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Abby Normal

OK, so the theme of '08 is "distraction" as in Andy Pettitte apologizing yestayday not for, you know, cheating, but for being a distraction.


Memo to Gagne.

Distraction level of shooting yourself in the ass with HGH? Imperceptible.

Meanwhile, distraction level of blowing multiple games in August during a tight pennant race? Off the friggin' scale.


Seriously, even though we ended up winning it all, I still hahbah a grudge against Gagne for what he put us through last year.


Gagne should ask for a refund on his HGH, because it certainly didn't help the sonavabitch.


Maybe what really happened is Gagne sent his imbecile personal assistant, Igor, to go get him Human Growth Hormone but what Igor actually got Gagne was Human Loath Hormone.


I'm just glad that horrah show is ovah. Let the Brewahs deal with the Bride of Gagne sequel.



No shit about Gagme. I am still pissed at him. I remember him and Akinori-san shutting fuckers down in the 8th and 9th inning, so when we got him I almost lost my shit. To see him blow more than Lindsay Lohan during Carnivale hurt me deeply.

//certainly didn't the sonavabitch.//

missing the word help after didn't?

The further from Fenway the better :)

Good "Young Frankenstein" reference.

I think Gagne's toady Igor went to steal Sandy Koufax's brain, and lifted Sandy Duncan's instead.

I kind of liked the fat bastard.

But, then, I'm a softie.


Swirly but lovable?

If I hear or see the word "distraction" one more time, especially in regards to Curt Schilling (and to a lesser degree, Andy Pettitte), somebody's going to get hurt.

I think the first panel is missing "not"

DaKine, I'm with you on that. I didn't bother reading the Brewers link cause, ya know, good riddance.

BTW, H.B. I realize "Abby Normal" is from Young Frankenstein. But after our comments yesterday, I'm starting to wonder about certain things...

The only thing I'll miss about Gagne is not being able to scream at him in a French-Canadian accent.

That and no chance of Poutine being served at Fenway...

Yeah, sorry for all the typos. I'm sloppy this morning after the 4 day weekend.

Hey, Bob, I just ate my morning snack: cream cheese with olives on toasted 5-grain bread.

Phew. Abby likes her's on toasted 4-grain bread.

We could've won 100 games without that assclown Gagne. Good luck with that $10M contract Brewers fans.

More Batshit Less Gagne please.

More Devern Hansack: Third best name in MLB, behind Yorvit Torrealba and Rocky Cherry. Gets the nod over Kiko Calero for third place.

If you exclude Voros McCracken, who technically is a baseball name, but not really?

Fuck if I know.

Best names? And no mention of Stubby Clapp?

My, how the WBC has been forgotten. I cheered on the Canadian team just to hear the announcers say more things about Stubby. And also because Adam Stern loves international competition and HATES trying to win in MLB.

Bob would throw a side of sardines on top of the Poutine.

I could go for a little Poitin right about now. Bob you up for it?

Harwich: Gargoyles?

Oh, and yazbread: brilliant idea with the sardines on the poutine.

Sandy Duncan... now that's a name I just don't have occasion to think of that often. I am now picturing Gagme in a Peter Pan costume with one wonky eyeball.

I always thought Trot Nixon was an awesome baseball name, for obvious reasons. And that Troy O'Leary was a black guy cracked my dad up for years...

Bob- when I saw today's title, I did think it was a shoutout to your Abby, per yesterday's comments.

In re: gargoyles (the word, not whatever your reference was, Bob): this 2' tall, 80 pound brick gargoyle (found at an antique store years ago) that used to live by my fireplace is literally the only thing in my condo that survived the fire/roof collapse. His wings are a little blackened, but that makes him only more badass now...If he weren't so damn heavy, I'd take him around the world, Travelocity Gnome style...

How can you forget?

Kosuke Fukudome

Asdrubal anyone? I mean, a name that sounds that similar to "ass dribble" is number one in my book.

Oh, and I was at the game in Baltimore when Gagne gave up the game-tying homer to Tejada (after Schilling's 1-run gem). But, I have to admit that when Millar hit the walk-off home run (off of the mop-up man's mop-up man Kyle Snyder, who was out there in the tenth because Francona had apparently just suffered a major head-injury), I was happy for the old lug.

jared saltalamacchia

'nuff said.

//jarrod saltalamacchia, 'nuff said//

You mean, because he is HOT?

Hmmm, maybe I just have a thing for catchers. Must consider this topic at length (pun intended).

It could be Lupus - Dr. Allison Cameron -

It's never Lupus - Dr. Gregory House

Natalie, the Gargoyles I was referring to is a restaurant in Somerville that serves poutine at the bar.

But your gargoyle story is much more interesting. I LOVE that his wings are blackened (But not the reason why). Dark angel stuff, no?

What about the Albert Poo-holes?

Still think Coco Crisp is one of the best names in MLB, although without any sexual or scatological innuendo, and Milton Bradley, even if the man is a a hotheaded prick.

What about Jimmy Gobble?

(He can only thank his parents they didn't name him Richard.)

Mark Teixeira? My daughter calls him "Tushie-era"

//You mean, because he is HOT?//

although my girlfriend agrees wholeheartedly, i like the guy for a much cheesier reason: our last names are wicked similar and therefore i must root for him as though he were my brother.

or something like that...

Just in case you haven't seen it, here's "nice guy" Chris Berman going batshit:


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