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A hero returns

Some days only the haiku speaks …

Orange scented breeze,
A fleet Shadow passes.
Ssshhh! Secret pitches.

palm tree


Oki and doki
Butterfly floats in the wind
Skankees lose again.

Roger Clemens lies.
Pettite misremebers? Nope.
Sacks Of Shit protest.

Pitchers and catchers:
Loosening, stretching, laughing --
Harbingers of spring.

H.B.'s site: funky
It's hard to comment today
Work gets done meanwhile

Surly, lovable
"Sacks of shit" makes me chuckle
Work suffers badly.

Displays the palm tree
Such strange places.

Survey says: NOT a haiku, H.B.

No soup for you, one year.

Glenn Geffner departs.
Arnold tries to find blue line.
Our summer awaits.

Poor, Bob. Still thinks haiku must be 5-7-5. Does he write with a quill pen, too?

I write with a Bic
Fine line, most usually
No ink well for me.

Have a pen fetish.
Uni-Ball Gel Impact rocks.
Too much information.

Seriously, though, the 5-7-5 thing with haiku is just a starting point for kids, but somehow it has become ingrained.

It's like how in Little League the coach will teach you to never slide head first into the bag, yet, as we know when watching MLB, this is a "rule" that is more for the safety of kids and can be broken with great effect.

With haiku, often forcing the 17 syllables can create a situation where you end up forcing too many images.

For example, this is a poor haiku:

A cricket disturbed
the sleeping child; on the porch
a man smoked and smiled.

But it fits the pattern.

Conversely, this is a much better haiku that doens't fit the pattern:

Clouds -
a chance to dodge

With that said, though, I think my previous one can be made better by changing one word that ends up putting it in the 5-7-5

Pixelating the palm tree
Such strange places.

No soup for you either, LC. Six months.

Never steal a base
Ahead by more than seven
Haiku rules work too.

(Kidding. Frankly, I could care less abut haiku rules. I just wanted to ban H.B. from soup for a year. We all know how much he loves his bisque.)

ah, hb can't count
five-seven-four his haiku
yes, soup is good food

A soup ban would totally kill me considering that I eat pho at least once a week, and many weeks more than once.

And no chowdah!

Cruel, Bob, cruel.

Happy Pitchers and catchers day, folks!

Can't wait for another season with the Soxaholix family . . .

Y'all rock.

No soup for LC.
Who makes the rules around here?
Bob, or his liver?

This is Bob's liver mumbing.

I only have a few months left on this earth, so I've decided to be surly but dictatorial.

Therefore, no soup for any Soxaholix: but just one month.

I believe my compassion will win over the people. Who will then shower me with free Jameson.

The booze will set you (cough-cough-palsy-cough) free!

Bob, now that is just mean. I doubt Luis Tiant would be that stingy...


As Castro said to Tiant's father:

"No freedom for you: seventy years!"

Haiku, palm trees, and pitchers and catchers reporting. Thankfully yesterday's discussion board has been put out of its misery.

Who will be the fifth
starter? I can dream, can't I?
Apnea's all gone...

misremember stuff:
bloody gauze nannies hairy butts
politicians suck

No shoveling snow
California winters
still would rather be in CoP

Opened today's mail
Got my Red Sox tickets!
Happy Birthday to me

Quit while you're ahead-
End your haiku with line two.

I refuse to post
in the form of a haiku
No soup for me. . . ...Damn.

Kaz's ellipsis
Stands in for a syllable
No soup for one year.

All this talk of soup.
Not a blastocyst blast heard.
Today is better.

redundant redund ...
redundant redundant re...
redundant redund ...

No vegemite for you: three and a half years!

(BTW, sdu, the Berocca came in very, very handy this morning. My buddy Reed insisted on buying me Jameson after Jameson last night, and well, I'm an accomodating guy.)

Bob's liver rules Board
A 'large heart' and cirrhosis
'Those are good things, right?'

Live life very large
Years mean nothing untested
Wasted syllables.

New Indiana Jones trailer:


Thanks, Bob!

On the plus side, I thought the jokes were totally funny and there's lots of potential.

On the minus side, I hate Shia LeBouf...but maybe I only hate him in Transformers.

A 'senryu' for Natalie, written by Brenda Gannam (from 'Baseball Haiku' 2007):

"handsome pitcher
my eyes drift down
to the mound"

Friend had a baby
Beckett et al. gearing up
One great day for all!

Phoenix disaster
historic achievement gone
but spygate still lives

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