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Stove is heating

In a friggin' hahtbeat.


Really? Even aftah seeing how Ellsbury performed in the playoffs and Buchholz no-hitter and Lester stepping up in the World Series.


Yep. Cabrera's 4 full seasons of MLB experience and the numbahs he's put up trump the promise and potential of any prospects in the system.


I dunno, I love watching Ellsbury.


Oh, me too, but look — this is Majah League Baseball not High School Musical 2. The assembled rostah needs to be about winning. And only about winning.


Jeez, when did you become such cold-hearted bastard.


Ah, you know, I blame Belichick. When you have your opponent by the neck, you don't walk away until you hear the vertebrae snap.



mwahhh. do. not. like.

Cabrera is eating like Eddie Renteria. Elzzburrri and Buki and Mo are the futah.

step. away. from. the. curb. nothing. to. see. here.



double reverse gooch ?

I think the first order of business is to get Lowell back at 3rd. But, if that fell through, then this could be an interesting potential trade. You want a solid 3rd base. I'd like it better if they could trade Crisp and a pitching prospect. As much as I love him, I think I'd part with Lester before Clay. But there are also other prospects the Sox may be able to dangle and still hold on to both Lester and Clay. This will be an interesting situation.

As long as purple lips does not come to Boston!!!!

//double reverse gooch?//

Oh, I hope H.B. (sorry, "the characters") aren't attempting that. It's very, very tricky.

The last time I attempted a double reverse gooch, the Patriots won the Snow Bowl, but I left the Weber Smokey grill too close to the car and burned off a large section of paint.

Yep, just the characters, or more specifically, just Bill today.

I honestly couldn't give a rat's ass who goes or who stays or who gets added.

holy carp, hb, now who's surly and lovable?

LC, I think everyone posting on this site is bi-polar.

I know I am (not diagnosed, but some things are pretty obvious).

Why should H.B. be any different?

My head hurts and I forgot to bring a Berocca to work.

NFW on that trade. First, I do not like the idea of trading young pitching. Second, Ellsbury will probably break all of Tommy Harper's SB records in about 3 weeks.

I'm just accepting the fact that Theo Epstein appears to maybe, just maybe, know a wee bit more than I do (and perhaps more than all of you do too?) about assembling a World Championship roster.

But I'm funny that way.

I am with you, h.b. We have such a strong core, I am willing to trust what Theo decides to do. That said, I really do love watching Ellsbury play and would like to keep him around...

I am seriously getting no work done today. My buddy is You Tube-and-Project Playlist-tutoring me on the awesomeness that is The Band... Bopping away right now to their duet on Caravan with Van Morrison. Good times.

Yeah Bob,but was the grill OK?

Theo? Knows more than me?

Heh. You're funny, H.B.

Actually, I always get a laugh at the EEI callers who propose this trade and that trade and have no access to the reams of research and data that Theo and his gang of mercenaries go through.

Nor do they have his talent and experience.

But you know, "first time, long time..."

I'm happy to report that the grill is still currently in use at all Patrioits tailgates, Harwich.

Yeah, but if Theo would just pay more attention to the guys at Sons of Sam Horn we'd have 4 rings and not just 2.

I can't agree with this strip. I still think Ellsbury's got loads of potential so trading him would not be wise. I also seem to recall what happened when we traded a rookie pitcher with potential for a certain French-Canadian whose name will not be mentioned. Case in point.

Natalie, I'm another huge fan of The Band. Last year's box set ("A Musical History") with tons of early stuff and a DVD was amazing. The Last Waltz (movie) is a must (including the dopey, stoned moments). Never tire of 'em -- leave it to a bunch of Canadians to show us the best in American music. FYI, and recalling your reference way back to a certain "superior northern ivy," I got hooked on The Band when I worked at WHRB back in the '70s.

Natalie - 'Music from Big Pink' is a must have for any music collection.

I'm not trying to hate on the heft, but if Lowell gets re-signed, the only spot for Cabrera is DH. Do you really want a guy that has put on as much weight as he has in the last couple years in the field? And give up Ellsbury and Lester/Buchholz for that?

Earlier this year I was all about Cabrera as a replacement for Lowell, but then I found out about his propensity to consume whole villages in a single sitting. I think this is one of those "Caveat Emptor" situations.

//Ellsbury and Buchholz or Lester for Miguel Cabrera?//

Absolutely NOT! No. Uh uh.

This should be laughed off the table.

Nope. Oh, and have I said "NO" yet?!

Bob-have the pidgeons arrived yet?

Miggy fell into a burnin'ring of sriracha-he went down down down but his weight went higher...

Interesting to see that putting together the team is "all about winning." What a novel idea!

From some of the posts here and elsewhere in RSN, you'd think the Sox had to re-sign Wakefield simply because he's "a fighter."

I love this team but it doesn't break me apart when players leave or get traded.

Nixon, Millar, Damon, Pedro: they were great but I really don't care what they're doing or even that they're gone.

No way do we give up pitching for anything other than pitching in this market. As mentioned Cabrera is an attitude problem with a propensity to destroy the buffet.

//an attitude problem with a propensity to destroy the buffet.//

Sounds like you are talking about my dog. :)

Now listening to live "Up on Cripple Creek" endless loop. yb- will check out Music from Big Pink. PSP- my buddy forced me to put the Last Waltz next in my Netflix queue. Although, am concerned: will it lose its charm if I am not stoned while watching? The old mary jane is not generally my thing.

See Theo pull the double reverse at the GM meeting...in best Dr. Phil voice:

"Hey guys, I want you to all stand up one at a time and tell the group your wants and needs for the '08 season."

I guess Theo was co-chair at the meetings and got to do some couch-style therapy w/ the other GM's.

I heard Cashman just wept...pussy.

Vermonter, the pigeons were there Sunday.

H.B. SoSH???


When you think that's happening, shut down.

Or force us to prove our fanhood and register.

I don't share Bill's sentiments. Let's keep Tacoby Bellsbury. More free Taco Bell.

Seriously though h.b., you should have a little photo area, so some of us can post some funny and interesting red sox photos of our own.

SOSH? I wouldn't be a member of a club that would have someone like me as a member.


//Seriously though h.b., you should have a little photo area, so some of us can post some funny and interesting red sox photos of our own.//

Yeah, because it isn't like there is a place called Flickr or anything where you could create your own photo upload area and then link to it from here.

After that maybe I should have something where you can all create your own pages where you can tell a little bit about yourself... maybe I could call it MySpace or FaceBook or something?


Jeffrey, oddly, there is a new site dedicated to such silliness as pictures.


ouch h.b. I just wanted to show off in a picture. fine:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/1920190331/

That's me on the left. I'll go sit in the corner now with the dunce cap on.

Thanks "doesanyone..." but I don't care about the rest of the world, I just wanted to put up a good picture to share with this creepy corner of the world.

Sorry, Jeffrey. I'm just being an asshole today.

Today, h.b.? LOL.

//Today, h.b.? //

Fucking awesome. :)

no prob, I love a little banter now and then. I was trying to get away from the SoSH format as well.

I'm in a photo mood. Anyone else with some good photos??? I think we've seen enough of Bob...

I am seriously laughing my ass off with H.B.'s surliness (today?)

As my buddy Reed from South Carolina would yell, "You're bitter today, H.B....BITTER!"

//I think we've seen enough of Bob...//



Ixnay on the Cabrera. I don't care how fat he is really, though that might cause problems on South Beach. The real problem with this guy is he's a friggin' headcase/problem child who starts fights with teammates in the dugout, shows up late, etc. Why would the Sox ever entertain trading their future for such a punk?!? Isn't that why they were so eager to part with Hanley Ramirez? And yes, we're glad they did... still miss Cabby though

Can we trade for OC? The Angels are in the running for ARod...

HB - The strip today is depressing, gooch or no gooch.

I hate the hot stove - how many days until truck day???

Can we trade for OC? The Angels are in the running for ARod...

HB - The strip today is depressing, gooch or no gooch.

I hate the hot stove - how many days until truck day???

//The real problem with this guy is he's a friggin' headcase/problem... //

So true. Headcase, bad attitude types NEVER change. Just look at that loser Randy Moss. Can you believe the Pats ever took a chance with that guy?


And, I don't know,


So There! Showed You!


"BITTER" Mmm, a pint of which would go down rather well right about now. Time for a UK trip methinks.

Natalie - if you've never seen The Last Waltz, reserve a darkened, quiet room for the part where they duet with the Staples on "The Weight" - it's magical (even to someone as jaded, BITTER and twisted as me).

I wouldn't even give up Gagme for MC. Bad attitude, bad conditioning, marginal value to the team.

DS- Heading to the UK myself in 6 days. Now you have me craving a pint...Will darken the room and hoist a lighter for the Weight, for sure. :)

What do y'all think of the rumors around Theo et al approaching los Rangers de Tejas in re: their catchers? I wouldn't mind seeing Saltalamacchia come aboard to be Tek's heir apparent in the coming years...

Has he the same bitable thighs IYO Nat?

I like the angst today, nay I love it.

SDU- NO ONE has the same biteable thighs as 'Tek. *sigh* I will mourn his departure (when it happens) in private.

Although my guess is Tek comes back to the Sox at some point in the future in a coaching role.

Heh! Perhaps (when it happens and if Mr Cranky has created little portals where we can post pics and bios) you could post a photo of the mourning?

um... h.b., if you want to take the community up on this, all I do for a living is design online communities.


Would be glad to set something up for you pro bono, show you the ropes and get you hosted. soxaholix need their social networking, personalized community profiles, discussion forums, organic groups, contests, polls, surveys, etc.


Appreciate the offer, Mike, but I like the "keep it simple" approach. I don't want to expand beyond what we already have.

This is a blog with comments. Nothing more, nothing less. (As it is, I can barely keep that going.)

Please keep the format like it is! Or, whatever you decide, of course, this is h.b.'s world and we're just squirrels.....yada yada.

Would not go for the proposed trade for Cabrera. Oh BTW, yeah that Gagne trade worked out real well for the Sox huh? According to Bora$$ Gagne is looking to be a closer next year so he's effectively gone. Even tho the Sox won it all (again!!!) that was some serious unwanted stress watching that asshat cough up games left and right. I'm sure Gabbard and Murphy will have fine careers...

Lastly, even the Revolution is on board with the whole "Boston rules the sports world" thingy, maybe they can actually win the MLS championship this year. Not that I really give a shit, but go Revs! How about those Celtics?

//So true. Headcase, bad attitude types NEVER change. Just look at that loser Randy Moss. Can you believe the Pats ever took a chance with that guy?//

Two absolutely, totally different people. For all the sound and fury that surrounded Moss, I never saw him eat himself out of shape or throw fists at his teammates. A better comparison would probably be Cabrera and T.O.; both have reputations for causing disruptions amongst their teammates.

Cabrera is 24 years old and has gained 70 POUNDS in four years. He's not going to be a third baseman for too much longer. A fat, petulant, albeit talented hitter is not what the Sox need.

Moreover, Theo is on record as saying the key to building a solid team is drafting well and developing prospects. Guys like Ellsbury and Buchholz were drafted not just because of their talent but because the Sox determined that they could not only survive but thrive in the hothouse that is Red Sox Nation. These guys are the foundation of the Red Sox for years to come.

//yeah that Gagne trade worked out real well for the Sox huh? According to Bora$$ Gagne is looking to be a closer next year so he's effectively gone.//

The Sox knew when they picked up Gagne that he'd be a free agent at the end of the year, and that the odds were pretty much slim or none that they'd re-sign him.

Gagne's leaving means the Red Sox get a draft choice in return; more precisely, they get a sandwich pick.

Not too long ago, the Sox let a free agent by the name of Pedro Martinez walk. The resulting sandwich pick was a guy named Buchholz. You might have heard of him. ;-)

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