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Goodbye Waffles and Applesauce?


"The Twins continued exploring potential trade options for Johan Santana on Monday, picking up where they left off at last week's winter meetings."


And wanting the Jacoby Ellsbury offah ovah the Lestah offah.




I know. Losing Ellsbury just doesn't feel right.


I mean not only is the kid poised on the field, but off as well. Just look how he comes across in this interview.


The kid's all class.


But when I staht feeling morose about it, I chant a little mantra that goes something like this …


Beckett. Santana. Matsuzaka. Schilling. Buchholz and Lestah.


Good point. It's not like we're trading Ellsbury for Larry Andersen. This is Johan Santana we're talking about here.




'Nuf said, McBobby.

Oh, and I want to keep the kid (badly), but Santana would be nice - in a Pedro sort of way - too.

While the first time I see our rotation go 5-0 during the season will be awesome, I won't help but cring every time Coco dives headfirst into a wall...

Every time we're putting Crisp back together again, instead of Ellsbury, we're going to be watching Brandon Moss? Gabe Kapler? Really?

Props to Pudge...his YouTube tune got a shout-out in The New Yorker this week, in Nancy Franklin's TV review.

And Wake doesn't even make the top 6...

I am stahting to weaken on Ellsbury. Maybe that's what it takes. He's hit .290 for us and 260 anywhere else. That's all I'm saying.

Thanks for a break from the alchohol talk, hb.

I read in the NYT (17%) yesterday that on average, americans drink 2 quarts of distilled spirits per year per capita. I guess we are holding up our end of the bahgan for all those Huckabee and Romney lovahs.


I think the Twinks yankin' around the Sox and Yankees is their way of playing with the big boys (pun intended)IMHO

In the early moments of the CNN/ YouTube Republican debate on November 28th—the follow-up to the CNN/ YouTube Democratic debate last July—the often useful phrase “the minutes seemed like hours” suddenly felt inadequate. The phrase lacked an essential active component, some indication that the universe had been violently disrupted and damage had been done. Ever since I watched the musical video that was used to introduce the Presidential candidates, in which a bearded, baseball-cap-wearing fellow named Chris, from the state of Washington, sang a countryish song that provided thumbnail sketches of the men (“Ron Paul would end the F.D.A., and that is just a start. Fred has just begun to run but sure does look the part. Hunter tells us what to do in foreign-policy debates. Huckabee’s compassionate and lost a lot of weight. . . .”), I’ve been wondering, Can a minute last longer than sixty seconds? Can a minute, as it is elapsing, reach larcenously into the future and grab more than its designated sixty ticks, and thereby steal time from your personal allotment? Can time stand still and devour itself at the same time? Yes—in the ninety seconds that it took for Chris to sing his witless rhymes, I became a grandmother, and I don’t even have children. I was on the verge of becoming a great-grandmother by the time the song was finally over and Anderson Cooper, the debate’s moderator, said, “Enough of the singing, enough of the snowman. Let’s begin the debate.”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement, Youk R. :)

But basically, Nancy Franklin reviews television as if she were expecting opera...so of course, something as witty as Pudge's song comes off as "witless" when you have so much of your own nose to have to look past (and down) in order to see the "boob tube". She's in a bin with all of the other self-hating bitches who take out their inner anger at their subject matter because they were never good enough to get the real gigs in life that they aspire towards.

Full text here:


lc- It's Huckabee and Romney that drive me to drink :)

I am getting annoyed with the Twins. Bill Smith is like Captain Queeg with his marbles talking about strawberries. Just shut up, contemplate the offers, and when you make your decision you let us know.

A video of about the first hour and a half of my tailgate last Sunday (courtesy of the ever-taping Brian Hardy):


More like F*ckabee and Calumny, but, hey, I'm surly.


My New Year's resolution will be to get back into shape... so I can drink more.

Down with the abolitionists!

Nice job on the tailgate Bob. You set the bar even higher and gave the rest of us some ideas.

Romney in the WH gives hope to Scientologists everywhere.

As much as I like Ellsbury,pitching wins championships more than centerfielders do. But I won't lose sleep if the deal fails to get done, either. The team looks damn good either way.

If we lose Ellsbury it will be like the greatest one-night stand of my life in the rearview mirror. What could have been compared to what Johan my husband turns out to be.

I'm not worried that Santana will be Andersen. I'm worried that he will be Renteria and melt under the Red Sox fanatical glare.

I like the balanced outlook here, h.b. Yeah, losing Jacoby might (MIGHT) be a loss on offense, but daaaaaamn, that rotation looks sweeeeeeeeet.

The only downside that I really see to having Santana is losing some financial flexibility because whoever gets him is going to pay at least $22M a year for at least 5 years, and probably more.

I love the Capt. Queeg reference, very apt. I also think Smith is in love with the attention he's getting from dangling Santana out there.

Oh, Kaz, the ticket renewals are supposed to be sent out the end of this week. Payment is due January 15.

Loved the video Bob,especially the dancing quail.LOL-on a related note,only 2 qts.lc? Soxaholix nation is definitely carrying the rest of the country here. C'mon people-drink up and be somebody

How do they determine the 2 qts per person? Are they factoring in people under 21, or 18. That would really skew the numbers.

Doesn't anyone remember math class? Big difference between the mean, the medium and the mode...

I found the article, I tried to code it, but it kept kicking me out saying it was spam. One of these days I'll take the time to figure typepad out...

"You may say I'm a drinker,but I'm not the only one... someday you'll join us and the world will(---) as one"

Sorry John

How soon they forget, and how much it's pissing me off. Number 2 starter in the rotation for wins -- Wakefield. Number 2 in winning percentage -- Wakefield.

There was even a time in the summer when it was impossible to deny that, for that stretch, Wake was the ace of the team, with the number 2 ERA in the LEAGUE.

Cost per win? I'm too lazy to look it up, but it's got to be darn near the top of the major leagues.

Yes, his ERA wanders around, and he can give up the gopher ball, but how the frig is he not even in the top 6? I'm not buying it.

But why listen to me? I'm a moron. Let's stroll down memory lane with Bill and
Doug, in "We are all on notice: Give Wakefield more love."

Worth repeating, and so I shall.

Bill: The knuckleball was unbelievable last night!

Doug: Dude, I'm so friggin' pissed.

Bill: Huh? Wakefield surrendered only one run on four hits in seven innings, while striking out four and he's now allowed only one earned run in each of his three stahts.

Doug: That's just it. The guy is effin-A awesome, but think about it: when is the last time you recall Tim Wakefield's name coming up around here?

Bill: Ah....

Doug: See, what I'm sayin'? It's all Matsuzaka this and Beckett that and Schilling this with ne'er a word about our crafty and reliable Knuckleman.

Bill: Christ, we've talked about Batshit Tavarez more than Wakefield!

Doug: ..13 friggin' seasons with the Red Sox and God knows how many innings in every mound role imaginable and Tim Wakefield doesn't even get a t-shirt?!?!?

Skipping ahead to the end...

Bill: I hate myself right now.

Doug: As Red Sox fans, we should hang our collective heads in shame.



Yap yap, career year, yap yap, can't do it again, yap yap, whatever. He was the number 2 guy in the rotation last year, and until demonstrated otherwise, he sure as sh*t not falling below 5 in my book.

Maybe not any higher either, but c'mon. Doug's almost as retahded as I am...so don't make me start quoting some of YOU.

Me? I think the Twins wised up. Lester's not the guy to trade for, even with a few other players thrown in. Wake will do more 7+ inning games in April than Lester will do all year.

Number 7 in the rotation? Nope.

TimW, I totally share your Wakefield love but this is a guy who contemplated retirement at the end of this season, so bad was his back. I don't think there are ANY guarantees where he is concerned now.

Natalie - by your very post you reinforce TimW's paean to Wakefield.

Well, yb, I may be misreading TimW's post because that was not my intent (even though I love Wake, think he is a class act; there are few players I'd like more to have a $4m per year contract in perpetuity with). I thought TimW was implying that Wake is an ace in the hole that we should consider in NOT going after more pitching or making the Ellsbury trade for Santana... which made me say- eh, caution, remember the back. But again, I may be reading into things.

I am ALL for the Wakefield love. Can I mention again that he is hot? :)

Wake goes #5 in my rotation...maybe 4 if Schill finds out that there's still a Krispy Kreme in Providence.

My dream scenario is that we slip JS into the 2 slot, Dice K has the year we know he should at 3, and (seriously) Schill 4 and Timmay 5.

Send Lester, keep Clay. Keep Jacoby. Coco's a trooper, and a defensive monster, so I'd want him in the outfield doing what Cora does in the infield.

I admit that I've always felt strongly about this, even before I could root for a guy with my initials and a birthday the day after mine...but with Santa and God both dead, the only miracle we have left is the knuckler.

Think about this -- if Wake stays healthy, he might have won 18. 19's a stretch, but a mathematical possibility. Even losing as much time as he did, and as much pain as he was in toward the end...and garbage time, soft run support, some wacky outings...and he still winds up with 17 wins!

I'm holding the line: he deserves to be on any list of 5 starters until he doesn't. Today, he does.

Remember that I said this when he breaks Cy's win record, getting there with 12-15 wins a year, and the most productive #5, and best starting pitching bargain in the game.

Okay, and he's kind of hot too. But doesn't factor into my argument this time.

I hate the late nights during the off season. Nothing to get excited about at this time of night.

So I just wait until the weekend for football. At least there's football.

Hey all, my neighbors and I are having a NASCAR Daytona 500 party in Dorchester in February. Anyone interested?? It's gonna be a blast. Everyone is to bring a white trash dish.

I hate these dull weeknights....


Jeffrey, anybody bringing chicken fried steak? I make a mean one (based on a secret Denny's recipe).

Oh, and I can also get possum from Savenor's (they love and fear me there).

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