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Castgate Begins

C'mon, Tom, if I told you once I told you a hundred times — no kinky S&M role playing with Gisele until aftah the Supah Bowl.


Yeah, don't make us call in Wade "Fist of Velvet" Phillips to instill some QB discipline around here.


Speaking of, you think Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson will be heading down to Mexico to watch the Pats coronation?


Absolutely, and T.O. too. They've got nothing but time these days.


So back to baseball, did you hear that the Santana deal is still "alive"?


Yeah, I heard that The Deal was spotted in Argentina hanging out with Elvis and Jim Morrison.



"One source said there continues to be internal debate about the cost involved in signing Santana to a long-term extension, estimates for which range up to $145 million." I could care less about the cost in dollars. I'm worried about the cost in young talent: the same young talent that should make us winners for years to come. It isn't like we're short on stahting pitching.

I'm wif da kine on this one. Hold the foht, stay the cohrse, etc.


That's just it though, da kine. We're so packed to the gills in starting pitching that we can afford to let some unproven ones go to pick up a proven one.

I'm more concerned that by picking up $150M in Santana my ticket prices are going to go up another $5/seat...

By the way, anyone else think the market crash and the sight of Tom wounded happening on the same days isn't coincidental!?

It would be nice if the market were only limping.

Thank God for two weeks in between games.

Market is trying to rebound. Hopefully will keep the rates favorable. Stock market down also encourages investors to invest in Bonds and mortgage backed securities, which in the long run can help the real estate market.

When I fist saw the title I was nervous for hb.

I thought it said "Castrate Begins".

http://manningface.com - My new favorite site on the internet.

Ok, second-most favorite.

If you refresh, it loads different pictures.

Tom will be ok,he just needs to have Giselle rub his leg :D

The cast has vanished:


I saw the Celtics destroy the Knicks at MSG yesterday. Very satisfying win, even though Isaiah Thomas pulled a page from the Pistons-Bad-Boys playbook and had Quentin Richardson goad Paul Pierce into an ejection. E##y "I skipped the letter "d" in school" -- Curry is pathetic, making Kendrick Perkins look like Wilt Chamberlain. Celtics fans were everywhere and the only thing the NYers had to cheer about was the Giants players sitting in the front row -- and they shook hands with Pierce instead of the Knicks. Very funny.

The Giants have had a great season, and will remain the Big Apple's feel-good story of 2007 even after the Pats send them packing. That stupid commercial where Peyton Manning bemoans the football season being over should be amended -- "Hey Peyton, it's not over for your LITTLE brother."


How are you always witty, HB?

I wish you'd find a way to post every day, because I check in every day and love this site almost as much as Chad Finn (who also doesn't post predictably).



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