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With glowing hearts we see thee rise

Gotta love it — "Even the worst lineup shows improvement over the 2007 runs per game."


Yeah, all the more reason to just keep things as they are and shy away from any big trades, especially any involving Ellsbury.


On the othah hand, you could look at those RPG numbahs and feel there is enough cushion to lose Ellsbury. You know the mantra, good pitching beats good hitting.


But we already have good pitching, and the thought of seeing Jacoby getting regular playing time makes me tingle.


Trust in Theo. Not trading will be the right thing to do. And trading will be the right thing to do. The pool or the pond.


My rational side agrees, but my emotional side wants to see more of those Jacoby going from first to home like a running wolf highlight films.


I won't argue that …


Hey, did you vote yet for The Joy of Sox in the 2007 Canadian Blog Awards?


Wait a second, I didn't even know they had the interwebs up there, let alone blog awards?


Hey, now, just because Canada is culturally irrelevant doesn't mean it isn't modern. Jeez.


You're right. And Canada did give the world Evangeline Lily. That counts for a lot.



Bill Callaghan tingling-a truly scary thought :)

I never met Evangeline Lilly, but the Korean lady's bodyguards were meanmugging me when I ate lunch near her on the North Shore one time. She must have told them she thought I was cute. Or dangerous. Whatevs.

Canada also gave us poutine (that's a french fry/cheese curd/gravy dish that's really good, in case you're thinking of another word that sort of sounds like poutine, you nasty minded creatures).

'The pool or the pond'

A pond would be good you though.

thanks for the amusing plug!

our igloos have electricity now -- very exciting!

"culturally irrelevant" - thanks h.b. can we put politically irrelevant too? "we didn't mean to put the US on our list of countries that torture. we were just kidding, eh?"

Dear Canada;

Thanks for standing guard for thee.

And also vinegar on french fries.

We should also thank Canada because for most of us, Canadian beer was our first imported beer, and thus the first in a series of lessons that led to the realization that Budweiser is indeed, swamp piss.

I for one will be forever grateful.

Thanks for the link! Swim in the biggest body of water you can find.


Here's another humorous crime story from New Orleans, and apparently, one of them likes the MFY.

h.b., you're missing the "h" in http for the Joy of Sox link.

Also, it should be better than even Pinto's prediction. He doesn't take into account the fact that Manny has been working out like a stallion, Ortiz should be completely healthy, and Lugo will be traded for a decent RP with Lowrie waiting in the wings to come up from Pawtucket.

Oh, man, I'm talkin' baseball in January...now I'm all jittery.

Canada also gave us hockey, which fills the void in out lives between the end of football and the start of baseball.

Thanks, Kaz, on the missing "h".

And I forgot that Ortiz wasn't even himself last year nor Manny... wow.

What, no mention of all-dressed potato chips or chlorophyll gum?

Canada also gave us one of the most memorable baseball mascots, Youppi, whose loss is lamented in some circles since the Expos moved south. I believe he/she/it is a hockey-only mascot now.

O.K., so I'm a day late on the T.O. and Cowboys and Romo and Jessica stuff, but I think you'll all like this video of a big Cowboys fan who's a little pissed off about them losing to the Giants:


Check it out.

I'll always be thankful for Canadian Brador. I don't even remember what it tastes like but we sure did drink a lot of them.

...and St. Catherine Street.

RonF, that was hilarious and my German friend found it equally as funny.

At first he wanted to know why I wanted him to translate the audio since there were subtitles...haha.

One more consideration re: trading for pitching -

Dice-K aka Mothra aka GyroMan will be in his second year. How'd that other big name pitcher we got do in his second year???

I would have joined you all sooner but my wife was pissed at me for wearing my snowshoes in the house and tracking snow everywhere...Thanks for the tip o' the hat h.b...The best comparison of us compared to you is New Zealand/Australia, to which SDU would likely agree, or not.

//The Yankees, locking up one of their young stars, are on the verge of signing second baseman Robinson Cano to a four-year, $30 million contract, according to major-league sources.//

You know how everyone says the Sox and the Skanks are about equal in payroll? First of all, it's a lie. The Skanks outspent the Sox by about $70M last year. This is only going to make it even more of a disparity.

But guess what?




I concur, vancouer. And thanks to Bob for yesterday's late Giselle link.

Ahhhh ... Brador.

This Burlington, VT boy remembers that well. 5.2 beer!!!

Wasn't Little King's Cream Ale a Canadian import?
I remember when I was a novice drinker we still had the antiquated 3.2 laws here, at least in NC. You could get somewhat stronger beer in Virginia, but not much. Then we discovered Little King's in those cool 7 oz bottles. It was like 7.something I think. The story was that it was excepted because it was a "cream ale", not a beer.
Like we cared - it worked.
If only we had lived in Canada, we could have just set it outside the door of our igloo instead of paying for electricity to run the fridge.

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