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Somebody broke my interwebs

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Update: I got my home web connection back this morning, but not until it was too late to do much with it.  But again, not much happening either way.

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Sorry, folks.  I awoke to no internet connection at home this morning, so had no chance to read Sox news to generate a Soxaholix discussion. After a quick scan of the web from work, it looks like there isn't much going on anyway. — Hart



What about Mark Littel's Nutty Buddy ? :)

Ok, break out the pencils and write checks so hb doesn't have to rely upon the 14.4 modem any more.

How great was it for the patriots game NOT to be on in the middle of the night for once.


What about no more Gag-me to blow games?

a lolcats image macro would be appropriate here.

Oh yeah, nice Guar-An-Tee chant by the Pats fans yesterday

L.C., how much you wanna bet the game against the Jets gets moved to 8:30?

Ug. I'm ruined enough after a 4:15 game.


Andouille sausages
Rack of lamb
Jumbo scallops
Pork ribs
Kobe burgers

All with two more consecutive home games. The Gout creeps hard toward my toe...

"The Internet is not a big truck...it is a series of tubes."

My God Bob,who are you feeding -the Russian army? No Sriracha?

L.C. take the bet...

Supposedly, since the Pats have 6 primetime games already (5 played, and one on 12/29), they can't have any more (some sort of league rule). So the best that the networks could do to pump up ratings for Pats/Jets would be to move it to the 4PM slot.

Why did no one warn me that Tim McCarver has his own TV show on channel 6 on Sunday evenings? One brief glimspe and the retinal burn has scarred me for life.

Bob, that sounds like a sick tailgate spread. What are your booze pairings?

Bob - forget the gout. That diet has colon cancer written all over it.

Natalie, we have lots of beer, usually a bottle of wine, and a bottle of Jameson (although yesterday, t was Basil Hayden).

Yazbread, that diet has all sorts of health concerns written all over it. But it's only 8-10 times a year, so what the heck.

Basil Hayden!!!! Great stuff.

Ever get into Corner Creek or Bulleit?

Bob- I picked up some berocca on a recent trip to London. that stuff is magic, man. Pure magic.

Back from the assizes with a not guilty verdict thanks to those lovely little petechial haemorrhages. Meanwhile, http://picasaweb.google.com/soxdownunder/2007WorldChampParty "> red sox celebration downunder a success. Sorry none of you could make it.

And BIG THANKS to lou for convincing Mrs SDU to join me on a quick trip to Tokyo for the away opener.

\\shakes head//
sure.no problem.

Just wondering what the mariachi band had to do with RS, I'm sure there's a story there somewhere. The kids are cute, and it looks like big fun.


The choices are endless:

1. Gout Talk


2. can't think of anything else.


Well maybe we'll have something to yak about(next)Monday

Possible topics:

SDU's pics are cool.

My left big toe has a disturbing tingle; one that has preceeded The Gout in the past.

Berocca is the only real hangover cure I've ever come across.

LC is surly but lovable.

Kaz is a doctor.

SDU is a lawyer.

I write ads.

Natalie's moving.

I still haven't received my Red Sox ticket renewal invoice, even though their website says payment is due January 15.

The Weather Channel predicts a major snow storm for Sunday's game against the Jets.

The following week's game against the fish has been moved to 4:15.

Who else likes lots of coffee first thing in the morning?

The sidewalks around The Garden are icy.

Quail is very tasty and easy to grill (yes, I know it's Gout-related).

How are your bands doing,Bob?

Just great, Harwich. I think they've made nearly $800 this year (minus my 12%).

Lots of pitchers of free beer, too.

Eh, it's fun, anyway.

Bruins + Auld = Go Bears!

Gag-me has been signed by another team. Yay! Kason Gabbard, we hardly knew ya'.

Here are some topics for discussion:
How does one get tickets to the Tokyo Dome?
Which hotel did Scarlet Johansen (sp?) stay in in lost in Translation?
Which room?
Can Brett Favre lead the Packers to the Super Bowl this year?

Clue as to 2 above; it was the Park Hyatt.

SDU, here's what I found out:

//MLB.com will make tickets for the games at the Tokyo Dome available to Oakland season ticket holders through a private, internet-only sale at some point in December. If tickets remain after the private sale, the rest will be made available to the public, also online.

The A's are designated the "home team" in Japan, so they'll lose two home dates at McAfee Coliseum, but they will not be running the ticket operations for games played at the Tokyo Dome.//

Of course, there WILL be tix left over because A's fans are pretty horrible. They can't even fill their own park.

Plus, I'm sure you can find tix available from the usual Sox ticket brokers.

thanks bob - you're a top bloke. In re quail - I agree with your analysis and would only add, they are a very small bird and the cooking time should be kept to a minimum.

Oh, agreed, SDU. Over my hardwood charcoal, I give them all of a minute and a half per side.

You can even leave the quail a little under cooked, and again, let it rest a couple minutes before "carving"

You're supposed to cook them? mybad :)

Speaking of carving little birds - does anyone else recall fondly the scene in Eraserhead where 'Henry' is asked to carve at his would be in-laws ('just like regular chickens')??

Jeffrey, agreed. Although there's no "carving" the quail at my tailgates, since I grill the semi-deboned birds that lie flat.

sdu, what a great scene. Man made chickens, indeed. They're new! Makes my arm go numb just thinking of it.

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