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Minor deal

So the Sox acquire RHP David Aardsma from the White Sox in exchange for RHP's Willy Mota and Miguel Socolovich.


Ah, one of those low cost, high potential moves.  Evidently the kid has show flashes of brilliance.


Yeah, but those flashes have become fewah and fewah.  ChiSox fans certainly didn't feel bad when he got sent down last year.


Gotta like a guy, though, whose nickname is "Crazy Eyes."


And who has a hot sistah.


But this is my fave: "Cubs fans have taken to using Aardsma's name in reference to a vulgah and uncommon act."


I don't get it.


Me neithah.  What do they mean by "uncommon"



Good pick up on the sistah, hb. I think 'crazy eyes" might apply equally to her.

Here's my personal favorite of her credits:

"Performed the character of Lolita in the west coast premiere of Levy Lee Simon's "The Bow Wow Club."

a broad range.

More importantly, the New Guy immediately displaces Don Aase on the all-time RS alphabetical listing.

Well done, sir.


Crazy one-eye maybe :)

I think the sister is reason enough to welcome him to the team.


I read the late comments on yesterday's strip. Kaz - why torture yourself by watching the State of the Union address? I can't listen to that moron speak for 20 seconds, let alone listen to him deliver a speech.

Let's curtail the politics, mmm-kay?

I have to listen to that crap seems everywhere else these days... Billary this, Obama that, Romney, McCain blah fucking fuck fuck blah.

Hey, why don't we start the 2012 campaign now, too? I mean it's never too fucking early to start.

OK - no politics. The doldrums of the off-season are wearing on me, I guess. Think we are a rabid lot? Not even the Pats and a historical Super Bowl appearence can ameliorate our off-season blues.

And why watch the State of the Union Address, when you could see this instead?


(Note: I am not a PETA fan, I eat every kind of animal available [including horse and possum], and I enjoy rubbing bacon on my groin before using my Phillips razor.)

Seriously, politics and issues aside, you just can't argue with naked PETA chicks.

The 18 and over bit is a problem for them though. Get that video into the hands of 14 year old boys and they'll have a new generation of vegetarians overnight.

First they come for your fur.

Then they come for your ribeye.

And then, before you know it, they're dry shaving your scrotum.

Thanks, H.B.

Coffee. Nostrils. Keyboard.

after that vid, i'm sure that there'll be a lot less eating meat and a lot more playing with it...

Breaking news... Bob Ryan's son was found dead of an apparent suicide He was in Pakistan working for INS.

My condolences to the Ryan family. Although I will say given where he was, and that he about to come back to the wife and kids, I'd want a little more detail on the circumstances before I accepted the suicide verdict.

Damn. HB, feel free to TinyURL that link - didn't realize you didn't have the auto link shortener plugin on this site.

No, prob, COD. I linked it up.

The site used to convert links didn't it?

I didn't willfully turn anything off, but TypePad is always making changes and I rarely keep up (being too busy shaving my nuts and all).

Agreed COD,something smells funny and I don't think it's the naked PETA chicks

I'm probably just being up-tight but something about that peta video makes me sad. It kind of just shows what kind of organization peta really is. I mean, shouldn't vegetarianism and animal rights be about being enlightened? How enlightened is a woman stripping in front of an American flag? Kayso so about be a downer and condolences to Bob Ryan's family and friends.

**Okay so sorry about being a downer

Where is the part of the video with the cup? I kept waiting for it.

Meg I agree with your point but naked girls are always fun.

Also if people had to butcher their own meat I think there would be more vegetarians.

Very sad about Bob Ryan's son. He kept his home life very private. I had no idea his son was overseas. I'm not buying the suicide story either. Not a safe place to work right now.

Bob Ryan (from October, 2006; yes, 2006):

//They know they're a part of something special, but they can't dwell on it. The only way to produce an outcome such as last Sunday's is for each man to put aside extraneous thoughts and concentrate strictly on what he must contribute to this team effort, and that does not include thinking about fans, or history, or anything that would take away from the ability to concentrate on the task at hand.

``This is not the time to reflect," said Harrison. ``The time to reflect is when you're retired and sitting on your boat. Then you can tell your grandchildren about the New England Patriots."

That's a player talking. Now I'm talking. For you and me, the time to reflect has already begun. Be grateful every day that you've had, and still have, the New England Patriots are in your life.//

Mr. Ryan and his family have my prayers. And sir, be grateful for every day you've had with your son in your life.

Linked is fucked up for me at least and I'm glad. Would rather read about cunt-faced politicians than something as hard as that.


Sorry, lc, I screwed up the link from COD to the Ryan story.

Meanwhile, yeah, my heart goes out to the Ryan family.

Santana. Mets.


Santana to the Mets. Well the curse of Omar Minaya should effectively end his career. Move over Pedro.

Appropriately titled column today H.B... almost like you were predicting the outcome!

Oh well I can now lower Santana for my league's fantasy baseball draft. I don't believe he's a first round pick.

I know Santana is "smooth" and all but I'm glad we didn't get him. I think we would have given up too much in the long run.


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