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All hands, fire brands

$218.3 million?! One can only hope that the Yankees continue to spend money like a drunken sailah on shore leave.


Hey, now, comparing the Yankees harebrained spending to a drunken sailah is totally unfair to the drunken sailah …


I mean when all is said in done, at least the drunken sailor wakes up the next day satiated and sticky and having gotten exactly what he set out for.


One can't say the same for the Yankees who are all money but no money shot.


Seriously. Could Theo Epstein have been any more prescient than when he said back in '03 that the Red Sox would nevah outspend the Yankees, but that they would do everything possible to outsmaht them?


Absolutely. That outsmahting business is working out quite well, isn't it?


I swear I'll nevah take it for granted how lucky we are to have the current editions of the Red Sox and Patriots, the two most brilliantly run organizations in the entiah world of sports.



I think there are nine teams that don't have a total payroll that even equals the difference between the Skanks and the Sox.

//the Yankees who are all money but no money shot.//

Very nice!

Just a lot of dribblers to third base.

Found last night on Toys R Us, while investigating the most prophetic toy ever:

"Gee Manny, sure, I'll try to help you find out what's wrong with your swing. Nice stance, fluid motion, keeping your head down. Good, good. Now try it at the plate. ... Well, THERE'S your problem ..." (And what the heck is JD Drew doing in the set anyway?)

What? No tears from LT's face...not realistic enough.

If you're not cryin' you're tryin' LOL

I suppose I should share this here as well ... while cleaning out some stuff (we're moving, ugh!) we found my other half's old baseball card collection.

Tim McCarver's dirtiest little secret revealed!

Meredith, after seeing that, I'm reminded of the line about Susan Atkins in "Helter Skelter":

"I get the feeling that one day she might start screaming, and simply never stop."


So the owners only make about $3-4 billion between them - shit, eh! Poor bastards.

Greetings from Amsterdam... am working a phenomenal wine buzz (yes, that's it, just wine) after a long week of meetings, and "whotnot" as the Brits say... and thought I'd say hello.

That figure is staggering, h.b. and so reassuring. Yanks fans can say nothing now about Sox hypocritically (since for a long time it was, poor us, the Yanks can outspend so it's so hard to compete) "buying" championships. As you say, I am grateful everyday that we have good management. I knew instinctively getting rid of the Yawkey and Harrington legacy was key, but who knew who quickly things could change???

19 days til pitchers and catchers! Woot!


Is this the "wine list" you chose from?


Hmmm, guess what time it is?

Beer cart!

Have a good weekend, all.

And Natalie? Try to resist the Doritos, french fries, and all Hostess items for the next few hours.

Ah Bob, wish I were a good pot smoker but alas I get wicked paranoid and unsettled (although my golf game improves!). So I stick to my friend pinot grigio. :) Amsterdam is lost on me...

With the dollar at an all time low, what's a good bowl of hash cost these days?

/"Gee Manny, sure, I'll try to help you find out what's wrong with your swing. Nice stance, fluid motion, keeping your head down. Good, good. Now try it at the plate. ... Well, THERE'S your problem ..." /

You sure that's not Willy Mo?

I remember hash being surprisingly reasonable when I visited a few years ago (my first and only time thus far, but it won't be the last), but I was in kind of a free-spending mode at the time.

And after 3 days of continual pot-binging, the chronic wasn't really doing much anymore, so me and the lady friend had to buy the second-most expensive hashish (the most expensive was ridiculously expensive) on the menu to keep the feeling going...but it was SOOOOOO worth it.

Enjoy the wine, Natalie...I do feel sort of sad you can't get into the other, though.

Vincent: Yeah, it breaks down like this, okay, it's legal to buy it, it's legal to own it, and if you're the proprietor of a hash bars, it's legal to sell it. It's legal to carry it, but but, that doesn't matter, because...get a load of this, alright, if you get stopped by a cop in Amsterdam, it's illegal for them to search you. I mean, that's the right the cops in Amsterdam DON'T have.
Jules: Oh man, I'm going, that's all it is to it, I'm fuckin' going.
Vincent: I know baby, you dig it the most.

Stuck inside of Harwich with the Amsterdam blues again :(

Well, I would agree with this almost. But I'd hardly say it had anything to do with outsmarting the Yankees. Had the Red Sox spent as much as the teams spending 30 million, it may have been a feat. But given they were #2 in payroll, it's hardly "smart" management that brought them the championship. Tell manny/papi/diceK to fit themselves into a $30 million dollar payroll.

Also note who brought in the most revenue.

Hmm. Takes money to make money???

You're missing the point, js. The Sox don't need to beat them with a $30M budget. The Yankees spent over $46M more than we did last year. That's just under the equivalent of having our roster ($143M) AND the Colorado Rockies roster ($54M) (or Yankees+TB+Marlins, if you like).

So, since their performance did not match the Sox, we got more for our money than they did in performance-per-dollar standards. In fact, they spent so much more than us, that you could have taken the best parts of our roster and substituted the best parts of the Rockies team to make a super team that cost about as much as the Yankees did. That's a lot of performance per dollar considering both of those teams were in the World Series...and yet, the Yankees spent that much just to be a Wild Card and lose to the Indians. So, we don't have to beat them with a Tampa Bay-sized payroll. We just have to spend the money we do spend for better performance and not do stupid things (like sign Clemens halfway through the season for "drunken whore" amounts of money).

In fact, the Yankees have paid $121M in luxury tax to the league on top of their salary over the past 5 years since the tax was introduced in 2003. That's like paying for your own team (which is about the equivalent of the Sox+Rockies) and then paying for the Devil Rays on top of that. Sure, the Red Sox have also been paying the penalty to for the past 4 years....about $14M. Total. (and if you look, it's usually a "oh man, if we just had one more piece to the puzzle we'd win it all...ok, do it" kind of moves that push us over).

So, for 5 years now, the Yankees have bought the equivalent of Sox+Rockies+Tampa Bay and what do they have to show for it?

Another playoff season, even with all of the injuries, which was pretty impressive in my book. Either way, I'm excited to see what happens this season. Barring either the Yankees or Red Sox pulling a last minute deal for Santana, I think it's going to be the most competitive season yet between our teams. Oh, as long as they all stay healthy...

But it's been 5 years of blowing their wad and giving up Tampa-Bay money to the league in penalty tax. Using last year's "injuries" is a crutch. They weren't injured when they lost in 2004 in the best comeback in sports history ever. The Yankees will be *less* competitive this year than last. From Girardi to Damon to Hughes, not a one of them are going to be better this year than last year (yeah, I said Hughes).

Eh, I don't really consider it a "crutch". It is what it is. I can surely say though that I'm pretty excited for the season. It's nice to be the "underdogs", not just guessing how many games you will take the division by. I suppose we'll have to wait and see though on how *less* competitive we are this year.

As far as blowing money, I'd love to know how much Boston spent from 1918-2004, adjusted for inflation. For the money the Yankees spend, the fans expect results. Not a world series every year, but at least hitting the playoffs. In the end it all comes down to October and who brings the A game(Not A-rod). 200mil is a drop in the bucket for the Yanks, it IS New York after all...

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