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Give 'em back

You know a lot of times Schilling's holiah than thou blog encyclicals rub me the wrong way, but in this case I think he's well within his rights to call out Clemens.


Absolutely. I mean think about it. Schill heroically comes out in the "Bloody Sock" game, pitches his ass off and basically injures himself so severely that he's only a shadow of himself during 2005 and 6.


But rathah than taking the easy way out ala Clemens and getting his assed pricked, Schilling works through it enduring all the ignominy of guys hitting him around the pahk and sports pundits suggesting that he's too old and done to continue.


I'm always going to smirk now when I recall those images of Clemens shoving his arms in barrels of rice as part of his "extreme workout regimen."


Looks like ol' Rog is going to skip right ovah "the twilight of his career" and right directly into the eternal pit of dahkness.




This from TypePad:
"... the spam service is being overaggressive in categorizing your blogs' comments as spam...[we've] made a change to the service that will help direct legitimate comments straight to your comments folder."

Meanwhile, part of this is my fault too. I had no idea TypePad had recently added a "spam folder" to my comments.

I went in there this morning and saw quite a few comments over the past few days that never made it out. I've since released those to be published, and I'll keep an eye on this moving forward.

it can be argued that roger was a hall of famer from his redsox days.it has also been argued that rogers best days were with the sox and because of that he should wear the sox cap when he becomes inducted. it has been said by many pundits that this was the steroid era and that many people with hall of fame votes ( see the spineless espn guys including pete gammons)will consider this when voting. which means a first or possibly second time no vote but eventually certain players would be let in. i guess my point is, in light of recent events how does the nation feel about roger with a redsox cap on in the hall if it were to happen.

Just one comment. More typepad issues?

Yep. mikeya2k1's above was snagged 3 times. Now released.

I suspect others are shying away because of the potential problems.

How about the theory by some that supplements are never going away, and this type of "cheating" will become more and more prevalent, and therefore in 30 or 50 years this won't be seen as an era, but the start of a new way sports are played.

I think that may be close to the case, Jeffrey.

As history has shown, you can't really ignore technological advances.

To that end, I'm actually for letting more and more of this into the game, all sports, because I personally find it impossible to draw the line between what is an "approved" gain and what is a "improper" gain. (COD brought this up in a comment the other day or last week.)

Right now the issue is the legal vs illegal, and as long as that is the case I do look askew at guys like Clemens when mirrored against Schilling.

But I think we'll need to actually move to a stage where medical doctors and clinical studies are involved and people are allowed to pursue many of the avenues that are now banned.

Of course, I'm very libertarian in this regard. i.e, I'm for the immediate end of the "war on drugs" as well.

Half-man, half-robot baseball Jeffrey?


I loved what Kriegel said after the Yanks got ousted by the tribe. To the effect of

"Which aging pitcher would you rather have in October?
Schilling with ketchup?
Or Clemens, with no mustard?"


thanks for posting for me hb. as usualawesome job. last friday on eei shilling made the point."i wonder how my stats would be if i was pitching on an even playing field" i found it most interesting that he didnt say how my stats would be if i was on the juice. ill take mine with ketchup!

I hear you H.B., I tend towards Libertarianism - let me lead my own life, make my own mistakes.

Bob, not saying I like it, but it will be what it will be.

And I can't wait to see Clemens testifying before congress.

Wierd that everything has been getting snagged lately, h.b. I also noticed that I'm having to do the CAPTCHA every comment as opposed to only those where I throw in a link or two.

How's the new site coming, by the way?

No rush, just curious how it's progressing. Can't wait to see it when it's good and ready. Resist the need for PEDs in order to get the site improved! I'd hate to think you were juicing just to bring the code up faster!

I'm more of a Librarianist. If MLB would only adopt the Dwight Evans Decimal system the world would be a better place.

Not to knock Curt, but he will probably be munching weight loss pills to help him meet the incentives in his contract next year.

Would the Landis company sponsor future baseball games? (lets see how many gamahs are soxaholix)


Zero real progress on new site. I've been doing lots of freelance/contract work the past month, basically working most of Saturdays and Sundays and only taking time out to watch football.

Typically I wouldn't take on this much work, especially at the detriment of The Soxaholix, but I've had a serious of unplanned financial outlays that have left me a bit more cash strapped than I'd like, especially during the holidays.

eating weight loss pills would be more contract enhancement than performance me thinks

Schill did a lot more than just call Roger out. One passage, about Canseco's book, seemed particularly targeted at McGwire (though he wasn't mentioned by name) - the gist was, if you're accused IN PRINT and don't immediately admit it, or sue for libel, etc., that's a BIG hint you're guilty as sin. That applies to anyone named by Mitchell, too...

Gotta love it-Paps says his dog ate the WS ball :)

funny how the superabundance of "twat" 'cunt" "gaping asshole" and "cumbucket" will render some comments to a category falsely appearing to be spam.

great strips the last two days, hb.


Instead of of cum shot, how about man-pudding stain?

My only worry is that H.B.'s spam filter will catch the hyphenation and send my message into a gaping asshole.

h.b.: I've had a serious of unplanned financial outlays that have left me a bit more cash strapped than I'd like, especially during the holidays.

Really sorry to hear that, h.b. I just found out that the company I'm working for is giving me a decent Xmas bonus out of nowhere. It's more than I need, so I'm happy to share. I've just used your PayPal link (it's located at the bottom of the left column....ahem, others). Other websites tell me it's worth $5/mo to subscribe to their less humorous and entertaining services. So, that sounds fair enough to me. $60 on its way to you. Thanks for all you do for our little community, h.b. Hope the finances work out for you in the end and happy holidays.

Agree with Kaz; if this site isn't worth a few bucks, none of 'em are.

(I paid through Amazon.)

I noticed and used that link about a month ago. I pay $25 a year for an Atlantic Monthly subscription that I rarely read. This site is easily worth twice that and more. Thanks for everything hb, and good luck with all the extra work. We appreciate you keeping the Soxaholix going amidst the toil (and the winter doldrums).

Totally unnecessary but totally appreciated, Kaz. Thanks!

Same goes to everyone, like Natalie, who've used one of the "donate" buttons this year.

Your points about value/cost and the comparisons to other things you pay for are really appreciated as well. But I do it for the fun of it all and the community we've built.

Plus, since The Soxaholix has started the Red Sox have won two World Series.

Talk about a priceless return on investment!

I just got an E-Christmas card from Bob. That's some weird shit right there.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Agree with all re priceless hb. Thank you.

I noticed somebody else already commented with the news on Paps dog. Can't wait for your comic take on it.

Agree with the libertarian approach to drugs - Bill Buckley essentially has argued the same for years -

It would be great if it leads to a real-life scene like the Saturday Night Live "All Drug Olympics" skit, when Phil Hartman's arms get ripped off during his power lifting competition. Imagine what a juiced-up fastball could do to a human skull...who needs 'Faces of Death' ?

Let the facts come out and THEN make a decision. We should have learned that in the DUKE rape case, but it looks like the folks in bean town haven't learned a thing. I see no reason to simply take some imprisoned trainers word over Roger's regardless of what Pettitte says.

The Mike Wallace interview should be interesting...

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