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Already feeling better (and daresay a little cocky, too?)

You know, in a lot ways this unexpected and unfathomable loss in the Super Bowl is a good thing.


And how do you figure that, guy?


Well, we were due a comeuppance and a remindah to nevah take anything for granted and nevah forget our many, humbling years wandering the desert where any championships were but a cruel mirage.


And with all due respect to the Patriots, honestly, if we needed to be taught that lesson, bettah it comes via the Pats than the Red Sox.


This is true. But, man, do I feel like a schmuck now for buying that 72 inchah.


But just think, it'll give you hours of view pleasure watching the Sox.


And, c'mon, it could be worse, your hubris could have manifested itself as a pledge to walk naked through Manhattan if the Giants won.


Speaking of hours of viewing pleasure.


So have you heard how Manny is getting serious this offseason?


Hell, yeah, he is.


Here's what I'm thinking — Manny MVP, Beckett Cy Young, and Ellsbury Rook of the Year.


Seriously, dude. We are going to go through the A.L. like my Uncle Seamus going through booze at an open bah wedding.



Manny as MVP? What is Bill smoking? Manny would have to stop being Manny for that to happen, and as we all know if Manny is one thing, Manny is always Manny.

Bill means Manny as World Series MVP.

Wait until Manny gets a load of the 200-foot left field wall during that Dodgers exhibition game. I think he might stain himself.

Fucking Jessica Simpson. She's not satisfied with jinxing Romo, now she's wearing a Red Sox cap, too? (And an unauthorized, stupid version at that.)

h.b. - you only check out gossip girls for the research right? sure you do!

Oh, I have almost as many gossip blogs bookmarked as sports ones.

Honestly, the tone of the writing of those blogs, in particular dlisted and perezhilton, are often inspirational when coming up with character dialog here.

Those bitchy queers have the just right amount of snark and bravado.

But, yeah, just for the research, and the occasional celeb vag shots, of course.

"Those bitchy queers have the just right amount of snark and bravado. "


Gisele is a bit too skinny. You would think Tom would want a woman with a little more meat on her bones.

I'm almost as addicted to dlisted as soxaholix. That guy is a riot.

I was sad to see the Pats lose (really had no idea it was even possible) but it's no Grady Little situation, where I actually had to cry.

Manny is going to fricking be king of the universe this season. He is going to be Manny Plus and I for one cannot wait.

I used to read a Shaughnessy column like this one and want to jump off the Zakim (no, not where the water is). These days, I want to throw Dan off at the same spot instead.

That's the sign of how today's Boston Sports fan differs from those before 2001/2004.

He's a non-entity; a flame-baiter and totally irrelevant to today's sports discussion. A dinosaur. Next.

Just read the Globe and Herald whilst working out (!?). Still can't believe that happened. The Giants played well, but just one of many things could have broken the other way, and we would be u4ick.

So, no, I'm not encouraged. OD is still 6 weeks away at 3 am, and then we have to play against Doc Chuck and TrueBlue Torre. It's gonna a a long couple of months. And don't give me the C's or the B's. That's just silly.


It hurts less today but still hurts. I am going to talk to the family back in Mass. about giving up the Pats season tickets. It's not fun anymore. I don't have a desire to put in all that time effort and money for the games. It was more fun when they sucked and won a game here and there. Expectations were not so high. Losing didn't depress me so much.

I had been talking trash about the Pats since last September in my class. Today was payback time for the students. I brought a paper bag to class to wear over my head but of course I had to explain to my students the legacy of the 'Aints'. Some humor really is generational.

But Lou, what about the C's...or the B's??!!

Sorry. Had to.

That's just silly.

see above.


Aw man, thanks for the dlisted link. You hear that sound? That's another half hour of my life each day shooting past out the window. :)

lc- I am right there with you. I always thought TS Eliot had it wrong- February is the cruelest month... and March ain't much better.

Talk about hard core. Only on Soxaholix could today's strip evoke more comments about Manny than about Gisele Bundchen walking naked through midtown Manhattan. My mind stopped at "that butt's tighter than a fine-tuned snare drum." And I'm not referring to Manny.

Oh, I'm pretty sure Manny's is too, PT.

Random question: anyone play this videogame called Portal (by the studio that made Half-Life and its sequels)? It ruled. I have been thinking about it for the past 2 days, and am going to have to play it again very soon. In the face of many more "epic" gaming experiences this past year, a little puzzle game with a sarcastic computer voice following you has me in fits. Can anyone possibly understand?

I'm excited for this "mostly the same as last year" version of the Sox, glad that almost everyone who made major contributions (hopefully Coco included!) will have the chance to defend the crown.

Portal was fun as a diversion. Don't let the Feds know, but I'm glad I didn't pay for it. I know it came with a few other things on the original disk, but I'm just not that big into Half-Life. There's also a 2D portal flash game if you look for it, Devine. One of the best flash games of the past year.

Much as I love him and as much as I think she's a bit overrated, I'd have to take a skinny Giselle over a rehabilitated Manny if auditioning for a Victoria's Secret model. To hit or to play the left field wall, well that's another thing.

Sorry about the Pats everyone.

Oh, and thanks to Bob and in spite of the New York Quaratine authority, Mr and Mrs Red Sox Potato Head arrived safely downunder. 4.5 year old sox fan thrilled.

20 million reasons why Manny will be MVP are contained in the team's option for next year's contract. You betchya it will be mucho fun to watch.

Beckett could win the Cy, or it could be Dice-K, and Lester is going to surprise a lot of people after an off-season of workouts instead of chemo.

Rode to work today with a trainload of Giants fans on their way to the parade. But that's okay. I don't see how any Pats fan can be depressed for long. The team played great on Sunday, the Giants just played better. Maybe if three Offensive Linemen hadn't been picked for the Pro Bowl, they would have blocked better for Brady on Sunday, but then again, maybe the Giants pass rush was just that good. They did lead the league in sacks this year. I think Bellichick might have been outcoached too. Maybe he could have tried a few more outside run plays to disperse the defense a little bit. But I can't really argue with the genius who won three SuperBowls and will win a few more before Brady retires. The Giants played a hell of a game, give them their due.

Maybe I'm on such an even keep because I've got tix to see the Celtics play the Spurs on Sunday. I hope KG can play.

Never played Half-Life myself there, Kaz, but that will probably change soon. I just thought Portal had a lot more atmosphere than many games and yet was very spare. Nicely done. (I got it in The Orange Box for the 360, but I've yet to give the other bits a go so far.) And I'll look out for the 2-D flash game, mang.

re: CHB - i saw him on one of the MANY useless fox bs sessions which pre-empted the precious precious simpsons the week before the sb. is it possible he is getting uglier? he reminds me of one of those big foam head guys from the genesis video for land of confusion (remember that?) - tiny beady eyes, fat raw meat-like boston mick face, no chin, buck teeth. ugh.

after further review; simpsons hat is a ucla bruin cap. curse off, season on.

Well here's the thing.

The Patriots won every playoff game for three straight playoff appearances.

Then over the next three straight appearances, they lost in the divisional round, then the conference championship, then the Super Bowl.

So I figure they won't lose another game for the next three years. 57-0 baby!

oops, wrong post.
//lc..I'm new to this site...what the hell's a "mouth breathing kobold?" ??

Sigh, yet another disappointment to stack onto the Super Bowl loss.

Too many suburban soccer moms in this state. It's enough to make a city boy cry. Somerville, Boston, Brookline...all Obama. Places like Worcester, Franklin, Hampden....all Clinton.


Kaz, I just don't really get it - you win 52% of the vote and get 100% of the delegates. Crazy. I believe the hot dog eating contest is fairer.

Don't worry, sdu, the Democrats no longer do an "all-in" style like that. In picking the party's candidate, every set of delegates for each state are split based on percentage of vote (e.g., MA's 12 delegates were split 8-Hillary, 4-Obama).

It's the general election that still goes by how each state votes as a whole. It's intention is to keep huge populations like California from imposing their will on empty states like Montana. If we just went by popular vote, places like North Dakota would never be heard from...or cities, like NYC, would run over the rest of their states. So, instead, every state gets heard as a solid unit and there's a minimum contribution to the electoral college that each state is given.

Yeah, thanks Kaz. On coming home and scanning various sites and watching the telly, I realised that I was demonstrating my ignorance. I understand the small state thing - we have that in the Senate (our upper house). I still think the hot dog eating contest is fairer though - 10 minutes, 114 hot dogs. No argument.
[And I sure hope hb doesn't notice us talking politics.]

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