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Not a sound from the pavement

Is it me or is this like the slowest, most uneventful offseason evah?


Yeah, there's nothing. But I wondah if we just got spoiled by last season's Matsuzaka Madness?


Maybe. But all I know is when I look out the window, baseball seems like some othah world, like the fleeting memory of wondahful dream you try to hold onto upon waking in the morning.


And that's the great irony of this time of year … Although baseball is just around the cornah, it nevah seems so fah away as it does in January.



Patience...Truck Day approaches

H.B., that last panel is really poetic. And true.

Not that anyone cares, but I threw my back out taking the grill and charcoal chimney down to the basement after Saturday's Patriots' game.

Bobby is in pain...

Even Berocca hasn't helped.

Anybody have a good Oxy-contin connnection?


Coincidentally, I dreamt that I heard Nina Totenberg citing Soxaholix. And weirdly, when I went to NPR's staff directory to see what she looks like I stumbled across a friend of mine.

Slow day is right. I think I'll go add Twin Peaks (that's where my "dream" train of thought stopped) to my wishlist.

So is there a scheduled day for the truck heading to FLA? We have been kicking around the idea of taking the commuter rail in that day, taking pictures and then drinking all afternoon in celebration.

omg, i need more sleep...

SDU, sounds like Kaz needs a few tubes of Berocca.

This IS the slowest, most uneventful off season ever. Not only for the Sox but all of MLB. The only big trade I can think of would be the deal Detroit made.

Maybe Scott Boras is waiting for the Superbowl to make an announcement about one of his clients.

What you guys aren't pysched that the Bravos just traded for Mark Kotsay from Oakland... for a reliever I have never heard of.

Isn't that exciting? Isn't it?

Not that most of you don't realize this but its an unexciting off season because the team is so fucking good. We aren't bitching about how much this guy or this guy sucks and why isn't the front office doing this or that. The team is practically perfect right now.

I am not sure if the day is set in stone yet, but if I remember it is typically the Mon or Tue before pitchers and catchers. you should get at least a few days notice if you check here or other Sox related boards. Seems as though the idea of having a sendoff for the truck is growing in popularity the last few years. New tradition, maybe, hmmm?

I understand the sentiment, but anything that doesn't point to next season allows me to relish last season.

That's all I'm sayin'


Starting to hear that Tina Cervasio may be moving to Fox 5 in NY this season.

...and now Vampira has died.Maybe Tina can drain the life out of the Skankees(oh wait there isn't any left) Ba-doom

Eh, she has a horse face anyway.

Yeah, I saw the Vampira obit the other day:


Bob, you better get one of those hyperbaric chambers that TO uses. The team needs it's 12th man come Sunday. Get that back healed up. I will be making the trek east for the game. And we will be cheering from the 300 level even if no one can hear us since we are so far away.

Speaking of next baseball season we are planning on a road trip to Houston in June from Denver.

Back, schmack. I'll be screaming my head off, regardless.

It could be a lot worse. We still another month or so of football, and we'll have hockey to get us through spring training. Imagine if we had nothing to last us from the end of October to April.

> Imagine if we had nothing to last us from the end of October to April.

Sort of like living in Baltimore...

But Steve, that assumes that anyone looks forward to another crappy season by the Orioles.

At least up here, we have a Major League Baseball team. The fact that they're also the World Champion Major League Baseball team just makes it all the sweeter... haha.

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