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Moving on

Well, just goes to show — the hot stove can keep you warm through the long wintah, but if you get to close, the hot stove can burn ya.


No kidding. This Santana-to-SantanNo is going to leave a mark.


Yeah, well, there's still a lot of brightside — We are the defending champs and even Santana-less are still the team to beat.


True. And it's Friday and the wormwood is legal. No complaints.



Santana...SantanNO...maybe even Santino, the deal seemingly having been gunned down in a hail of bullets.

But as in The Godfather, the culprit will be garroted in the end.

Let's Go Pats!

Bob it's time to rally the crowd at the stadium on Sunday. This is the last tough game on the slate for the regular season. A win and the bye is clinched, not to mention the Steelers whinny traps are shut up.

I have to say I'm excited about the absinthe. I think they should start selling it at Fenway, complete with collectible Bill Lee sugar spoons.

Open letter to the Twins:

Learn how to take a fucking deal. Now where are you? Detroit is going to mop the floor with you. Cleveland is going to run rampant on you. You have nothing except Santana where you could have had Lester, Crisp, Masterson, Lowrie... You have wasted all our time trying to bilk more and more out of two big competitors and in the end, we both said screw you. Honestly, you needed the Sox way more than the Sox needed you and you didn't recognize it. Wallow and think about what you just did, because if Theo comes back to the table with you, you greedy bastards, then you had better take whatever he's willing to give at that point and like it. I hope you have to settle for Crisp, Gagne, and a boot up your ass.


Scott, I'm a screaming maniac at Pats games, so don't worry about me making noise. It's the occasional douchenozzle nearby who actually tells all the screaming fans to "keep it down" that drives me crazy.

I guess you could call them the Pats pink hats.

Oh, and yes, I know not to make noise when the Pats are on offense. I'm talking about when we're on D.

Wow Kaz-Settle down there big fella :)

Surprised nobody has mentioned the piece in the NYT about SMBL and how he is a slumlord.

Stay classy, yanx


Red Sox celebration party, with free margaritas and mariachi band, in Dulwich Hill (Sydney) this afternoon. We have Dirty Water. We have Tessie. But the weather is Boston lousy. 'Holix welcome - come on over!!


Wish I could be there SDU. Sounds like a lot of fun. I guess I'll just have to have my own little party.


$1 drinks at the BU Pub for graduate engineers!

Go Pats! See you guys Monday!

I'm not even that broken up over the Santana deal not working out. I think he'll be like Pedro ... a few unbelievable years and then hurt, ineffective, whiny, and overpriced after that.

I also think that Lester is going to be something special. Can't wait to look back on this in five years and see if we dodged a bullet.

Would have been nice to get some return on Coc0 though.

Uh, good luck Brewers. $10MM? One year? Whew. Yeah, okay. Buh bye, Eric.

'Absinthe' in this case definitely makes the heart grow fonder...

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