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You know damn right.

So let me get this straight, Andy Pettitte doesn't say a thing about using banned dopahs until he gets named in the Mitchell report …


And then, after getting caught, he comes out and admits to it and somehow that is being spun as "honorable"?


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Yeah, well, welcome to life in the 2000's where all that is required for absolution from any wrongdoing is to put on your most earnest face and then emote a public "I'm sorry" and all will be forgiven.


OK. Then I'm sorry I kicked your dog.



Mayhaps little Andy's admission will drive his BFF Roger to fess up that yes, another dude continually shoved a needle full o' 'roids into his ass. That would be pissah.

It's all a bunch of horseshit. We are all complicit. Deceide to test for stuff independantly, or just drop it. Enough about the belly button.


since when is HGH a steroid???

someone just cut a gassah?

As catholics, we are taught to forgive and forget. As professionals, we are taught integrity and professionalism. It is curious to see the way this is playing out.

On the one hand, Pettite used steroids and this had an impact on his in game performance. Without them, he would have been sidelined longer than he was or performed at a diminished level. He gained an advantage other players did not have and should be looked at for this.

On the other hand, if reports of what is not in the report are to be believed, he may have been one of many in the league doing the exact same thing. How can you have an unfair advantage when other people en masse are doing the same thing?

The real tragedy of the steroid era is the people who did not juice up and consequently were unable to compete with those who did. I have no basis to make a comment about who did and who did not use steroids because the word appears to be out on that one. I do believe players were well aware of the benefits and hazards and there were strong economic incentives to continue to perform at elite levels even after one's time had passed.

Color me blind, but Pettite using steroids is not the same as kicking someone's dog and expecting to be forgiven for it. Pettite would have been one of a line of about 180 people a year who came to kick your dog, he just happens to be one of the ones who someone saw doing it. Unfortunately, your dog would have been dead long before he got there.

I am not saying what he did was alright, I am just saying there are a lot of people who need to come clean. There is something admirable for him not trying to deny abusing a controlled substance and admitting his actions (Donnelly) or hiding from it (Gagne). This is what is called integrity, taking responsibility for one's actions right or wrong. Pettite happens to be the only person from that report who has fessed up to date and has earned a tiny ounce of respect from me for doing so.

Clemens, on the other hand, is a huge fat parasite milking the sport for all the reputation and dollars he can. He is an example of someone who lacks integrity. The fact that his trainer is saying he was fresh squeezed after leaving Boston makes him all the more repulsive and reinforces all the notions that started with Will McDounough (RIP) about him being nothing but a Texas con man. The idea that he could return to playing after his pathetic performance last year and this puts shivers down my spine. Can't imagine a better spokesman for the Yankees and can't imagine someone worse for the game.

So, I don't know about forgiveness, but there is something admirable about people who are at least honest about their abuses.


If you get caught, you gotta take your lumps. It's the best we can do. Sure, "honorable" should mean coming forward even when there's no other reason to do so...but the monetary stakes are too high for that and the union that the players are in would crumble without its Musketeers' disposition.

So, don't expect random players to step forward without total amnesty to admit their screw-ups and attempts to game the system. Hey, don't get me wrong either, I wouldn't be the first one to step out in front of the firing squad here at work if they wanted to discuss misuse of company computer time because I want to piss away a few minutes of every hour chatting with you guys.

So, if they get caught and they have the choice between admitting their guilt (Pettitte) or calling the whistle-blower a slanderous liar (Clemens)...then, I'm willing to give Pettitte a lot more respect than Clemens on this, even if in the relative scale of things I still think what he did was pretty scummy. Also, I'm pretty sure HGH use without a prescription is illegal...so if it's still within limitations, I would like to see the Feds drop a hammer on him for some community time or something.

Also, 14-0. Suck it, '72 Dolphins.

I agree somewhat with Mike H.. Pettite also was using a substance that wasn't illegal at the time correct(use:2002 banned:2005)? Its clear that the playing field wasn't level and I too feel mostly for those that competed without the advantage. Although IMHO ( and according the the book Baseball Between the Numbers) the players who are most likely to use PED (Performance Enhancing Drugs)are the guys on the margins who are trying to get to the bigs and "need" the boost. Is it there we should focus our attention? I don't know. Its more sensational when we catch the big guns.
Still working it out.

In some bizzare mutation of fandom I am both a sox fan and a dolphins fan. So I was a little tickled yesterday when they won. But I was also disappointed. To me there is some symmetry with 14-0(a record which I believe will be broken this year) and 0-14. Its a ying and yang kind of thing. But @ 1-13 they are worse than the 1977 Bucs (The team that McKay thought should be executed) and that it something.

I am still holding out for being worse than the 1980 saints. :)

This site seems to be getting way too serious.

For example,

//Color me blind, but Pettite using steroids is not the same as kicking someone's dog and expecting to be forgiven for it.//

The "you kicked my dog" thing is a joke. I just wanted to link to it and share a laugh. (Did you take the link? You know damn right you did not!)

Doug didn't actually kick Arturo's dog, and isn't asking for forgiveness.

And making fun of Pettitte is just that. He's a Yankee, so Doug is going to shit on him as best he can.

Doesn't matter if Pettitte is apologizing for using HGH or apologizing for fucking your wife. He's a Yankee so anything he does is going to attract a certain level of scorn from the characters.

To reuse an old joke: If [insert any Yankee player past of present] found a cure for cancer, you can rest assured one of the Soxaholix characters would say something like "That fucking Yankee cocksucker just put oncologists out of work, what a frigtard!"

I know steroids and performance enhancing drugs is a hot topic, but chill out.

Personally, I wouldn't even be using it at all as a topic for the strips if there were anything else to latch on to. But it's all we've got for now.

I'm pretty much "Meh, who cares?" on the subject myself.

h.b. -

Um, okay. I got the humor of the strip and can be funny if that's what you want. I thought the line about 180 major leaguers kicking the shit out of that poor pooch was darkly funny.

The steroids thing is serious to me and a lot of other people. We lost the 2003 ALCS to a bunch of juice guys and it still stings for exactly that reason. Clemens was my hero when I was young and it kills me that he was involved in this junk. Right now, I am trying to come to terms with this report and what it all means. Baseball has been a big part of my life since day one and this just goes against a lot of what I have been taught to believe since I was a kid.

I mean, haha, the strip was funny and you are brilliant for writing it. We've gone back and forth on this subject in the past, there are people who are going to respond to what you write in ways you did not anticipate. Can I be serious occassionally in the forums, or is there a memo I missed about always needing to make light of whatever the situation is? I think I have said enough funny stuff to earn some melancholy now and then.


What Pettitte did wasn't against any rules.

So, shrug.

But to Clemens, I think what he did is worse than Bonds. Bonds was, to some extent anyway, trying to keep up with his contemporaries, many of whom were juicing. Clemens was trying to extend his career far beyond what is normal.

That is, I somewhat give a "pass" to juicers simply because of the fact that the league was giving so many people a pass, that players felt they needed to participate just to remain competitive, as they would have been in another era, without juicing.

But that is not Clemens' situation at all. He was coming down on the far side of his career and slowing down and just when most people would have been thinking of retiring, he started cheating, not to keep up with other juicers, but to be better than everyone else.


You can be as serious as you want in the comments, just don't drag the strip, the characters, or me into it.

That is, if you take something that was meant to be funny/non-serious, and go all heavy on it, I'll probably attempt to distance myself and the characters from it and issue one of my "it's just a joke" caveats.

On the other hand, I should know better than bring up steroids as a topic in a strip. It's too much of a hot button issue for many, and my general laissez-faire attitude on the issue doesn't help.

If I can forgive Rodney, I should be able to forgive Andy. But I think there was more than HGH use with Andy...

Did you dry out yet Bob?

Some nonsense numerology to refocus.
For '08, the Sox will go 140-22 in the regular season. How do I know? Let's see. The Sox are as good at their game as the Pats are at theirs. The Pats have beaten all opponents this year, as did the Sox (although not every time they played every opponent, I'll give ya that.) So with the Pats having 14 wins, and the Sox set to play about 10 times as many regular season games, that projects to 140 wins. Add to which, the Broon's 11 losses, times the Celts 2 losses, gives Sox 22 losses.

Check back in early February for how the Sox will fare in the '08 post season.


Love the new math!!!:)

I'm alive, Scott. Barely. My feet are black and seem to be excessively flakey though. Anybody know what that could be?

I'm alive, Scott. Barely. My feet are black and seem to be excessively flakey though. Anybody know what that could be?

And I'm stuttering.

I think Pedro took steroids.

There. I said it.

And no, I'm not serious.

If using steroids to enhance or improve your natural abilities is bad, shouldn't surgery that gives you 20/15 vision also be banned?

Count me in the meh group. I'm having a hard time even getting worked up about Clemens. His ego has been wrapped up in his baseball ability since he was 6 or 7 years old. Of course he'll do whatever it takes to hang on for a few more years. Is that really a surprise?

Bob-Sir,you have been bitten by a pit viper.Your leg is going to fall off :D

// You can be as serious as you want in the comments, just don't drag the strip, the characters, or me into it. //

Unsure how I could comment on a blog without involving the blog in some manner.

Sorry for having strong feelings on the subject, didn't mean to take anybody down.


Sorry for having strong feelings on the subject, didn't mean to take anybody down.

Apology accepted.

Next fantasy! Next fantasy!


What I mean is that much of what the characters say is nonsense and/or it will not stand up to fact checking, logic, etc.

The site and characters exist primarily as a catalyst to humor/fun.

So when you make a comment along the lines of "character X says Y about subject Z, and I disagree because of..." it's not going to be valid. You can't argue with nonsense and somehow derive sense out of it.

Feel free to state your opinion about steroids or anything else here, but if, like today, you write something like "Pettite using steroids is not the same as kicking someone's dog and expecting to be forgiven for it" in reference to the character Doug's line about kicking Arturo's dog, a line which is purely nonsense and only exists as a segue to link to the prank phone call joke, then, well... see what I mean?

Kaz, that picture makes it look like Pedro just gave Zim the biggest pimp backhand in the history of pimps and backhands.

(Note: I think that would have been so much better than the head-grabbing-rodeo-move he actually used.)

I don't get the "honorable" tag for Pettitte (or Fernando Vina), either. "Honorable" would have been stepping forward before getting named, the consequences be damned. Honorable is not likely, though, as Kaz indicated.

And some douchebag tried to steal my beer at a Cambridge bar Saturday night. Then when I called him on it he got all indignant. Then his girlfriend tried to show me his necklace, which I assume was either really expensive or proved he was a ninja.

And while we're on the subject of drugs, and scumbags...shouldn't Wade Boggs have been tested for Viagra, before it became legal? Hmm....

So while we're on the subject of drugs and scumbags...wouldn't it have been appropriate to test Boggs for high levels of the (then not-without-a-prescription) Viagra? And that leads to the question - did it help his performance? Hmm...gotta get Bob Dole in this convo, but I smell a conspiracy...

ok...it seems I missed my daily dosage...apologies...

By the way, I'm just starting a new blog.


Check it out if you've got some time and let me know if you'd want to exchange links.

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