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Neither new nor improved, but back for '08 and ready to bring it

Christ, getting going after the holiday break is the hahdest thing evah.


Tell me about it. I'm ready to staht slugging me some of Youk's "Slump Bustah"


So how was your New Year's?


Well, I stahted to hit the sauce a bit early and by the time midnight was approaching, I was in a full out Irish stupah on the coach.


So you missed it?


Worse. Much worse … I awake to the sound of "Five …  Four! … Three! …  " and I open my groggy eyes and who do I see on the TV?


And A-Rod's in his Skankees cap and going on and fucking on about how much he loves New York and is so happy, happy, happy to be there.


My first thought was, "Holy shit, I've choked on my own vomit, died, and gone to Hell."


I mean is that an ominous staht to the 2008 or what?


Ah, no sweat dude. Let A-Rod have his January moment in the spotlight, because God knows he doesn't get any in Octobah.


And the Pats are 16-0 and Belichick is about to be near unanimously chosen for Coach of the Year honors.


So much for Spygate and how everyone hates  Belichick and the Pats, eh?


C'mon, what choice have people got? You can't ignore 16-0 coaching dominance.


To be fair, there is one area as a coach where Belichick is not the best.


Yeah? And what's that pray tell?


Ah, this is true. But, you know, considering the Patriots Genghis Khan like prepotency ovah all, it wouldn't surprise me one bit to see a tabloid headline tomorrow exclaiming "Tracy Phillips Pregnant with Tom Brady's Love Child!"


Yeah, and then Giselle challenges Tracy Phillips to a Jell-O wrestling match, winnah gets Tommy.


You know, I'm feeling much more, er, awake now than I was at the staht of this conversation.


Hell, yeah, you are.



The strip is right on as usual... whenever I start talking with my football fan buddies(none of whom are pats fans) They think its hilarous to come up with Tom Brady is god scenarioes ala Bill Brasky. The idea of Brady impregnating Phillips daughter and then the two chicks fighting over him is like the pinnacle of this line comedy. Good Stuff.

Mmmm, instead of Jello-O, a chocolate pudding wrestling match would work for me.

I think Giselle would win, based on her experience as a model (they have to be tough to stick their fingers down their throats after every meal).

Self-hating Irishman are the worst. Eracism!

i saw a rod and turned the channel to see dick clark... sad how very sad

A tool and a Dick. Maybe it was an intentional theme.

Any word on Dr. Kaz's choppers ?

Word is, he's being considered for the role of Jaws in the remake of The Spy Who Loved Me.

Nice to see you in midseason form, hb.

As for me, I remain older, stupider and ever more enervated. In the spirit of that, here's a haiku

Huckabee doody
Obama breaks through the muck
Buh-bye, Iowa.


OK folks Bob did it - He just posted the 25,000th comment on The Soxaholix!

I had a feeling it was going to be Bob or LC when I saw the 25000 number approaching about a week ago.

Somebody buy Bob a beer and a sausage with sriracha and send me the tab.

And now how about that, there's LC coming in with 25001!

Weird...for some reason, balloons and confetti just fell on me.

Proud to be a landmark number, H.B. Just remember, YOU'RE the reason the site has hit that mark.

Fuck me, I'm just the fat girl at the prom, now.

Congrats, Bob, and most especially hb for longevity and perserverance

lc (2 liddle 2 late)

24,999 ain't bad :)

Do I get an asterisk? LOL

WordPress fucked up and double posted a comment of mine in early 2004, so LC is the real 25,000th comment.

I'm mostly happy that the 25k wasn't from BigBri.

//WordPress fucked up and double posted a comment of mine in early 2004, so LC is the real 25,000th comment.//

I made a post today on yesterday's strip, so does that put me back in the lead? :))

Don't worry about me fellas.

Let me be the one to make this Mistake and serve as the warning to others to take good care of your teeth. I'm switching my tune and asking for a switchblade toothbrush for my next birthday just so I can carry it in my pocket always from now on.

Really, though, I'm sorta embarassed about the whole thing since it was largely avoidable and now for a few weeks I've got a messed up smile and a constant nagging reminder of my stupidity rubbing up against my top lip.

But enough about me, I gotta say Tracy Phillips is my new pin-up girl. I had no idea. Dark hair and real curves. Very nice.

I also wonder how drunk Youk was when he was talked into the endorsement deal. Either that or he just has no grip on the new lingo. Slump Buster. Ha. It works on so many levels.

Speaking as a fellow net-minder I'm surprised you have any teeth left at all Kaz :D

Harwich, Don Shula called. Your asterisk is on its way

To steal a line (sort of) from Cliff Clavin for the NYE photo:

"Who are two guys in a city of 8 million that no one wants to hang out with? I'll take Social Pariahs for $800 please."

I can't decide between that or

"A good sign 2008 might not be your year..."

Beer cart!

(Yes, a tad early.)

I'm drinking my 25,000th beer of the year.

Impressive, Bob. That'd be about one beer every 13 seconds since the ball dropped in Times Square.

That's quite a pace for 2008, Bob. What is that 284.09 beers an hour?

Way to go Bob!!!

So Fracking funny,good work boys... here's a new clip of Roger crying on Youtube:


Wow, so glad to hear the Sox farm system is getting hot. I just wish they were still here in Winston-Salem, NC.
I grew up watching the Red Sox at "Historic Ernie Shore Field". They were the A team for Boston. That's why I'm a Sox fan today. (It's not like there's any one ELSE to pull for in this baseball-forsaken place)

Thanks for that link 'Ball' - you made my night.

Cool, glad you liked it!

That Maureen Dowd article was pretty funny, though I am quite sure it was not intended to be. Apparently Ms. Dowd has never been in a baseball dugout (the MOST irreverent place on the planet!) How shocking to find that a bunch of 20 something ballplayers would engage in such vulgar and immature antics! I'm shocked at the goings on! :^)

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