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We get signal!

OK, we are all disappointed Rice didn't get the HOF votes, and we still are certain Clemens is a lying turd, but, let's take a brief break from baseball …

OK. Is it me or does this video of the Iranian speedboats totally friggin remind you of the All Your Base video?


Oh my blog! You're so right. The similarities are too much.


Yeah, when the Iranian dude says in that deep voice, "I am coming to you. You will explode." I so want to hear the Navy guy answer back, "Somebody set up us the bomb."


Someone totally needs to do a mashup on that.


You know, you've got to admiah those Iranians for their feistiness.


Seriously. Taking on 3 U.S. Navy ships in a couple of speedboats? That's rockin' it old school Persian style.


"We are in ur wake, scaring ur doods."


Ahmadinejad may be batshit crazy, but you've got to admit he's got style.



The squids should have said, "Fuck the international incident!" and blown them the fuck out of the water.

Wow, I had no idea the crazy Iranians were using their version of fishing boats to do that little move.

Enriched uranium-powered fishing boats, but still.

What is it with speedboats too. Remember when Gaddafi used to zoom around in one wearing an orange jumpsuit?

Biggy Smalls liked his, too.

...and just like that he was gone

You guys are gonna clown on me, BUT doesn't it seem ridiculous that any countries navy would do that? I mean what the fuck? That is as HB pointed out, ridiculously close to AYBABTU which is so hilariously poorly scripted(translated) that its one of the greatest meme's ever.

Does the US send threatening messages in broken Sunni when we are fighting insurgents? Probably not. Its just weird... not to mention a speedboat vs a warship is a suicide mission.

I would think al-qauda would gain a lot from war between Iran and the US... they get serious military "support" in the sense that they are fighting the same battle.

Cheney and the other neocons who have been trumpeting for war would also have been stoked if Iran provoked us.

I have a friend in the Navy and he just came back from being out for 9 months... they carried marines to the gulf and then spent a month maneuvering in Iranian waters trying to draw fire. Makes you wonder.

Gulf of Tonkin Redux.

I'm going to give the Iranians more credit on this one. I think this was a test of sorts to determine a couple things:
1) How close they could get
2) How many warnings before firing
3) Can they get the USN to respond to "fake mines" being dumped overboard (not sure if this part was included in the abbreviated video I linked to, but it's on the longer one)

And before we start blaming Cheney etc, let's remember that Iran has been at war with us since 1979, we've just chosen to not to recognize it.

Where are Mav and Goose when you need them? Oh... Goose is in the Hall of Fame. Who woulda thunk it?

Thanks to Natalie, soxdownunder and da kine for their vote of confidence yesterday. I think they realize that I'm just a snarky Yankees fan who stumbled across this site last year (a friend said something about "nothing gets past Vanilla Dong," and I googled it) and had the misfortune and bad judgment to fall in love with its lunatic commentators, creepy characters, totally skewed view of the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry and generally warped weltanschuung.

Plus, I've got a li'l thang (don't go there, lc) for Lisa the Temp.

Love ya back, Nat. I think Soxaholix' commitment to dressing you in the wake of your New Year's Eve misfortune is the second most laudable goal imaginable.

And, just between you and I, bb is an asshole. We don't like him, either.

HB - Kudos for your editorial powers.

Just so everyone knows, I've once again sent BB/BigBri to the virtual cornfield.

He may sneak one in here from time to time, before I get a chance to delete it, though.

A little troll baiting is fun every now and again, but it does quickly get old.

Yesterday was enough to last me for a couple months at least.

Kicking BB off (again) is the best thing since sliced bread.

Speaking of which:


You can't make this shit up, people.

Oh, Jesus, this keeps getting better:


I need to take a shower for a week. I stupidly clicked on CHB's column on boston.com thinking I might learn something interesting about Jim Rice. Instead I got the usual -- junior high school-style pile-on bashing of Roger Clemens followed by a reference to Animal House. Has that guy never watched another movie? The Ayatollah will be throwing out the first pitch on opening day before Shaughnassy gets another original idea in his head.

//The Ayatollah will be throwing out the first pitch on opening day before Shaughnassy gets another original idea in his head.//

That's a funny image!

hb, let's not Cheney et al off the hook so quickly. Many of those people have been at war with Iran for a long time, too. We didn't sell arms to Iraq for no reason. Of course, we also sold arms to Iran, too. At about the same time.

The whole thing does smack of intentionally provoking Iran.

Oh, poor Iran. Sniffle sniffle.

When I get to start breaking out the fake names, you know it's been a good day.

Some company is moving in upstairs and for the love of all that is holy, they are "laying carpet" or something and it sounds like they're about to come through the damn roof.

If I don't write back later, the roof probably collapsed in on mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

It's just that new bowling alley, Kaz.

If the roof is being carpeted, I hope it is all-weather carpet.

I don't get any of this.


Here, lc, watch this and you'll understand:

Main screen turn on!

Thanks for pointing that out, HB!

Who needs science fiction when we have Iran???

Those dudes on the zodiac may be right insane but no less than the pundits getting paid to spew on the tube.

First they dis JimEd, then they eat crow all night about HilBama. The BBWAA & CNN peeps need to find new jobs - maybe with those guys on the boat.

Just got my Kintees. Was so giddy opening the package. Damn, I am HOOKED UP! I can't decide which one I like the best. I am going to be rocking the "Ortizzle in the Heezy" at the gym tonight. Will save the J-Tek, Fenway Hero shirts for special occasions ;) Thank you, guys. Y'all rock my world.

I know how you feel Natalie. When I arrived in Ca. last year and because Kintees don't ship to the antipodes, da kine had graciously organised to get a parcel to my nice hotel and so when I arrived in my room I had a box full of fun stuff: http://picasaweb.google.com/soxdownunder/SoxVPadres22June/photo#5079275210430506130 "> viz.>.

It was a very happy start to my trip.

I fucked up the link but, take it from me, it was a picture of lots of t-shirts.

Whatever it takes. Nat, I personally think J.V-Tek is the best design, but I've been wearing Let Jim In every day for the past week: first in hope, then in dismay.

SDU, do you have a link to that pic of the "Let Jim In" shirt while we were in front of Jim at the NESN desk?

Here you go Bob:


Here ya go, SDU: Kintees

Thanks, SDU.

How are the clubs working for you? Lots of birdies?

And there's this one with you and http://picasaweb.google.com/soxdownunder/HolixEtc/photo#5082057602523142946 "> Buckner was framed

Looks like I just had a bite of some rancid Sriracha.

I played my best ever round the other day at a beautiful course in Queensland (Hyatt Coolum) but otherwise I remain an extremely mediocre golfer.

I'm just slightly jealous:


Thanks, Kev! My technological ignorance knows no limit - I have to go back to Kaz 101!

Hey Bob, there's the course! If you go scuba diving in that water, you'll find lots and lots of my golf balls. BTW, you should get a real job!

I'm just quick on the google-draw, that's all.

Has the b-b-berocca supply survived the festive season?

There's still part of one tube left.

SDU...I know this is off topic but just wondering on the local flavor - what's the view on the Chris Evert/Greg Normal nuptials and how expensive is THAT divorce gonna be?

As for those wacky Iranians...speedboats are currently viewed as the terrorist 'weapon of choice' for gulf operations. See: SS Cole.

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