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Too sexy for this blog

OMFG did that scrawny botoxed freak Jerry Jones payoff Victoria's Secret or what?


I mean Tony Romo as the Sexiest Male Athlete?!?!? You've got to be friggin' kidding me.


Really. Romo is cute, but sexy he is not.


Tony Romo is like the friend of your oldah brothah you make out with one day when your 16 years old just to establish a baseline for your bourgeoning sexual pussy powah.


Fercrissakes Tom Brady's empty fur-collared jacket hanging in the closet is sexier than Tony Romo.


And the irony is it's arguable whether Tom Brady is even the sexiest athlete in Boston.


Serioulsy. Hello Quadzilla!


And what about Mike MVP Lowell?


Oh, hell, yeah. One of my sweetest memories of the '07 Championship season is when I first saw me some shirtless Lowell man.


And Papelbon, sigh.


I confess that even the hillbilly Beckett awakens my innah magma.


Oh, girl, are you kidding me? When Beckett walks off the mound after striking out the side and gives the opposing bench one of his death stares, my ovaries burn like brimstone.


Yeah, bring those split fingahs ovah heah, Joshua, and I'll teach you a thing or two about blistahs.



YIKES! Stand back fellas

You forgot the author's note:

Today's Soxaholix guest authored by Natalie.

Best. Strip. Ever.

Now this strip really is Greek to me.

Oh and "Sexiest Smile: Ryan Seacrest"????? In what alternate reality is anything about Ryan Seacrest sexy? Who voted for this: subscribers to "Closeted Gay Male Quarterly"?

One never sees Susan's right hand, does one?


``Inner magma?'' My God, that is a classic turn of phrase.

BTW, I was in Salt Lake City on Monday, and who should get interviewed while attending the Jazz game but Terry Francona. Why he was at a Jazz game escapes me, but he said he's getting in the car Tuesday and pointing it toward Fort Myers. That's the first robin of Spring, right there.

Inner magma?

Great strip today hb.

My favorite is
bring those split fingahs ovah heah, Joshua, and I'll teach you a thing or two about blistahs.

(standing with Nat at the virtual water cooler) I would add Wake, Jacoby and Belli to the list.

Looking at the roster for hotness and Javier Lopez is a nice pick up. David Aardsma has some blindingly white teeth but his sister got the looks in that family.

Depressingly, there are only three players older than me on the 40-man roster.

Can I close it? Hope so.

I love it when the girls go all nuts on this strip for the ballplayers.

LC wins comment of the day; no need for anyone to try any further.

Uh...I really don't have anything to comment on.

I'm going to go wash my hands and use some mouthwash.

BTW, Natalie, don't you think my best buddy Robert (right field roof box, last game of the season) looks a lot like Beckett? He gets that all the time from fawning women who put their hands all over him.

He's my best buddy, but sometimes I hate him.

Apparently Hitler agrees with Victoria's Secret: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2triiYXSY8

You are good at what you do, hb. At the risk of appearing the ass-kisser...

"bourgeoning sexual pussy powah"?

"Inner Magma"?

Very nice. Mid-season form, indeed.

sorry hb, forgot to do put the end tag in properly. Feel free to edit and delete this comment.

Today's strip was so fem-tastic, even the comment type turned all girly.

Lisa hasn't weighed in yet :)

Where can I find the shirtless Lowell pics? Must see

Love it, Love it, Love it, h.b.!
And as the great "urban culture" gossip blog, "Bossip," would say to Tony Romo, "Ho, sit down."
(Sorry, I don't know how to make a hot link for the website).

I swear, sometimes, it's like you're spying on me and my friends...


you sure nuff do understand the, um, inner workings (ahem) of a woman. i ESPECIALLY like the line about the trying out your older brother's friend at 16. because it actually IS soooooo true.

innah pussy powah



Lida: SDU, Buckner and I swear that HB is actually the hot female bartender at the Baseball Tavern.

Bob, I really can't remember, to be honest. Maybe? He's the guy I sat and talked to you with at the table- kinda shy?

Honestly, the day was beautiful, the access to the bar unprecedented and the beer flowing, so I am lucky I even remember I saw you :)

PS: the Tek link didn't work for me. I am beside myself...and a few other positions, too. :)

Not for nothing, but I am far more offended that Brett Favre won the Fedex Air Player of the Year.

Don't get me wrong. Favre is my favorite non-Patriots player probably in NFL history. I do not begrudge him personally.

But Tom Brady's season at QB was not only better than Favre's in every single way possible, it was arguably the best season any QB has ever had. Third best ever in yards, second best ever in passer rating, and best ever in TDs and TD-Int ratio. Oh yeah, and HIS TEAM NEVER LOST.

That, combined with the Packers coach (like I ever know his name) winning Motorola NFL Coach of the Year, and you know the anti-Patriots fix is in. Again: THEY NEVER LOST.

There are only two rational explanations for these things. First is that the people who voted against Brady and Belichick are simply irrational and stupid. There is, however, one alternate explanation: the people who so voted are huge Pats fans and want to give them more motivation to win on Sunday. As if any is needed.

Lisa is away, getting deep-dicked by the "slow" fellow who empties out the refuse bin at the "99" in Revere.


dear lou,

she met a guy
he drives a truck
he can't tell time
but he sure can

True genius HB...definitely questioning your gender.


And the quads are indeed breath-taking, but Jason Varitek has the most magnificent ass in professional baseball.

My ovaries burn like brimstone when The Papelbuns pitches...

...I mean, uh, yay Truck Day!

That was fantastic.

I have 3 guy roommates who hate it when I audibly swoon at players when the games on. I cannot wait to mention my inner magma & ovarian brimstone at the next appropriate opportunity!

Oh & that's just ridiculous about Tony Romo. Just last night I was at a pub with very non-sports aware gay man & when Brady's face popped up on SC being surprised at Plax's prediction, my friend's jaw dropped & he said, "I have to start watching hockey!" (Of course the girls & I explained that Tom was a football God, & then made sure he would join us on Sunday...)

Thanks HB, you're kicking ass this week!

Ooof, just had a wisdom tooth extracted. How long does Vicodin take to kick....oh. Ah.


Nice work, h.b.

I still have extra Oxy-codone from my shoulder surgery, Kaz, if you want some. Really good stuff.

Look at the support Brady had compared to Favre. For example, number of wins this season divided by fellow Pro Bowl (original) selectees:

Bardy: 19 (I'll give'm the SB win) / 4 equals 4.75.

Favre: 14 / 1 equals 14.

Brady also had twice as many Pro Bowlers on defense (4 vs 2) to get him the ball back.

Which is why Favre should have won MVP as well.

Steve, if you take that argument into account (lack of pro Bowl support) Brady should have been the MVP at least 3 of the past 6 seasons.

Just don't get all 4 at once like I did Kaz. Never again...oh yeah - Doh :D



Bob - save the oxycodone for the beer cart.

Tony Romo looks like a creep and he'll never be Troy Aikman, in hotness or leadership. And on the really important factor for MVP, my humble opinion is that Favre trumps Brady in hotness.

No props for Timlin? He's got swagger.

Yazbread, the last time I did beer and Oxy was at The Tam before a physical rehab session at NE Medical. After two brews, I thought Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster were on stools to either side of me.

Come to think if it, at The Tam, that might not have been a hallucination.

Sexiest male athlete:
http://picasaweb.google.com/soxdownunder/WASTHATAWHIMPERORABANGSOXDEMOLISHDRAYS/photo#5083921429351049618 "> no contest, it's David

MVP: until his last pass of the year I'd have said Brett but I'm still pretty cross.

I was expecting this David


SDU, wrong David:

Kay & I are on the same page, albeit she found a hotter pic!

OMG is the Tam (O'Shanter on Brookline Ave) still there?

SDU, you should be getting your package very soon. Funny email from UPS a little while ago. Evidently, the box was quarantined and had to go throuh a "clearance agency." Guess why: the customs' label reads "potato heads" and they thought I was sending you vegetables.

Heh. Anyway, it's been released from the clearance agency and is in transit to your office now.

Vasoxfan, The Tam's on Tremont, near the Wang Theater and NE Medical.

/Steve, if you take that argument into account (lack of pro Bowl support) Brady should have been the MVP at least 3 of the past 6 seasons./

Bob, I wouldn't disagree with that. The Pats are my second favorite NFL team and Brady's my second favorite active quarterback, and even if they weren't I'd be cheering for them on Sunday because 1) I hate all sports teams from New York, Florida, Texas and Southern California on general principles; and 2) the Giants beat my Packers.

Brett Favre is the guy heterosexual men think women think is hot.


Princess, the pic you found of Bechkaham is pretty hot too...I'm still waiting for Lowell's shirtless ones. Do they exist somewhere outside hb's imagination?


//Guess why: the customs' label reads "potato heads" and they thought I was sending you vegetables.//
I love that!!

As to shirtless Mike Lowell, try this http://soxylady.blogspot.com/2007/07/mike-lowell-shirtless.html "> soxy ladya>

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