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A man named Brady

Ah, so the "protective boot" is no more.


Yeah, Brady probably looked down and thought, "What the fuck is this? I'm Tom Brady fercrissakes. Tom Brady doesn't wear a sissy boot."


Serioulsly. And then he looked at his ankle and gave it one of those Brady scowls and commanded, "Ankle, heal thyself!" And the ankle was healed.


So by Brady scowl" do you mean the sort of scowl he has in this pic?


Yeah, absolutely. Don't you love it how even during supposed "fun" events like going clubbing with Gisele he still looks intensely pissed off?


And look how Gisele is walking a couple paces behind him — Nobody gets inside the pocket on Brady, not even his supahmodel girlfriend.


Tom Brady's very existence makes the world a bettah place.



Hell ya. Welcome to Brady World.

We just get to live in it.


Sitting at work, with my tailgating Northface jacket hung on the chair, and everyone in the vicinity is wondering why it smells like meat is being grilled.


Is that Heath Ledger between Tom and Gisele? Just askin'

...and what is Oil Can Boyd wearing on his head in the background?

and why does it smell like meat in here? :)

And what the hell is the Bruins' hangup with Montreal this year?? 8 to 2 ??? Is that the Sunday hours at Martignetti's or a hockey score?? Why don't we get Tom Brady to go scowl at Montreal for a while, those Frenchies deserve some good ol' fashioned Brady!


Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady BradyBrady Brady bRady Brady. Brady BRADY, Brady, Brady bradybradybrady.


Tom Brady is a good guy and a good football playah. He dates hot chicks and dumps them sometimes.


You know Kaz, I still think the Bruins are doing better. They are more accountable for their energy, they are tougher to play this year as far as fights, hitting, finishing games etc., but you are right...this thing with Montreal is getting re-goddamn-diculous.

Ever since that playoff loss a few years ago they can't beat 'em. I hate the Habs like I do the Yanks. Makes me want to puke.

Go Sox! Afterall, this is a Red Sox site...right, hb?

Mt friends and I have gone from disliking the fellating of Tom Brady to joining in (figuratively, of course). He wasn't himself last week, but they were good enough to win anyway.

Screw the Bruins, how 'bout them Celtics? I haven't liked them since Dee Brown went away, but I love me some KG.

Everybody loves a winning team.

I have been a Bruins fan since I was a kid and won't stop now because hockey isn't in vogue and the team ain't so good.

In fact, I much prefer the team-oriented attitude of hockey players to the gimme-gimme take of the hoopsters. Listen to a hockey player being interviewed...they always share the credit and downplay their role. Crooked noses, scars, missing teeth, and they humbly tell a reporter that they succeeded because of the work of their teammates. It's refreshing. THAT'S why I pay attention to hockey and the Bruins!

Im with vermonter, hockey is the best. Last nights game was a fucking debacle. Still this bruins team is the first one I can like since the lockout. Lucic is the man.

To be fair, though, vermonter, that's exactly the sort of attitude the Celtics are putting out right now too.

You'd think there'd be a lot of ego among the guys we brought in, but I think every single one of them is too hungry for a championship in their career (especially as late as it is getting for some of them) and the bench guys are improving as they're surrounded with a ton of talent to teach them.

They really do talk about the team goals and team efforts this year more than any other year in recent history.

That's good to hear, Kaz. I think I still have a hangover from the days of Iverson, and that fight in Detroit a couple years ago. All ego.

Also, truth be told, I just don't prefer hoops in general. It's my least favorite. I remember being a kid and playing REALLY hard and REALLY sucking.

But it's nice to hear that the Celts are being more like the Sox than the Spanks.

Yes, jamesfrmmaine, Lucic is a bad MF'er.

Go Red Sox!

This just in: Giselle is wearing a cast on her right breast. It is believed she only suffered a mild titty twister sprain however, and should be fine to make the trip to Arizona.

If Giselle's boob sags one millimeter...I don't know how I would go on.

At least the 24/7 coverage of such a catastrophe would be priapitastic.

Giselle has boobs?



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