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Working holiday

Ah, yes, welcome to slow days of the offseason when the Globe runs Red Sox stories with the lede "wives and girlfriends spilled the beans on the bad habits of their ballplayers"


Yeah, and I'm news stahved enough to read it only to find that the said "spilled beans" consist merely of milquetoasty tidbits like how Jacoby Ellsbury lives out of a suitcase and Youks leaves empty water bottles all ovah the house.


Those are some real wild and crazy guys.


Well, it is a family paper. What did you expect to read, how Youks likes to donkey punch Mrs. Youks-to-be or something?


Hey, don't you judge me or my perversions.


If you two girls are done, I'd like to turn our attention to something more serious, notably Veterans Day.


Good point. A tip of the cap to all the Vets for whom we have much gratitude.


Seriously, without their sacrifices, we wouldn't even be inhabiting this creepy little cornah of the world.


You evah serve, Al?


Me, nah. The closest I've evah been to combat is when my ma would drag me to the $10 Dress Sale at Filene's Basement.


Ah, you must have loved that. I hated my mothah's shopping forced mahch.


Actually, yeah, I liked to go.


You're shitting me, dude.


Look, this was old-school Filene's Basement in the 70s … Picture it, a couple hundred batshit crazy women oblivious to everything except the hunt for dresses and no fitting rooms!


It'd take my 12-year old brain a couple weeks to process all the T&A I'd see up front and personal from those annual Basement trips.



Too...Much...Information ;-D

The real question is why was his mother shopping for wedding dresses? This is long before the ability to buy them cheap and resell them on Ebay.

I'm afraid there might be years of cartoon character therapy wrapped up in the answer though...

And thank you for not placing a link around "Donkey Punch" - I learned a very hard lesson when "Cleveland Steamer" came up a few months back.

Do. Not. Google.

Apparently the trip from eyes to brain is backed up with Monday morning traffic. The strip says nothing about the infamous wedding dress sale at Filene's...

The "Running of the Brides" gets the most media attention, but the regular dress sale is a huge event as well, especially back in those day when the dress was more common attire for both work and casual settings.

I knew lots of women who would count-down the days to the dress sale at "Fleen's" (as they pronounced it).

One told me something like, "you guys have your football games, we have this."

I think the dress sales were more violent.

The Christmas Season is pretty infamous too..but it's drawn out over a month or so and doesn't get the same pop media coverage. Imagine racks and boxes of goods (mostly clothes), then imagine putting a quarter stick of dynamite into the bottom of the box and running out of the store...now, go back in with about 100-200 women and try to find your girlfriend's size and preferences amid the chaos...and this goes on like that with no reset for the entire month or so. Insanity.

This just in from Al's Brain! (almost NSFW)

Dude, Kaz, that's my hometown being talked about in that clip. Hilarious.

Ah, Lawrenceville, NJ.

Home to Buddy's Shamrock Pub.

Not a bad pour of Guinness.

Bob, what the heckola were you doing in L'ville? And where is Buddy's? I left town before turning legal drinking age, so the bars there are the one thing I don't know... aside from the Franklin Tavern, my brother's fav haunt.

Actually, Buddy's Shamrock Pub is outside Lawrenceville, Natalie. Can't remember the name of the town, but it's pretty darn close.

(I was in the area because a client is located in the vicinity.)

Bingo. It's in Hamilton.


DP wins the RoY - broken bone and all.

If he's old enough, someone should buy him a Guinness.


The final tally:

Pedroia got 24 of the 28 first-place votes and finished with 132 points. Young was next with three first-place votes and 56 points and Kansas City pitcher Brian Bannister received the other first-place vote.

Al (or h.b.) glad to see I am not the only with that experience early teens experience - fortified by the fact that my mother was usually accompanied by my two female cousin who were 6 & 8 years older than I was...Fadda forgive me for I have sinned.

Anywho, Veterans Day always holds added meaninng for me as my grandfather served in WWI in France with the Yankee Division - Thanks, Papa.


That is all.


dang h.b. now I not only miss the Sox, I miss Filene's Basement too. We have one here in Cleveland but there is NO comparison.

Recent rumor: Rogah is on the Mitchell report...maybe Pettitte too.

Ah, the glory of live T & A when you are a heterosexual male between 11 and 14 (well, much older for me, but I'm giving most of you the benefit of the doubt). That Filene Basement story has gotta stir up adolescent memories of one variety or another.

Mine: 14 years old, freshman in high school, our competitive one-act play makes it to the next level of competition, so we travel and stay overnight at a hotel. Hotel has sauna, boys congregate there for the evening. Senior chick who is friends with most of the boys there walks into the sauna topless just to fuck with them.

I doubt my jaw came off the floor for the next couple of hours. She wasn't gorgeous, but I was a geeky 14, and she was topless. What was I s'posed to do?!

Hope you had a towel on your lap, Devine.

New to site. This is great. Love that people keep posting throughout the day - keep up the good work, the Sox are always in my heart!

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