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Turkey talk

We haven't much from our Yankees fan friends of late, but they are still out there nurturing their Mystique and Awe …

Unknown Yankees fan:
A-Rod back. Posada back. And now Mo's coming back.


Say hello to the 2008 AL East Divisional Champs.


Time to grind these upstart Red Sux under the heel of our boots.



That's all he's got? Not even some Rev smackdown talk? Oh, how sad Yankeedom has become.

Maybe paul O'Neill can be brought out of retirement or something.


There is a certain level of satisfaction in hearing Yankees fans say, "there's always next year."

Relax Marty - Boston also has its woes. The Fire lost in the finals of the MLS Championship, the Celts lost for the first time this season, and the Pats only won by 46 points. It was a very rough Sunday. Pain and misery is not the exclusive property of the Bronx.

"Offensive" is right :)

Seeing Marty bellow and brag after a Red Sox WS win is so satisfying.

Hi, Marty. Hi there. Good to see ya. Hey, what happened to that mystique and aura you used to wear? Lost it? It fell off your finger? Gee, tough luck. Maybe it's at the Logan Lost and Found.

(It still bothers me that he so resembles a young Ted Williams.)

Happy Birthday Bob

I hear Brosius and Bernie are coming back.


Thanks, Harwich.

The strippers are on their way :D

Yes, Bob- and Manny more. You going to the game Sunday night? I think I'm sitting in the same general vicinity as you
And, to the board at large: Sam Adams Utopias- thumbs up or down? worth the investment? thanks

Yes, Happy Birthday Bob...fellow Scorpio.

Re: yazbread's summation of our bad sports news. Couldn't let it pass that while "the Fire" did indeed lose, that was last week to our Revs, who were the unluckly losers yesterday in the MLS Cup. Good on ya, boys, and as everyone on this board knows well, there in fact IS always next year.

Actually Buck Utopias are a good investment(if you can hold on to them that long) I know that's not what you meant-just my 2 cents

Happy belated b-day to Big Papi... hopefully a Lowell 3-year deal is his birthday present from the club. Miggy Cabrera? gimme a break...

p.s. just saw Orlando Cabrera to Chisox for Garland. If Chisox are unloading, I think the Bosox should inquire as to Contreras' availability... rumor was they had interest in Coco for CF. I think Contreras would make an excellent setup man for Paps... and imagine the irony of el Cubano finally coming to Beantown. up yours Ozzie!

I don't get all the sticky business over here in the UK...

Has A-Rod resigned with the Skanks? Can't find a word of it on the wire at the moment, but then again....I'm in the FUTURE!

Maybe it won't happen for another hour or two.

Guarantee Mahty will be happy if we re-sign Lowell. They get the best baseball player around, we get Mike Lowell for 3 years.

Sigh. What a waste of money.

Well-it is George's money ;)

BWF, Sam's Utopias are well worth the money (although I got mine as a gift). My only word of warning would be to make sure it's gone within a year. I opened mine recently after letting it sit and the taste has turned quite a bit (although fragrance and appearance are still same as ever).

Great stuff though and I'll fight through to the bottom soon.

If the Chisox have interest in Coco, I say let'swap them Lugo and Coco for O-Cab.

Breaking news - Lowell is staying.

I think Borass & HoorayRod waiting for the Bonds kerfuffle to die down so as to maximize their good PR after last month's idiotic opt-out. Anyway fuq HoorayRod, the Sox have re-upped with Lowell. Miggy must be blowing a gasket in some winter league dugout as we speak...

Oh, Sean O. The man who still complains about the dude who brought us two titles, and put many of the (cost-effective) kids on the field.

Mind you, I don't think every move has been perfect (I might have preferred Cabrera manning 3rd for the next 5 years, but the price did seem steep, and I do think Lowell brings character to the clubhouse as stats-oriented as I usually am), but I'd think Theo has earned like three years of not-complaining.

AHAHAHAHA, your rationalizing is sweet nectar to me, Marty. Yeah, you're just a Clemens away from that AL East pennant, huh?

COD, saw that on the news at lunch (although at the time it was reported as "sources say...").

Excellent news, and with three years instead of four to boot.

I hope there's a 4th year option for a good chunk of change. My guess is that Lowell will be good for all 4 years, and we'd also look a bit stupid in hindsight to have to resign him in that 4th year for another huge contract given that he'll want 3 years then and at that point, it'd be foolish to do so, even if 1 more would be well worth it.

In the meantime, can we get a second catcher worth a damn...AND start grooming him to replace Varitek in the not-too-distant future?

//My guess is that Lowell will be good for all 4 years...//

Hope you're right, Kaz. My gut is that this past season was the anomaly and we are going to being choking on this later.

But, as always, Theo knows more than I do.

I know some of you like punk, so here's some bad news:

A Global Threat, one of Boston's last "real" punk bands, officially broke up today.

Thanks for the tip on Utopias. Went to my local store and got the last bottle today. Think I'll wait for at least 16-0 before cracking it though

As expected, A-Fraud ran away with the MVP Award:

"Rodriguez had 28 first-place votes and 382 points in balloting by the Baseball Writers' Association of America. Ordonez had two firsts and 258 points, and was followed by the Angels' Vladimir Guerrero (203) and Boston's David Ortiz (177)."

This year was certainly the anomaly, but I'm hoping we can settle on a good .285 AVG line with a million doubles or so on average the next three years.

Glad your back Mike Lowell!!

SDU away but keen to communicate!! Basically his response to the news about lowell is"yay,yay,yay" and "rob was right" and....i forget now...something else, mrs sdu

Hi, Mrs. SDU!

hi Bob! How are you? Have to say you guys have given me a lot of laughs - many thanks for that....SDU away representing innocent man falsely accused (as is his want) but clearly feeling a little adrift without his daily fix....there will no doubt be more relayed later but may lose a little in the translation!

I'm fine and dandy, thanks.

Are you having your vegemite and toast right now?


but of course. love the smell of bob's armpits in the morning.

wow,ms.sdu gets up early in the morning

hi lou. nice to 'see' you! was it you who was encouraging my beloved to go to tokyo for opening of the season? he thinks he is being tricky by mentioning it "as a joke" but i know this is just the start of his pathetically transparent campaign to jump on a plane and come over all red sox nutty....anyway, if it was you - thanks a bunch. :)

//love the smell of bob's armpits in the morning.//

well, that makes one of us

h.b., that anomaly has a name: Big Papi. Hitting behind that OBP machine has meant the world to Lowell's production.

So after the turkey and triptothane (or whatever it is...) I suggest putting our minds on something productive: what is the new Anti-Skankee-Chant for the bleachers and other parts next year? Chanting 'two-o-thou-sand' doesn't seem to gather much bile in the enemy, and the classic 'Yank-ees-suck' is great but can we do better?

On SBL's relationship with the venerable Warren Buffett...

``We usually visit every year and Warren is a friend and maybe he saw the passion in my eyes and how hard I was conditioned,'' Rodriguez said. ``But he's done a great job of foreseeing things in business so now he is doing it in baseball too, so that is good.''

I love it when he talks about 'passion' in his eyes, especially when it's not Jeter-related. And a nice complement...'Warren Buffett will never be a five-tool player...but, I gotta give him this - he's not so bad at this business prognostification whatchamacallit'

Jez, Buck, at least Mrs. SDU knows that my pits smell like roses and Memphis BBQ.

Wierd, there was a strip for today (11/21) but its gone now.!!

Ellsbury CF .297 33SB
Pedroia 2b .305
Ortiz DH .317 40HR
Ramirez LF .322 40HR
Lowell 3b .306
Drew RF .288
Youklis 1b .307
Varitek C .270
Lugo SS .285

We sweep the Mets in the 2008 WS.

No dream. Fact.

"Hey, what happened to that mystique and aura you used to wear?"

They're both giving lap dances to Beckett.

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