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Sorry, I have to lucubrate a bit.

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Sorry, folks, once again (and certainly not for the last time) my pay-the-bills job is requiring all my time and energy. I'll be back as soon as I can. — Hart



h.b. you have me remembering a column/comments from a while ago where we discussed words that sound dirty but aren't. If lucubrate wasn't on that list, it's a damn shame! Good luck with the work...

Natalie, I do a lot of medical device advertising and have a slew of words that sound particularly nasty.

And then you find out that they really ARE nasty. Mostly colon related.

H.B., aren't pay-the-bill jobs sucky? I think we should all be paid for commenting on Red Sox, advertising, and food blogs (Bostonbob3 on Chowhound BTW).

Give me uvula or give me death, is what I say.


As that kid from The Sixth Sense would say, "I cecum."

Help! When is truck day?

h.b. it makes me cry to think that the man even keeps you down at times and deprives us of the genius that you bring us...especially for us that do not live in the land of glory...i.e. Boston. I miss it more every day and this strip helps me cope. down with the man and see you on the other side.

HB - chuck the day job. Adopt a Bukowski-like lifestyle and just produce Soxaholix.

And he could hang-out at Bukowski's while doing it. $1.60 burgers and dogs, and the infamous "wheel of indecision."

Hey Bob, my wifes on Chowhound a lot. I think she goes by Marmalade or marmie or something like that.

Jeffrey, is it "mallomarmom"?

no, I just checked, it's Marmie.

I used to use that site, but then they changed the format and it confused the hell out of me. The old thread format may not have looked as swank, but so easy to follow.

Sweet Loving God!

Breaking News!!!

"Marlins hire Geffner as No. 2 radio announcer"

You're welcome....


I think that news just gave LC a varicocele.

off topic: Mercury Morris...he really seems like a prick.

varicocele my ass... LC went straight to priapism. from now until Opening Day at least
//He has a nice, easy delivery, a great voice and cadence,'' said P.J. Loyello, the Marlins' senior vp/communications and broadcasting. ``He describes the game very well.//
What tapes was HE listening to?

BTW - The Boston chapter of the baseball writers are meeting tonight to give themselves priapism by stroking their collective egos.

great blog HB! Hurry back!

Breaking News!!!

"Marlins hire Geffner as No. 2 radio announcer"


And suck shit Fish fans.

Ha ha ... #2. That's what his broadcast technique is like, is what I say!

Truck Day should be February 11, if I guess right, and that is 25 days from today.


Sorry, folks, I'm going to be out of action today (Friday), too.


Can't write-I'm lucubrating :)

Well, since H.B. is out of action today, and the Sox news seems slow (at least at 9:09 am), here's my news:

My company is moving over to 2 Atlantic Avenue (North End waterfront) today. Be there on Monday. It's almost exactly the same walking distance as my current stroll to work, but we will be rid of the methodone addicts gathering in front of our current Canal Street address.

Anyway, does anybody work over in that vicinity?

BTW, too bad about Bobby Fischer, huh?

Utter nut job, but one hell of a chess player.

Bobby Fischer did not 'die'. The Jews finally got to him - Mossad no doubt. Of course, it will be a complete coverup.

On a more serious note, I watched the 1972 match on the Boston PBS station - commentary by Shelby Lyman and Edmar Mednis. Actually quite riveting - and I am not a chess player. Life before ESPN 24/7 I guess.

I still like Kasparov...in a Gorilla suit :)

How 'bout Romney going all WWE on the AP reporter...well, sort of.

Trying something other than chess talk here.

My political views are fairly liberal - I did grow up in the Bay State. But I can't vote for Hillary. That said, I refuse to even think about voting for Romney until I see a picture of him in his underwear. Unless he wears BVDs, Fruit of the Loom, or Jockey shorts, he does not get my vote. I can't handle the thought of a President wearing sacred undergarments. A sensible pair of briefs and a crew neck T-Shirt are my litmus test for the next election.

Good move Sonoma :D

Quail on the menu for Sunday Bob?

BTW-me thinks Moss is NOT guilty.

//It's almost exactly the same walking distance as my current stroll to work// But the relevant question is how far is it from Pete's Pub, isn't it?

Roger, Why Dan Was Right


What Brian knows:

Roger's Juice


Congrats to the Patriots, the Kraft family, Bill Bellichick, Tom Brady and all the fans to going to the Super Bowl yet again. Lets go 19-0...

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