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CSI: McNamee

So Clemens spends 5 hours testifying to Congress about how he's clean as the driven snow, only to have McNamee come forth aftahwards with his own version of the stained, blue Gap dress.


Yeah, and the rebuttal by Clemens' lawyers is pretty weak.


Seriously. I mean, sure, keeping blood, gauze, and needles from Roger Clemens for seven years is crazy — crazy like a mofo fox.


I do think Mr. Clemens is totally screwed at this point.


I might feel a tinge of sympathy for the guy, if I, you know, had any feelings.


Yeah, and if he wasn't totally lying.


Hey did you hear that in college at Texas Clemens majored in alibiology?


Heh. Yeah, but a lie nevah passes his lips, because he talks out of his ass.



Kaz had a great explanation in yesterday's thread about why the trainer would have "saved" the syringes and shit for all these years.

Personally, I think he was injecting himself with Roger's DNA in a gesture of man-love.

Yeah, after I published today's strip I saw that Kaz et al had already gone over all this territory and even made the "Gap dress" comparison.

I'm late to my own party these days.

I had the same question - why the heck would anyone keep used syringes and gauze for that long? I went back and read Kaz's post - seems like a plausible explanation - thanks for that!

The only thing is that if MacNamee knew what they were doing was illegal and worth concealing, and if being caught would implecate him as well as Clemens (and others?), then if I were him, I would have been regularly disposing the criminal evidence - especially once I knew the Feds were after me. But even through all that he holds on to it? Maybe as a potential last hope option for blackmail?

No matter how this turns out - there's quite a story behind this! Can't wait for the mini-series!

Yeah, but he didn't provide all the cool clip art and shit.

I think Roger's been bullshitting about this for so long that he believes his own lies.

So, two things about yesterday's post. It sounds really good doesn't it? Well, I saw this part of the story last night on ESPN. So, h.b., you're guys have it more right than me. I thought he just had the stuff kicking around in an old disposal box, made perfect sense to me. But it turns out, the guy *is* crazy like a mofo fox! He kept it with the intention of saving himself if anyone ever threw him under the bus! Maybe he was a better friend to Clemens than Clemens ever knew, because he also sat on this all the way until it became a Federal case! What a wild turn in this thing!

"But McNamee, a former police officer, decided to save the evidence rather than discard it, the lawyer said. “He was always concerned that if he ever got caught, he would be the most vulnerable and people would throw him under the bus,” the lawyer said."

Inconceivable! Clemens fell for a lesser-known classic blunder: Never go in against an ex-cop when crime is on the line! Ha haha haha ha...

Oh, right, the second thing...

My version could still be plausible and McNamee's whole "I was saving evidence in case they threw me under the bus" story is just a cover for not getting a new medical waste box after 8 years.... ew, guy. Sometimes, you really do want to throw it away only half-used.

Man, this whole thing just gets juicier and juicier (pun intended).

I don't see how Clemens extricates himself from this. Even if they somehow cast doubt on McNamee's evidence, it seems Clemens' reputation is tarnished beyond repair.

Ok, reply trifecta here...sorry, it's a rough morning.

You were ahead of me on one thing, easily, h.b. "Alibiology"...I swear I'm in the damn biology field and I didn't know what the hell you were talking about. It wasn't in Wikipedia and there was like 1 college out there with some sorta program page on it...which looked fake.

So, I'm asking my friend next to me "what in the hell is 'alley-biology'" and we are both stumped until I said it again... "I have never heard of this...'alibi-ology'...oh, man, I'm so stupid". Good one, I'm filing that one for later.

huh, so, the guy can't keep a job, or a wife, and is living in an apartment, but somehow manages to have the odd box of used medical devices syringes and whatnot around.

Has "Lost" not taught us one thing? There are no coincidences, only unconnected realities.



That story absolutely made my day!

The line comes and a slightly diff version of Bill's line comes from Two Thousand Insults for All Occasions.

Excerpt from Forensic Magazine:

"Maintaining Integrity of DNA Samples Through National Standards"

April/May Issue, 2005

"...During collection, it is crucial at each touch-point to govern how the evidence is handled in order to maintain its integrity for laboratory testing and the admissibility of the evidence in court.

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and many regional law enforcement agencies have issued, for the benefit of field investigators and first responders, reference documents for the collection and preservation of biological samples. While these documents do not provide traceable methods, they do provide “Chain of Custody” guidelines and outline validated industry standards for the identification, collection, and preservation of biological samples.

Chain of Custody is a crucial component of jurisprudence that is applied to the handling of all evidence and is required for evidence to be admissible in any U.S. Court. In practice, Chain of Custody starts when a police officer or first responder takes charge of a piece of evidence. It is followed by the creation of a paper trail showing the seizure, custody, control, transfer, analysis, and disposition of that evidence. Securing evidence under these standardized procedures is sufficient to ensure that evidence was not substituted, contaminated, tampered with, replaced, or altered in any material way..."

But the Mitchell report wasn't bothered with any of those inconvenient Consititutional guarantees. Selig and Mitchell (Red Sox Board Member) investigate MLB? Should Skilling and Lay have investigated Enron in 2002?

Was the Mitchell report was intended to distract attention from MLB's role in the PED affair, particularly after 1994-1995 as the league was desperate to assuage the damage done by the 1994 strike?

Just a test...will Matt Walsh's veracity be embraced in NE/Boston in the same fashion as Brian McNamee? (Chortle, guffaw, snort)

"Just a test...will Matt Walsh's veracity be embraced in NE/Boston in the same fashion as Brian McNamee? "

pretty much. I am done with sanctimonious pricks like Clemen$ and Belichek.

fuck 'em all.


Rusty Hardin is probably taking notes from your post, JO.

JasonO has a good post, but I think the focus is a bit off. I agree with what he says about whether or not the vials would be admissible in Court. [I am not a lawyer, but I do play one on TV].

The significance (if any) of BMac's box o' goodies is that it takes it out off the he said/21 said argument.

If 21's DNA is found in the vials


If the DNA is associated with HGH or steriods


If the vials appear to be what they are described as, namely residue from old injections


If some of the vials don't contain "B12" or "jesus Juice" or whatever 21 says he was taking, then BMac looks like his story works. 21 then needs physical evidence to the contrary, which, by definition doesn't exist.

btw, Rusty Hardin, my thanksgiving dinner called and wants its neck back.


One word: Cheese-Tie


wow I didn't think that url would be so disgusting. sorry :P

Concannon: What in the world would induce you to make a photocopy of some obscure record and hold it four years? This is a... why? Why would you do that?

Kaitlin Costello: I thought I would need it.

From "The Verdict" (1982), starring Paul Newman, one of the great courtroom dramas of all time. What makes the timeless classics truly great is that they always have application to RL situations.

IMO, there's a 60/40 yes/no probability that Clemens used. Yes, I know, the Yankees suck and Clemens was a Yankee and all that.

MLB's transparently obvious goal of sacrificing a few big names to generate media attention, placate congress and conceal their own role (which best case was one of tacit approval of PED use) is the paramount issue.

It's sort of like the forgotten but good Sean Connery sci-fi flick "Outland."

"my thanksgiving dinner called and wants its neck back"....good one lou...and the animal dead on the top of his head wants its life back.

Is it just me, or does Rusty and Rogah's expressions in that pic seem like 21's doing a little "turn your head and cough" action with his left hand?


Interesting ideas. But in order to know that 21's DNA is in the vials he needs to offer a sample of his DNA for comparison. There's no way he'll willingly submit to that. I wonder what circumstance is required for them to order him to submit to a DNA test - for example, do they need to place him under arrest, or formally charge him or anything like that?

Also, how reliable can such old evidence be in terms of tying his DNA to steroids or HGH? Isn't there reasonable doubt that they could be syringes that were used for Lidocaine injections, and then stuck into a bottle of steroids just last week to taint them?

I think more damning evidence would be a financial trail. The DNA evidence stored by a person who we already know used syringes on Clemens seems unliely to prove anything other than he did really use a syringe on him, which we already know. I could hand you a glass of water to drink, and after you left put a few drops of vodka in it and claim it was proof you were drinking at my house.

I'm just not convinced this evidence is going to solve anything at all.

Clay Bucholz and Justin Masterson are chomping at the bit:

Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling is not expected to be ready for the start of spring training because of shoulder issues, much like the ones that caused the club to shut him down for seven weeks last season, according to sources. His availability for Opening Day could also be in question, though one source familiar with Schilling's condition said it was premature to speculate.

Too much blogging and video gaming will do it every time...

If Matt Walsh can pull an 8 year old syringe out of Belichick's ass, metaphorically speaking, then Belichick and I have problems.

Until that time, Belichick has proved to be more trustable, honorable, and dependable than Clemens. Therefore, I have less reason to doubt the veracity of his claims on videotaping than I do of Clemens' protestations against doping. McNamee's story, prior to Pettitte's corroboration or the needle, rings more true than Walsh's.

At what point in the OJ murder trial did you come around to figuring he killed his ex-wife, J.O.? Or has that never been proven enough for you?

Haha, h.b., check out the Excerpt link of that book you linked to on Amazon.

The sample page is from the first set of comebacks for people with "Big Heads".


Baseball seems a loooong way away.

Now is no time to put your Mitt into cold storage.

1 more day until TRUCK DAY, vermonter!

i just got a text message about Schilling being hurt and possibly missing part or all of the season. Can anyone corroborate this?

Aaaahh! I just answered my own question!

"baseball sources have indicated that the club has at least inquired about the possibility of voiding the one-year, $8 million contract Schilling signed last November"


One question: If you have something wrong with your rotator cuff or labrum, why don't you get surgery on it right after the season ends. Why wait until there are eight days (8!) before pitchers and catchers report?

Also, for a trifecta of posts...

"Mitt into cold storage" Nice one, Kaz.

In re the chain of evidence and constitutional rights thingy: there are two distinct issues. First, admissibility in a criminal court: doubtful. But then there is reputation (one of the greatest of all time or, ah, cheat). Cicotte, Weaver, Jackson et al - all still presumed innocent, acquitted in an Illinois (I think) Court. But all banned - and 'scarred'- for life.

Can't Buy Me Bucks

Shoot me full of juice my friend, if it will make me throw the heat.

Rat me out in 10 years if you want, once my bank account is sweet.

I don't care too much for glory, glory can't buy me bucks.

I'll change teams every other year if they'll pay me millions too.

Loyalty don't pay the rent, I don't care if the fans boo.

I don't care too much for glory, glory can't buy me bucks.

Can't buy me bu-ucks, my agent just told me so.
Can't buy me bu-ucks, no no no, no.

See I don't need no Hall of Fame I'll still be satisfied.

See I just want the bank account that glory just can't buy.

I don't care too much for glory, glory can't buy me bucks.

Sorry, the writing credit on that should be Clemens/McNamee

Also, to clarify, I personally think all signs point to Clemens having done PED's (physical observation, opinion of many insiders to baseball for the past 8 years, the Mitchell report, Pettitte's confession, etc.). I'm just doubtful that syringes are going to prove things once and for all.

But, from a congressionanl point of view, this is exciting - ONE of these guys is lying under oath! I bet that pisses Congress off!

That pesky "too many starters" problem always seems to take care of itself, doesn't it?


Didn't Shilling's contract have a weight incentive in it? If he is injured, you know he will be snacking big time. Contract might end up voiding itself.

The weight clause only paid him more for certain poundages, it didn't cancel the contract with a negative result.

Holy spygate batman! The Pats friggin' lost. Let it fucking go JO. Matt Walsh is a lier just like your hero Roger. Didn't you have enough fun at the parade on Tuesday? Seriously WTF?

If they can overturn convictions from 10-years ago with DNA evidence then I'm sure they can find enough DNA in that box o syringes.

Now Schilling reportedly might have to have career-ending surgery and the team may try to void his $8 million contract for 2008. Looks like we're going to be seeing a lot more of Clay than we thought we would. But I'm okay with that. A healthy Schilling may be missed, especially in the post-season. But not with a busted wing. Meanwhile, Dice-K and Lester have a year of experience under their belts.

Spring training will be more interesteing than I thought it would be. I thought this was going to be the Year of the Happy Campers, with the rotation and the starting lineups pretty much set and Manny arriving on time and in shape. Oh well, if this is the only distraction we'll be okay.

Indeed, the Schill news only gets my psyched that Buchholz will actually be in Fort Myers preparing to join the Starting 5 instead of toiling in Rhode Island. As for Clemens, didnt' he testify yesterday? So what the hell is he doing walking around Capitol Hill today in his civvies, trying to work the House members? Rusty HardOn apparently employing a full-court press to get the Roid Rocket to work his tail off in stealing McNamee's CSI thunder. Methinks Clemens is toast...

I'm still at work. Can I get work-ending shoulder surgery AND $8,000,000?

Thank God for pizza and early beer cart.

Can I get a job at the Hanso Foundation?

Well, Schill, if this is it for you, thanks for the memories. Couldn't have experienced 2004 without you, buddy.

Ya know, Haymarket Pizza has become my go-to place. It's pretty good.

I especially like their meatball pizza.

Hey folks. One time regular poster turned lurker via grad school for architecture here (hence the 2:30 am post).

Yeah, the syringes are fun and all, but I'm kind of surprised nobody's excited to hear what Knoblauch has to say. If anyone's going to rat Roger out, it's him, and he's enough of a knucklehead to make it very, very funny. He sounds like he's in la-la land these days.

The only thing I can think rides in Rog's favor is Pettitte backing him up. Andy's a total Godboy. I just don't see him lying under oath, especially if he's laid his hand on a bible first.

See you all in a couple of years.

Oh yeah...congrats on your Sox championship, condolences on the Patriot's knocking over that last limbo stick.

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