughts and prayers, h.b.

Take care of your lady Hart,we'll all be fine.

Wishing you and Mrs HB all the best.

Not that it make you feel any better, H.B., but at least you know what the problem is, and can address it.

In my prayers, the both of you.

it must be a relief for the mystery to have been solved...all the best for a speedy recovery

thinking of you both during this difficult time...

IV antibiotics will get that "Hart Fickson" before long. Speedy recovery.

Our thoughts and prays are with you at this difficult time. You know if you give us a hospital name and room number (no name necessary - we can send to Mrs. HB), we will flood that room with flowers.

Awesome HB - I think it's always so much easier when a malady has got a name and you can google the shit of it. Best wishes to you and your wife for a speedy recovery...

Hart, my wife and I send our best wishes to you and your wife. You are a part of our every day here and your creativity and humor brighten my day. Best wishes, Scott Wichmann

Best wishes from all the way down here in Italy - get well soon, Mrs. H.B.

My prayers are going out to you and your wife. I wish your wife a speedy recovery.

Hey hb,
been a long time reader, never a regular commentor tho. Just writing in to wish your wife a speedy recovery

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Best wishes.

Get well soon, Mrs. HB!

Endocarditis sucks. Tell her to get well soon.


H.B., hoping all this Soxaholix karma buoys you and the missus in this difficult time. As they say in Jamaica, walk good...

Been reading for a long time but never commented (nothing nearly as funny or insightful as what you write).

Just felt it was the right time to send along my thoughts for you and your wife. I hope the recovery is speedy and complete.

Hey, my friend at work caught this back a few years ago.

Take heart: while it lingers like mononucleosis, you almost always recover with no further complications.

Sometimes it happens after invasive dental work (it did for my friend).

Well, at least you know what it is now. That's the first step. Take the time you need with her, and come back when you're ready. We'll still be here.

Our thoughts are with you and the missus; get well soon.

So this is what happens if I don't take my antibiotic prior to dental appts? I think I'll take that more seriously from now on.

Hang in there HB. You are the are in our thoughts.

Hey, this isn't just a Nation, it's a family too. You be looking after the lady.

Be of good heart and get busy getting her well.

All the best, Mrs. HB, and get well soon. Maybe your husband should consider a pseudonym change.

Adding my voice to the chorus -- get well soon, Mrs. H.B. And H.B., do yourself a favor and keep yourself fed, hydrated and rested. It won't do for you to get sick, too!

(My best friend has been down with a major case of pneumonia for a week now ... having to take her to the E.R. in the middle of the night in a foreign country last week was fun, let me tell you!! Not nearly as frightening as what I'm sure you've been through the past several days, but still, I can relate.)

Parker St. Pete is right. Bacterial endocarditis is a nasty bug but, as with nearly all bacterial infections, the right kind of strong antibiotics should knock it out. My thoughts and wishes are with you and your wife, Brachen.


Longtime/firsttime, like so many others in this thread.

Stay strong and keep your head up, we're all pulling for you and your wife.

I hardly ever post here, but I read/check in everyday. I've been dealing with illness and tragedy in my own family and have appreciated the small kindnesses and words of comfort and support, so I'll pass some on to you, though I'm clumsy at it. Have faith, take care of your wife and yourself, and I wish you the best of outcomes for this ordeal.

This site is my first stop every morning, and I enjoy it immensely. Take care of yourself and your family, get well soon, and get better. You both are in my thoughts.

Thoughts and prayers, Mrs. H.B. Look forward to you getting off the DL.

Take of yourself and your wife. Glad to read the good news.

Best wishes to you and your wife.

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