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I can't title this

I really enjoyed the return of Lost last night, but one thing near the end had me confused — doesn't Jeff Probst usually tell the survivors to drop their buffs before new tribes are chosen?*


Heh. I'm really loving the flash forward thing.


Speaking of flashing forward and time warping, can you friggin' believe Manny will be turning 36 this May?


Well, you know, time flies when you're winning championships.


Oh, that reminds me, I was going to surprise all you guys Sunday at my "Watch Eli Manning Shit the Bed" pahty, but I've gotta let it out now…

I bought a 72 inch 1080p DLP HDTV.


Holy Christ it's going to be the best Supah Bowl Pahty evah!


But you know Doug is going to have a conniption when he discovahs you've gained 12 inches on him.


Hell, Doug the Rethuglican of all people should be congratulating me for doing my patriotic duty and stimulating the economy with my purchase.


All this "economic stimulus" talk has had me thinking. If JFK were living in this time period, would his famous speech have been worded differently?

You know, "Ask not what your country can do for you; Ask what you can buy for your country."


Dude, if JFK were alive in this day and age, he'd be stimulating Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johansson.


Oh, hell, yeah, he would. Simul-friggin-taneously. Hail to the Chief chicka-chicka whaa whaa.


See that was Clinton's real problem. Chubby chicks and high-haired bimbos are fine if you're the gov of Arkansas, but when you're the POTUS you've got to ratchet up the nookie qual.


Seriously. You're representing the People fercrissakes.


And the People expect their Commandah in Chief to be nailing the A-List poon.


Author's Notes
Just in case you missed the linked "*" in the first panel, I just wanted to make it clear that the buffs line was lifted from this post in a Lost forum.


During the Demo debate last nite (DVRed and watched after Lost) after Hillary talked about needing another Clinton to clean up after another Bush, Obama missed the obvious one-liner: "The last thing we need in the White House is a third bush!"

Oh, for God's sake, SDU, they've done it again:


Did you put blow in those potato heads?

BTW, good "Lost." I have a feeling it's going to be great this season.

Great Strip today H.B.

Down here(atl) you can't have a political conversation without resorting to name calling. Eh, can't have a sports one either.

Gearing up for VD a little early this year? Between yesterday and today's strips you'd think HB was in rut.

Finally,someone calls out the The Man From Hope for getting sucked off by a fat jewess.

If I was prez,I 'd have Hayden Panitiere
doing mouth cartwheels on BigLou. I don't even watch the show.

In re Lost:
Fuckin' A, that's a good show. Especially in HD, which Ms.LC insisted that we buy. The popup preshow on Wednesday was helpful, and last night was cool. I like that the fat guy made it to the Final 6 or whatever that was, and that Charlie is still getting paid, although dead.


I've got bad news for Sweeney: showing the Super Bowl on his 72-inch TV is illegal!

The NFL is starting to enforce laws against showing the game on anything bigger than 55" (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/01/31/AR2008013103958.html?hpid=topnews)

This ridiculousness is supposed to protect their copyright... not sure how that works!

Mike is within the NFL's rule on that, since his condo is a private rather than public space.

Doesn't make the NFL's rule any less silly though.

OK. I'm catching up after a long week and I have to say WOW! What's going on with HB this week? The Mets/Steamer strip, a Circle Smut strip, and now Presidential Poon? HB coming off a bad breakup? Big weekend ahead? We're there for you!

"What's going on with HB this week?"

H.B. is not the characters. :)

Lewinsky is looking better now than in her 20's and has a Master's degree from the London School of Economics...so, maybe Bill has a better eye than Mike thinks.

I certainly wouldn't push her outta bed.

Supposedly JFK had a little romp with Marlene Dietrich in the White House when she was in her early 60's. So he was not exactly maintaining the A-list back then. On a related note, have the Kennedys ever struck anyone as Sox fans? To the extent they mention the team at all, it seems to be political expediency.

Thanks for the TAM Clarification and regarding Bubba's choice in women. You think he has a scout's eye for budding talent? See hillary @ 20

With all due respect to that woman, Miss Lewinsky, she will never be A-List, and by A-List I mean someone the stature of a Marilyn Monroe or a Marlena Deitrich or an Angie Dickinson or any of the others JFK has been linked to.

Two words: Eleanor Mondale

Speaking of Kennedy I am cracking my bottle of Havana Club Rum on Sunday for the Super Bowl.

Go Pats!

It's almost Beer-thirty...and I'm not allowed to drink carbonated beverages. Juices and waters only. :(

Hmm, Screwdrivers are non-carbonated juices....

And wine's a juice.

And tequila's a vegetable.

For those missing the point of some of Bob's ravings, Mrs SDU and I ordered 3 http://services.bostonglobe.com/globestore/category.cgi?item=SITOY&category=315 "> Red Sox Mr and Mrs Potato Heads for the 4.5 year old sox fan. Bob was kind enough to accept delivery and forward them on, the vendor not being prepared to ship downunder.

Regrettably instead of declaring something like 'child's play thing' on the customs form Bob wrote 'Potato Head' and now the officious (I guess) Australian quarantine Austhorities are greatly concerned about Idaho blight or some such. We irish never forget.

Thanks Bob - you're all right (we don't are what anyone says).

Go Pats - perfection beckons.

sdu is Irish, who saw that comin'?

Go patz, please cause Eli to shit his pants on Sunday night.

With Love,


Fixed your link SDU: Potato Heads

I already have Darth Tater... wonder if he needs a friend?

Bubba forgot the First Commandment of Rich Guy Fooling Around: never go to bed with someone who has less to lose than you do. Marilyn Monroe couldn't afford for people to find out she was boinking JFK. Monica made money on the deal when she did Bubba.

Thanks Kev, I see they now have a Red Sox Mr Potato head holding the world series trophy. It never ends.

My buddy just pointed this out:
Nice backup @ 1B

Indeed SDU, lol.

That potato head would be quarantined in NYC.

Have a good weekend all.

Hopefully, we'll have something good to yak about on Monday.

I see noone else is a lostaholix , But i thought last night was a great season opener. After a year i am very interested again . One of the most interesting parts-- Hurley saying he is one of the "OCEANIC 6 " Wait, they split up .We know 3 .Who are the other 3 ?. And most importantly , what the hell went on during the "Rescue " Cant wait till nest week

"I see noone else is a lostaholix"

I like Lost, and have seeb every episode, but I don't TALK about the show much. I just watch it. I don't get stressed about what things mean and what might happen, I just enjoy the ride. I couldn't care less who these people in the boat are. When I need to know, they will tell me. :-)

My guess for the other 3 oceanics: Sawyer, Desmond & Rousseau


With all due respect, lose the JFuckin'LibTardK love-fest and all the socialism that he (and his ilk) has brought this great country.

Realize this: Milton Friedman is right. Capitalism is what allows you to run this wonderful site.

JFK boned Marilyn Monroe.

When you can prove that you've done better, you can criticize his social policies.

Capitalism is a great thing
Capitalism unchecked leads to a bigger & bigger disparity between haves and have-nots, which eventually leads back to a medieval-esque tyranny with subservient under-classes. Ultimately, it seems, there is a revolution. We're getting there.
Remember, we're just a baby of a country. 230-odd successful years is hardly a blip on the radar screen, and doesn't really qualify us as the end-all in social systems.
I'm not a USA hater, I think we're on to something really great here. But to think it couldn't be better and not see the problems with it as it is now is just foolish. Stay The Course my ass!
Also - I thought Clinton was a great president, even if a lousy husband, but his booty choice can't compare to JFK's :)

Kaz and SoSuck,

"Well, well, well my little drougies..."

Seems we haven't kept up on our current events (of course, other than what is said here).

First SoSuck: Haves and have-nots = people who WORK and people who suck on the gummint's teet. My bet is you're under 30 workin' at Starbucks or a college student or both. If I'm wrong, my apologies.

Kaz: The wife says, "Watch E! to find out who's boning whom." When Dean Martin was asked, "Who's fucking Marilyn Monroe?" his response was, "Who isn't?"

It's Superbowl Sunday, and we're babbling about politics.

Is it any wonder we lost???

Where's our passion? We are a lost nation!!!


Do we get to see Marty today?

Probably too late to be seen but thought I should respond to Jefe
5o, actually, boss. Self-employed, running a small electrical business. Climbing in people's attics and hooking up new equipment in small industrial plants. (I think that's called work) Been at it since I was a teen helping my dad. How about you?
Paying the bills, barely, especially since my wife is now fighting cancer, and, thanks to our have/have-not policies, we have no insurance.
Never made it to college, just a tech school, never worked in a Starbucks, tho I did wash a lot of dishes in my teens. (I think that's called work)
The people making the most money in this country these days don't actually work, you idiot. They simply move other people's money around and skim off a chunk for themselves. No offense to those who are doing so, and I know that can be a very high pressure job, but there's just too many of them to support a healthy economy AND provide a good living for those doing the WORK! In today's climate, they will continue to get their share, that share will continue to get bigger, and the working class, those you say suck the gummint's teet, will be pushed ever lower.
Eventually, something will snap.
In the meantime - GO SOX

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