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For the "teal dress"...

Rider on Green Line:
As you may have already heard, there was a tragic seven-alarm fire in South Boston on Monday night, New Year's Eve, that destroyed a five-story condominium complex.


Rider on Green Line:
One of the regular readers and contributors to The Soxaholix, Natalie, happened to live in that condo complex and, as she writes,

"I have lost everything but my life and my dog and my purse …"


Rider on Green Line:
In the spirit of the season and in the spirit of the Red Sox fan community, several other regulars to the site have set up a PayPal donation account with the modest aim of trying to replace some of Nat's Red Sox gear and paraphernalia.

Here's the button/link to donate:

[Thanks to all of you who donated to the cause. It was an enormous success! Natalie will be choosing her replacement Red Sox gear etc this week and we'll be giving her a check for the remainder.]


Rider on Green Line:
More info in the comments to this post and via emailing Kaz (who led the charge in this).


Rider on Green Line:
And whether you are able to donate or not, just take a moment to send good thoughts Natalie's way and take a moment to be thankful for what you have.  To lose one's possessions and one's home to fire or other disaster is truly dreadful. 



Sorry the PayPal link is currently not working.

OK. The donate button is working now.

Yeah, it's working fine, H.B.

Yep, it is working just fine from my end too. Thanks for this post, h.b. None of this is possible without you to give our community this home!

Wow, that'll teach me to not check the comments on old posts. So sorry to hear about the fire Nat - but like everybody else said, the stuff can be replaced. Kaz has my donation. It won't quite cover a whole Tek jersey, but I think I at least got the sleeves and maybe buttons for you :)

It's even working downunder. Warms the haht to see this creepy (skanky) little community doing good. Well done Kaz & HB. Be strong Nat.

for '(skanky)' obviously read '(skunty)'

Eeep, I wasn't paying attention to old comment threads so I had no idea until just now ... just made my donation.

My thoughts are with you, Natalie ... and even though you're headed overseas in a few months, I am about to move in a couple weeks and will be looking to get rid of a ton of household stuff. If there's anything in particular you need, please don't hesitate to drop me an email to see if I have it. I live in New Haven, but come up to Boston often enough that it wouldn't be a problem at all to work out a drop-off.

(Actually that goes in general ... if anyone is interested in getting a copy of the list I'm going to be posting to Freecycle in a week or two, just let me know...)

just got home from work to get the update on Natalie. THANK YOU Kaz and hb. It makes me proud to be a member such an unruly band of misfits as this- but one that definitely has its priorities straight. Be well, Nat

You all have me in tears, I am so moved. Humbled. Grateful. Amazed. Touched. Some other adjectives too, although not surly today. You are an amazing bunch. hb- to see my name in lights at Soxaholix is almost the biggest rush! Too bad I never loaned that teal dress to A-Rod as I had promised...

In all seriousness, my heart belongs to each of you. Know that you are making a huge difference and reconfirm in me the desire to pay it forward every day. xoxo

Winter fire destroys;
Soxaholic skunts rally
For Nat's (teal) wardrobe.

Hey Natalie,
I just heard! I am so very sorry to hear about your loss. I check the site daily during the season . . . Feel like I know ya'll very well, even if I don't always post. Please accept my prayers and my meager donation.

Thinking of you down here in Alabama.

th'ot's and prahahs, as Tony Danza would say. Kaz can you email me a physical address?


A minor, meaningless, yet interesting factoid: I read in the Globe yesterday that Babe Ruth lived in that very same building when he played for the Red Sox.


That is creepy times two. My still thinks it's 2007 brain doesn't quite know what to do with that factoid.

Yikes. At least you saved your dog.

i am sorry natalie for your loss i cant imagine what you must be going thru. my hope is that you can get as close to back to normal as soon as possible. this does make one reflect on ones blessings. and also i reflect on all that is good with this country. how people in a community will come to the aid of someone who we may not know but is in need.

Wow. I love this site more than ever right now.

Can someone explain the whole "teal dress" thing to me? I lurk plenty and post every once in a while, but I'm totally in the dark about this in-joke.

Oddly, I cannot find the original reference to the "teal dress" in the comments section.

Though here is a link to a bunch of other references through the years.

Does someone (Natalie?) remember how this came about?

let me rephrase to "all that is good in the world" we are an international community afterall... ok falling off my soapbox now


As per my email yesterday, you are in my thoughts and I'm glad to be able to make a donation to your recovery. Boy, the people that visit this site really are caring folks. Great idea Kaz and thanks to hb for the forum to help.

I think the teal dress was what Nat had to wear as a bridesmaid, right? And didn't you have to miss a big game to attend the wedding???

It strikes me that the teal dress discussion was around the same time we were doing the "Mom's basement" thing.

Of course, I've been wrong more than I've been right around here.

I'm so sorry to hear this, Natalie. BIg *hugs* across the interwebs to you.


Haven't been on the site for a while but I just read of your ordeal.

It sounds like a real pisser.

Sorry I can't send any ducats to rehabilitate your Sox wardrobe, but I wish you the very best in '08.


GEEZUS! Take a break from the site for a few days and everything changes.

Nat - I'm sure the love pouring in is helping and I wish you all the best. Stay strong. This should help:


That's awful news. Thank goodness you got yourself and the dog out. Good luck getting everything put back together. I made a small contribution for a new pink hat.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Thanks all, again, for the kind words and support. As to the teal dress, it was a silk bridesmaid's dress that I spent $450 on 1.5 years ago (6/06) and was bitching about, saying to get my money's worth I'd start wearing it to the dog park in flip flops. Rob in CT thought this was hilarious and starting using it as a reference on occasion, in particular to call into question A-Rod's masculinity... and it took off from there. :)

Wow Natalie - I cannot believe this has happened to you. Thank God you & your best friend are safe. Your fast & full recovery from this shock will be in my prayers.

Oh & send me a physical address when you have one & I will gladly replace your teal dress with a variety of others (I think at this point I have 14 bridesmaid dresses collecting dust in my closet & although none are teal, thank Heavens, they are all probably just as bad & easily acceptable for the dog park!)

I'll even throw in a variety of extra Sox ladies apparel that I don't get enough chances to wear to the parks out here in Northern Cali :-)

Too bad we couldn't have a telethon-not only would we make money for Nat,but we could give Bob's bands some serious exposure :)

Sorry, Harwich Rich, I don't do telethons.

Let me tell you that the outpouring of donations from the community has been amazing. I didn't even know what I was getting myself into at first.

I'm sorta in the midst of a small dental issue that broke last night on me...so I can't get into all of the details right now, but I will give you all more info (about the donations, not the dental) as soon as I'm able.

Natalie, my heart goes out to you and Tess. I am so glad you still have each other. Hopefully our small contributions can help provide you with a Tek jersey or whatever your heart desires. As an aside- I will likely be in London by fall 2008, too. I'm interested to hear how your adjustment goes. xoxoxo take care!

Kaz, are you trying to get us to start a dental fund for you???

Haha, Jeffrey, no, but thanks. :)

I should have taken care of this before it became a problem, but my insurance was flipped around in September...then the holidays got in the way...I was actually a few weeks from dealing with it all and it decided to schedule itself, I guess. :)

By the way, Natalie, I sent you a message from my gmail account (not given here). Kintees would like to do something nice for you and they asked me to send them some information from you so they could start their process. Thanks!

More later, everyone!

Nice group of people. Look on the birght saide, Nat, if this had happened during the Yankees series, who would have know about your predicament? jk. Too soon to play the Yankee card I guess

(Kaz, tnx for the physical (address, I mean))



I am so sorry about the fire. My now-husband lost most of his stuff in a fire so I indirectly know what you are going through and will have to deal with. Red Cross vouchers can only go so far.

Kaz, I'm hoping my donation went through, since I lost my wallet, or my one year old daughter successfully hid it on me over the weekend, and had to freeze all my cards.

Yes, NolaSox, your donation did go through, thanks!

Ok, the link has been up for 24 hours and I'm positively astounded by our little community. I was simply amazed after about 5 hours when I looked and found over $300 in my PayPal account...so, imagine my shock and awe when I checked just now and found just a little shy of $1000 in our Relief Fund (not counting any offers of items/aid being physically sent)! I had to upgrade my PayPal account just to handle all of the support you have all given or PayPal wouldn't have let me keep receiving your donations! Fortunately it is free to do so. I will be covering any other PayPal fees associated with this endeavor, don't worry about that.

I went back and forth in my head on announcing the donation total because I don't want it to influence anyone's desire to give or not...but I just wanted people to be assured that when the call went out, the community was not only tremendously responsive, but immediate in their desire to help!

I will keep you all updated as often as I can.

I can't imagine losing all the things I've worked for; all the little wonderful items we choose for ourselves to try and create a shelter away from the labors and pains forced on us by a world where far more frequently that we'd like, cosmic justice is...missing.

All the books I've read over the years that mean something to me, hackneyed though they be; all the movies I love that I've taped or bought on DVD, all the music I love, all the work I've labored to produce, saved in lesson plan books or in "Documents", all the resources that help me do my job.

My fathers' nightable, forever smelling of the foot powder he always sprinkled in his shoes. His clock/radio, 10 years behind the times even when it was new. The furniture that my mother sat on when she entertained. The kitchen she used to cook in. The address book written in her school-trained penmanship, that I was never allowed to look into before I got old enough. The tacky needlepoints that she worked on herself, permanently displayed on the walls. The painting I bought from the itinerant art student that my father told me I overpaid for, and didn't go with our decor at all, but I still put it up in the living room because I thought it was beautiful and restful to look at. The old garish lamps, straight out of a 1950's faux gold-plating horror shop.

And, of course, 1,000,000 photos in frames and in scrapbooks that I never even see anymore, until something like this forces me to look anew.

1,001 things. Just things, mind you, not people, or even pets. Most of 'em not worth $100 cash, but so many of them priceless in terms of specific memories, or just their small contribution toward creating the concept, the simple, but powerful feeling: home.

So I send a little help. It can't make up for the "home" you've lost. You'll always feel a little empty about that. But maybe it will help you make a new home, and with a little bit of help (and/or Help), one as good or better.

Kaz: Nice! I'm a Paypal doofus so it took me til today to get it done, but it's there. Thanks for setting that up!

Nat: Hope you're feeling better about things. Hang in there.

No tears for the "loss" of Matt Clement today? Aw, you cold bastahds!

I am sorry natalie for your loss I can't imagine what you must be going through, but I'm glad to hear that you've been able to save your dog.

Great initiative Kaz and of course HB for making it all possible.

Hey Natalie

Like the rest of the blog sorry for your lost and hope that the donations help you rebuild all your loses,glad to hear you and your pet are ok..god bless and RSN4LIFE

Nat, I'm really sorry to hear about that. I can't donate any money but plenty of good thoughts are headed in your direction. Perhaps we can get the Papelbuns to come over and give you the shirt off his back. That would be nice.

http://www.boston.com/sports/baseball/redsox/articles/2008/01/04/clemens_says_he_was_injected___with_painkillers/ "> PANTS ON FIRE

Terrible tragedy about the condo...I offer you a place to stay on your next trip to the archipelago (Kazakhstan, that is...)

Hope this cheers you up!

"Clemens' lawyer, Rusty Hardin, said Thursday that waiting for the 60 Minutes interview to answer questions publicly was a decision recommended by Clemens' legal team.

"Roger took bunches of his shots over his career, much the way racehorses do, unfortunately,'' Hardin said"

Imagine the quote above, in your best Slim Pickens voice over...

It just keeps getting better...when you back, h.b.?

This community is amazing. Thank you does not seem adequate. I wish there were better words to express my gratitude, my amazement, and my appreciation. All of Soxaholix, Kaz and hb in particular, if there is anything I can do to repay you all in the future for your kindness and compassion, simply call on me.

I am doing okay. My wonderful company is paying for a corporate apartment near my office until I go to London in April (moved my dog and shopping bag of personal items in last night), and I have plans to expand my wardrobe beyond the one pair of pants and two turtlenecks this weekend... While I do have the moments of mourning the particular items I lost as Lurking and Reading writes (all my childhood photos, my late dad's and grandfather's books, all my college literature books, that oil painting I bought at an antique store and loved, a landscape watercolor done by a semi-known family friend, my brand new flat screen TV and laptop, etc), those are just things... My major concern is the upcoming battle within the condo association. Most of the owners want to rebuild and I want out, so I am preparing for quite the legal brouhaha. If anyone has any advice for me on how to get a settlement from the building master insurance and walk away from the association, please email me. And thanks again for the wonderful support. It does help more than you know. xoxo

I was going to hold off on starting back with new posts of '08 today because I wanted to give the "donate" post another day by itself.

But after Kaz's comment about how quickly and how large the donate pot grew, I figured it was time to start anew.

What a great response!

And it definitely sounds as if Natalie has already begun to be Phoenix like in stepping into the New Year.

And you know, people may get onto us Sox fans for being jerks at times, but seeing this response the past 24 hrs, there is no doubt we have wicked big, compassionate hearts as well.

//sounds as if Natalie has already begun to be Phoenix like...//

Exactly right, H.B.

Natalie, I'm sure it's going to be difficult for a while, but you have friends. And that's all it really takes in life.

Just think of yourself as down 0-3 to the Skankees right now.

The end result will only be sweeter.

Yeah, h.b., I'd like to ask that we leave the donate button on the post until Monday morning. Any vacation-returning readers, etc. will have the weekend to make donations, but I don't want people to accidentally see the post days or months or more from now and send me a PayPal unexpectedly with the expectation that it reach its intended goal.

I'm in touch with Natalie through e-mail to get her the jersey and cap and any other items I receive that people have asked to send to her. Again, I'll keep you all apprised (right here on this post's comments) as anything develops.

delurking to send natalie best wishes and to thank kaz for setting up the paypal donation link. it's heartwarming to see everyone helping out. good luck with the upcoming battle with your condo association.

i would also like to thank hb for giving this massachusetts-born-and-bred girl a slice of home almost eveyr day. it makes living in the northwest almost bearable.

by the way, any chance LOST will be discussed after it returns at the end of the month?

I'm looking forward Lost next month, so, yes, it's very possible there will be some Lostaholix strips.


I work with a couple real estate attorneys that focus on condo association law in and around Boston. If you want a recommendation, let me know. Send me a message to my email.

Hi Natalie:

I haven't posted her in a long time, but I saw the link to this over on "Surviving Grady" and wanted to stop by and wish you all the best. You saved what was important: things can be replaced. And what a great bunch of friends you have here!

I sent a little something to your Tek jersey fund ;-) Email me if you need any Sox items: One of my best buddies works at the Yawkey Way store and can give you a %50 discount on shirts, hats, etc.

God Bless

Thanks, SoxOnTheBeach. I just saw a number of names that I'm familiar with over at Surviving Grady and saw that Red put up the link to this post. I'll go over there shortly and thank him.

The main reason I ended up being the collector for the fund was that an old roommate of mine is a Senior Accountant at Fenway and so he can get me the same discount, too. Thanks for your offer!

That's excellent, Kaz! You guys are great.

That's excellent, Kaz! You guys are great.

Way late, but thanks for leaving the donate button up and live.

Natalie - very, very sorry to hear about this, but glad you and the pup (and your purse!) were safe.

You got in right under the gun, BoaSF97!

The final tally is $1262 after PayPal fees. I'll be reimbursing most/all of the PayPal fees but I have to tally them first.

I'll update you guys here after I meet with Natalie to send her stuff to her.

There are two pictures from the Souvenir Store (by the way, they've changed their hours as of a week ago and no longer open 9-5 every day as their website says).

* Natalie and I (that's my Coco KinTee!) check out her new jersey.

* Natalie shows off her 33 for Varitek

Bought this for my husband as a Christmas present. I ended up giving it to him early because he had a very important business trip, and I wanted him to look his

best. He absolutely loved it! He loves the large face, and the weight of the watch.">http://www.watchstore.cc">watch. It looks so classy

and sophisticated. It added the perfect frosting on my already gorgeous husband!

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