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Not even an angry one inch of respect

Did you see Clemens on 60 Minutes last night? Despite the way some othahs saw it, I thought he looked dirty.


Not that I'm, you know, biased or anything.


Yeah, Rojah needs to call O.J. and get some tips on how to look innocent when guilty as sin.


I dunno maybe he already did. You hear that bit about wanting to take a lie detectah test? I mean is there anyone who doesn't think O.J. would breeze through a polygraph?


So next up for Mr. B12 - testifying before Congress.


What I want to know is if Clemens gets caught lying to Congress, does that mean they can throw him into Gitmo.


Heh, so you want to take a lie detector test, eh, Mr Clemens? Well, say hello to the waterboard, tough guy.



I personally believe in the whole "innocent until proven guilty" thing...except for former Sox who go to the Stankees. I'm looking at you too, JDam.

When Dodger Clemens said, "...should be pulling tractors with my teeth," I expelled beer through my nose.

Not so much because it was a good line, but because I thought that was part of his famous training program.

"If I had all those injections, I should be able to punch my way through a barrel of rice."

I took a pass on B12 last night.

Less there is any doubt about parents passing on their prejudices to their children. My daughter gave we a bottle of Jeter's cologne 'Driven' for Xmas with the note - 'The Yankees are a bunch of sissies, GayRod in particular. Why not stink like a Yankee?' Well, perhaps not the wittiest of notes but she still has a lifetime to refine her hatred.

Hedwig,wherefore art thou ?

Aren't kids great, yazbread? When Damon went to the Skanks, my daughter asked if we could burn her life-sized cardboard of him in the backyard fire-pit during a party. She gathered everyone around to see the effigy go up in flames. Warms the haht.

I'll bet you had a tear in your eye when you read the note!

Watch Clemens??

But there were *real* steroid users (the kind that don't hide their using) who also made no bones about their inability to stop a 160 lb Asian man who called himself a "spider monkey" on American Gladiators last night!

This new bunch of AmGlads should be happy they get a paycheck. If it were pay-for-performance, I'd have given them a wooden nickel for that show last night. What happened to leaving the contenders with the understanding that there's a reason you should get jacked up to 280 lbs when you're a 5'6" woman if you want to win the game.

Contenders were passing the gladiators up on every game or tying them. The only contender who went away bruised, landed on her ankle badly in powerball...and the only one bloodied racked her own head into a steel pole in the gladiator-less Eliminator AND she was a Marine (HooRAW!) and still finished just behind the other girl by only seconds.

Oh well, another episode tonight, I'm told. Should be worth a second shot.

I made it through the first hour, then had had enough of Wolf's howling, and Toa's whatever it is that he does. That was a pale imitation of the original American Gladiators. The strategy to win AG is obvious after last night - speed. The 'roid heads simply can't keep up.

oh god!! american gladiators?!?! when do pitchers and catchers report???

What are the "body language" experts saying about B12's interview last night. That vein in his neck kept twitching. He looked like he was about to explode. And it was especially nice when he distanced himself from best friend, Andy. I personally loved the line "I should have a third ear coming out of my forehead" - the rarely discussed other side effect of steriods and HGH.

Has he joined a class action against Vioxx? Way to redirect there, Rogah.

Ha, had a little time on my hands over the weekend, and so naturally was googling myself, and I came across Bob's story from the ALDS when I was AWAY. (I am away a lot, but usually am in touch with this creepy corner of the intertubes)

Oh, completely forgot to tell you all about this creepy-but-funny story.

Heading from Copperfield's to the park on Sunday. Outside Gate B having the sausage with peppers AND ONIONS.

Wearing my Soxaholix shirt.

Some guy walks buy and yells, "Hey, are you Lou Clinton?"

I kid you not.

(LC, I was surly but lovable to the guy.)

and hb's rejoiner was sweet:

Man that "are you Lou Clinton?" bit really cracked me up.

Perhaps we should have a t-shirt saying:

"I am Lou Clinton, creepy bitches."

Sign me up for a couple of those if you ever get new merch hb.

Then we all wear the shirts to the same game.....

btw, RogB12, is playing a high risk game. My speculation is that he filed the lawsuit so that he can go to Congress in a couple of weeks to say, "You know, I'd like to answer that question, but it's a matter of litigation that I have been advised I can't talk about.

Sorry about the self-veneration inherent in this post, but I did find it hilarious, if a few months too late.


I can't tell you how exciting it was to see AG on again. I LOVED that show as a kid & looked forward to it every Saturday morning like you can't imagine. But last night I was bummed by a couple things; Mayhem & Titan haven't aged well. Titan looks like he's had so much nipping done that his face is going to crack if it gets touched. The night time format made it suddenly seem like yet another reality series, which I never thought of it as before. The 'contenders' were a joke. They really seemed like fit nerdo's who bought their way through the tryouts or something (with the exception of the ladies in the second hour-they were great-a close competition with a respectable outcome.) & the announcers seemed like retired MST2000 dudes who just didn't care! Done ranting about that for now.

Clemens is a tool & always has been if you ask me. & filing a defamation suit!? Now that's just reaching.

For lack of anything better to do over the holidays, I began working through Season 1 of Heroes via my computer. I think I stopped watching network TV around 1999 when HBO grabbed my loyalty with the Sopranos. So I guess this was my re-introduction as to what the networks are up to these days. A respectable show - but I must admit that I had no idea as to the level of gruesomeness now on network TV. Absent the sex and language, it could pass for an HBO product. My version of Rip Van Winkle, I guess.

yazbread, you haven't lived until you've seen a CSI: Vegas bullet pass through a pig corpse in computer simulation as if there were a mini-camera attached to the bullethead so they can illustrate what internal organs would have affected the trajectory....

...or watched a Desperate Housewive jump some random guy on the street because she was feeling left out as the only divorcee who hadn't gotten any in a while on Wisteria Lane.

It's not the Cosby Show any more, man.

Clemens was displaying pretty much every "tell" of a liar in the book ... shifty eyes, fidgeting, grinding teeth ... it was really quite laughable.

The word is that the defamation suit is merely a tactic - having filed the suit he now cannot be forced by Congress into perjuring himself a la Barry Bonds*

My friend is a forensic interviewer. In her, and my, honest opinion, Roger the Dodger was lying through his teeth...The darting eyes, the repeating of questions, the licking of lips, all signs of a "lier lier, pants on fire" type of guy...

My friend is a forensic interviewer. In her, and my, honest opinion, Roger the Dodger was lying through his teeth...The darting eyes, the repeating of questions, the licking of lips, all signs of a "liar liar, pants on fire" type of guy...

I agree. Body Language is really important

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